Nobody (2021) Review Roundup

Here's what critics think about Bob Odenkirk's first foray into action movies.


Reviews for Bob Odenkirk's Nobody are starting to come in ahead of the film's release on March 24, and it looks like most are calling the movie enjoyable, if not spectacular.

The film is Breaking Bad star Bob Odenkirk's debut as an action hero, and the actor has previously shared the arduous journey of getting into shape for it. With Hardcore Henry's Ilya Naishuller directing and a script by John Wick creator Derek Kolstad, Nobody definitely has promise. Here's what critics thought of it.


  • Directed By: Ilya Naishuller
  • Written By: Derek Kolstad
  • Starring: Bob Odenkirk, Connie Nielsen, RZA, Aleksei Serebryakov, Christopher Lloyd
  • Release Date: March 26 (United States)


"Nobody fails to break a bunch of new ground transforming another normal guy into a murder machine although Odenkirk's presence does give the film a conflicted and darkly comic center. Let's hope more machine-gun antics are in his future." -- Brian Truitt [Full review]


"Given all of the talented involved both in front of and behind the camera, I had great hopes for Nobody as a smart character piece accentuated by stylish action and quick wit, but it ultimately delivers only one of those things. Given the effectiveness of his performance, I’d certainly be happy to watch Bob Odenkirk as the hero of another ass kicking festival one day, as he more than proves that’s another arena in which he excels, but hopefully he navigates to one with greater substance." -- Eric Eisenberg [Full review]


"Nobody is a thoroughly over-the-top and, at times, loony-tunes entry in the live-and-let-die vengeance-is-mine genre. Is it a good movie? Not exactly. But its 90 minutes fly by, and it’s a canny vehicle for Odenkirk, the unlikeliest star of a righteous macho bloodbath since Dustin Hoffman got his bear trap on in Straw Dogs." -- Owen Gleiberman [Full review]

Entertainment Weekly

"I don't think we ever need another movie about a murderous white guy proving to his family that he's a total badass. (Especially after, well, Breaking Bad, which brilliantly inverted that husband-gone-wild narrative into a demonic descent.) Nobody could play well for anyone desperate to visit a recently reopened theater, but this is a rather chilly festival of carnage, too rigid to ever really spark to life. It's wickless." -- Darren Franichy [Full review]

AV Club

"Make no mistake, this is pure caveman bullshit. Yet it’s caveman bullshit made with style and wit, qualities that extend from its screenplay to its performances to its staging. If there are times when Nobody feels catered to the crowd that sees no satire in Fight Club, at least that (red) pill goes down smoother via some Fincher-grade editing." -- A. A. Dowd [Full review]

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