No Battlefield 4 on Wii U

DICE confirms latest military shooter will skip Nintendo's first HD platform, won't have female playable characters in single- or multiplayer.


Battlefield 4 will not release on Wii U, developer DICE has confirmed to Videogamer. Creative director Lars Gustavsson explained that bringing the game to Wii U would mean taking on a risk that he is not comfortable with.

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"I think overall for me as creative director, number one is to deliver a really great game and experience. Sometimes, at least for us, it's focus on what you do well and what you know well, and ensure that you deliver something good than trying a bit too much, stretching yourself too thin and risking it," Gustavsson said. "I'd rather play it safe, deliver something really good and then look at the future and what could possibly be done than trying a bit too hard and then, flat."

During the Wii U unveiling at Nintendo's 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing, then-Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said the publisher was exploring ways to bring the Battlefield series to Wii U, though no projects ever came to light.

Battlefield 4 joins a growing list of games to skip the Wii U. Other big-name games that passed over the console include Saints Row IV, Far Cry 3, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3, and Crysis 3. Additionally, Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda has said it presently has no plans to support the Wii U.

Gustavsson also revealed that Battlefield 4 will not feature female playable characters in either single- or multiplayer.

"The geopolitics is more of a backdrop to what happens, it's more [about] you and your group, and we chose to pick a man for it," he said. "It seemed to suit the story."

He explained that there are "a million things" DICE would like to do with Battlefield 4, but at the end of the day, only so many things are possible.

"I have the deepest respect for the men and the women who choose to do military service. It's not that anyone is better or worse," Gustavsson said. "It's definitely a valid question that we asked ourselves."

Battlefield 4 launches this fall for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, though it is rumored to be in the works for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's unannounced next-generation platform.

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Avatar image for badwedgie00

Forget the Wii-U and Nintendo going the way of Sega. At this rate, they're going the way of the Turbografx-16! Does ANYONE remember that system? Non-existent third-party support is what killed the Turbografx-16. Nintendo's roster of third-party support is further dwindling.

Avatar image for KiriharaZro

@badwedgie00 Since the N64 the great N is going step by step after Sega, and if you add that its first parties only make Mario & Friends games, that´s the recipe for its doom

Avatar image for badwedgie00

Back during Nintendo's glory days of the Super NES, the Big N commissioned Sony to create a CD-add-on for the SNES, but rejected it. Sony, not wishing to scrap a costly investment, decided to transform it from a mere peripheral into a full-fledged video game system. Thus, the Sony Playstation 1 was born. Ironically, Nintendo's rejection of a commissioned product gave way to a major rival and contender in the video game market, one that could give true resistance to the Big N's dominance. The way I see it, the Wii-U will go the way of the Turbografx-16, unless Miyamoto-san can pull his head out of the ground and create a most fascinating blockbuster.

Avatar image for rolla020980

@badwedgie00 Microsoft wanted to prevent Sony from dominating the hardware world and decided to back Sega heavily in the production of the Dreamcast. After the failure of the Dreamcast, Microsoft decided to release their own console as a way to stop Sony and thus the XBOX was born.

In a way Nintendo was responsible for both the Playstation and the XBOX. Ironic, isn't it?

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

lol good one less world war game ! i dont need any more of those! call of duty has the bases covered as does 007 games and zombi games like zombiu and walking dead all have the first person covered, we want more origianl titles any way

Avatar image for BigDaddyk

Lmao good nobody cares haha

Avatar image for Grimkillah

A game that I am not going to buy is not on a platform that I am not going to buy.

Avatar image for kardes

@Grimkillah That's sad. Wii U is really awesome!

Avatar image for frylock616

This is why the WiiU is doing bad. Because of Developers not giving them the chance. Not everything has to be a god damn port. If I was running a game studio, I would make it a point to put all of my games on all the consoles, ether through exclusives for certain consoles, or multiplatform releases.

