Nintendo Switch Joy-Con Connections Issues Found In Pre-Release Hardware

Joy-Connection problems.


It seems the delightfully odd Joy-Con controllers for the Nintendo Switch are experiencing some connection problems in pre-release hardware.

Reports are surfacing from numerous outlets with Switch hardware, claiming that connection issues have been found in the left-hand Joy-Con while playing The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild.

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Polygon collected a handful of tweets from fellow games journalists experiencing the problem, citing hopes that the incoming day one system update will include a fix, but nothing has been mentioned in previous correspondence from Nintendo on the subject.

Further testing has revealed that the connection issues aren't only being exhibited in Breath of the Wild, but also in system menus, and not only from the left-hand Joy-Con. Watch the video below to see a torso from GameXplain run through some tests.

As should be obvious, these tests are not exhaustive, and the root cause of the problem is still unclear. A Nintendo rep told Polygon the company was looking into the issue. We have reached out to our contacts for more information.

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