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Nintendo Joy-Cons Are Getting A Permanent Price Cut Soon

Nintendo is cutting the price of individual Switch Joy-Cons, bringing them in line with the price of Joy-Con two-packs.


Nintendo Switch Joy-Cons are pretty expensive for video game controllers considering they're sort of like buying half a controller, but Nintendo is planning on making them a little more affordable. Previously $50, individual left and right Joy-Cons will soon cost $40 each. That brings them in line with Joy-Con two-packs, which get you both controllers for $80. This price cut will go into effect on November 9, so you may want to hold off on any Joy-Con purchases until then.

Nintendo of America announced the news on Twitter, stating that you can get either the left Joy-Con in Neon Blue or the right Joy-Con in Neon Red. Nintendo didn't mention anything about its grey Joy-Cons, which are still listed as $50 on its website--it's unclear if grey is being discontinued.

Thankfully, you can frequently get Joy-Cons at below their list price, thanks to frequent discounts on Amazon and Walmart. Right now, Amazon and Walmart have Joy-Con two-packs on for $69, down from their regular price of $80. Some colours aren't in stock, but you can reserve them now by placing an order.

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