Developers always bitch about developing problems with the PS3...and they now have problems working on the Wii U when a Wii U is pretty much a 360 with a Tablet Controller? Gimme a break. I don't own the damn console and don't plan on it mainly because I dont have the room or time to switch between a PS3. Wii U and a PC. Bottom line, they only go where the money is. They know they wont make a bunch of money on the Wii U...but since they dont want to take that chance, and possibly build a whole new fan base from that console and bring in even more money, some form of gamers get the shaft again.

Also....I can see not letting players choose a woman for the single player....actually...I don't. Women serve in the military as well. They should be in the damn game as well. its 2013, Men and Women can pretty much do anything.

Avatar image for JOHN1486

Argue about the importance of graphics all you want if you don't put in the horsepower developers aren't gonna put their crossplatform title on your machine. WiiU is gonna have the same problem Wii had with crossplatform support. Unfortunately without the mass casual support from everday households the outlook is bleak for WiiU.

Avatar image for kardes

@JOHN1486 Yeah... A lot of people I speak to, in fact, virtually every person I know of that owns a wii, hasn't even the smallest clue that the Wii U is out. Without a dedicated sales force, the Wii U will have trouble gaining momentum. Nintendo needs to reach out to its distribution channels and show them how to sell the Wii U to customers.

Avatar image for B-boy

the wii u going to be last nintedo console

Avatar image for kardes

@B-boy Maybe the next to last... who knows what the future holds. The 3ds is actually a really great machine and is selling quite well. Nintendo may stick to portables in the future. It's a shame because the Wii U is a lot of fun. Just watch people playing Nintendoland for proof.

Avatar image for mariokart64fan

@B-boy just like the n64 virtual boy gamecube ds wii snes right?

Avatar image for toshineon

@B-boy Oh, just like the NDS and GameCube and Wii was, you mean?

Avatar image for toshineon

I want the Wii U to start doing well soon really badly. Not because I like the Wii U that much, but because it's funny when people's words bite them in the ass. (Obviously referring to all people saying it'll fail.)

Avatar image for lorider25

It already has.

Avatar image for Necro_Fear89

The Wii U is what the Wii should have been to begin with, yeah Nintendo made huge profits with the Wii but they alienated a lot of potential customers with a horrible outdated console and a bad game line-up. Now it's coming back to bite them in the ass, I do hope the Wii U does better though, it would be sad to see Nintento flop.

Avatar image for kardes

@Necro_Fear89 Have you had a chance to purchase the Wii U? It really is a family oriented console. What that means is, for the price, many people in the family will enjoy the games on the console, instead of just a few.

Avatar image for cowkiller321

@Necro_Fear89 You totally nailed it. Wii made a good marketing decission with the Wii... for the short term. I guess they did it in their best judgement to attract the casual players, sacrificing elements that the hardcore gamers appreciate. It may have been a good decision in the short term, but It made lots of gamers to walk away from it and seek another options... those gamers who really put their money in games.

Wii was very attractive at the beginning, but the common story is "Yeah, I used it for a couple weeks, and now it's just gathering dust, only play some weekend, when the family gathers."
So now WiiU is like in the middle... Tech improvements, but still behind the competition... and brings some innovation... but IMO not enough to make it worth for a casual gamer.

Avatar image for kardes

@cowkiller321 @Necro_Fear89 If you've neither the Wii or Wii U, I highly recommend the Wii U. There are great Wii games out there at really low prices. The virtual console service is a step up from the Wii. Being able to offer different types of gameplay using the gamepad is awesome, the price is right considering all you're getting, and the list goes on and on.

Avatar image for Total_mischief

@Necro_Fear89 Well...I guess they had Donkey Kong Country Returns.

Avatar image for Frost259

It would just be easier to say what games are going to be on the Wii U. At this point it seems like theres a new story about what game WONT be on the Wii.

Avatar image for kardes

@Frost259 Agreed. There's still hope for the Wii U. I think it will perform well in the future simply because of how fun the console is to play.

Avatar image for Lamesy

lol, they think use of the word "geopolitics" makes them sound enlightened enough to skip gender parity.

