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Nintendo Switch: Possible DIY Fix Found For Joy-Con Connectivity Issues

As always, be aware that opening up hardware will void your warranty.


Enterprising YouTube channel Spawn Wave (via Kotaku) has posted a video that shows how you might be able to fix any connectivity issues you've been having with your left Nintendo Switch Joy-Con controller.

The right Joy-Con antenna.
The right Joy-Con antenna.

A Joy-Con tear-down video posted earlier to the channel identified the fact that only the right-hand Joy-Con has an antenna that exists as a removable component inside the case. On the other hand (ha!) the left Joy-Con's antenna is a physical part of the internal printed circuit board, and abuts the metal casing for the controller's thumbstick.

The host posits that the proximity to the metal casing, and the fact that the antenna is located under a part of the controller that will always be covered by a hand when in use, contributes to the broadly reported connectivity issues.

Indicating the position of the left Joy-Con antenna.
Indicating the position of the left Joy-Con antenna.

By soldering a piece of wire onto the circuit board to extend the antenna down into a different section of the controller, Spawn Wave believes that the connectivity issues are all-but solved, or at least brought in-line with the right-hand Joy-Con.

BUT, before you go pulling apart your Joy-Cons and warming up your soldering irons, there's a fairly massive disclaimer: This is one report from a single source, and the video doesn't actually show the repair being completed. We have not tried this ourselves, and don't endorse taking apart your console or peripherals. Knowing this, feel free to go ahead and check out the full video below.

In other Nintnedo Switch news, the console has become Nintendo's fastest-selling console ever, it's possible to connect Joy-Cons to your PC, Mac, and Android devices, and it seems the Switch Pro Controller is sold out across the US.

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