Avatar image for hahamanin

lol at the wiiu being a HD console...its 2013 for god sake ofcourse it should be hd but not on a 8year old hardware

Avatar image for cf_Kage

I actually played through MoH: Airborne and enjoyed it a lot as a single player game..

Its a shame about the Wii-U but the Wii never suffered because of the lack of support.
This game does look awesome though

Avatar image for ACWH

From the moment I saw that dumb touch screen controller I knew this console would fail.

Avatar image for kardes

@ACWH The controller is actually quite fun to use. Not dumb at all when you've seen how some developers are using it.

Avatar image for megakick

Nintendo wasted their time... Dreamcast was ahead of its' time Wii- U is behind the times.

Avatar image for kardes

@megakick Games on the Wii U actually look great to be honest. The gamepad is a great concept that will hopefully be adopted by gamers in the near future. It makes local multiplayer matches a lot of fun to play. Give the Wii U a chance and you'll love it.

Avatar image for Wawas20

come on dice. first we cant have coop or split screen now we cant have female playable characters

Avatar image for Vambran

This is like the Dream Cast all over again. Although the dream cast did have a better start , than the Wii-U.

Avatar image for etmaul

And the Wii U fails just keep on coming!

Avatar image for kardes

@etmaul Give the console a chance and you won't be disappointed!

Avatar image for etmaul

@kardes @etmaul I did, but I ended up returning it. I'm not saying I won't get it again in the future, it's just so discouraging to see all these developers not releasing a Wii U version. There are so many, it just makes me cringe and a bit relieved that I'm putting off purchasing it again until their franchise titles are released.

Avatar image for whitetiger3521

Who really wants a new Battlefield, Call of Duty, Medal of Honor ect? Those games have been milked to the bone this generation as it is.

Avatar image for Draken_Domingo

@whitetiger3521 Well, after the complete screw up that was BF3's gameplay, then yes, I would love a new battlefield game. But no, Cod and MoH is literally just milking military shooters for what they're worth these days

Avatar image for Wawas20

@Draken_Domingo @whitetiger3521 how was bf3 a screw up. best muti game i have ever played and still playing up to almost 500hrs spread across ps3 and pc

Avatar image for toshineon

@Wawas20 @Draken_Domingo @whitetiger3521 If you played BF2, you'd know.

Avatar image for yellosnolvr

the loss of a generic military shooter? call the funeral home and tell em the wii u is coming.

in all seriousness: not a big loss, tbh. the demographic isn't there for this to be that much of a system seller

Avatar image for akdiuuuryttt

Rip In Peace Wii U 2012-2012

he died before he even ccame out of the womb

Avatar image for kardes

@akdiuuuryttt Just give the console a chance it's a lot of fun!

Avatar image for issa3703

I don`t know why Nintendo develop this device and, they didn`t get great titles ?

Avatar image for Kurushio

Looks like the Wii U will have to survive with just first party games with the occasional 3rd patry thrown in for fun. I appreciate that Nintendo has added a little innovation into the console war, but at this point it seems they would be better off going the way of Sega and just making software.

Avatar image for kardes

@Kurushio The Wii U is an awesome console. The markets are changing and Microsoft and Sony will also have a lot of trouble selling their consoles past the hardcore fans. There is still a ton of money to be made with big AAA titles, though. The console model has to change, and between now and 10 years from now, someone is going to change it.

Avatar image for EggEmperor

@Kurushio Surviving with first party games with the occasional 3rd party thrown in for fun.

It's the N64 all over again.

Avatar image for LLYNCES

Why would they throw a female character in just for the sake of it? If it doesn't fit the story it would make literally no sense to do so; but I'm sure the feminists will have a field day with this one.

Avatar image for Nozizaki

All but seems that Wii U will end up just like the Wii. It's a shame that it won't get core titles simply because it's a not a cookie cutter, PC-junior.

Avatar image for kardes

@Nozizaki The Wii U is a really really awesome machine!