Nintendo Indie World Showcase: All The Games And Trailers

Did you miss the Indie World stream? Here's absolutely everything you need to know.


Nintendo's debuted another Indie World Showcase, chock full of promising new indie games and sequels to independent hits. It also included a remake from a series that we wouldn't usually call "indie." The stream showed off more than a dozen games in all, including a handful that you can get right now. Plus, an Indie World sale has kicked off to coincide with the showcase, so you can grab some great deals on some other indie games as well. Here's everything you may have missed.

Road 96

This narrative adventure game promises thousands of potential possibilities as every little choice you make can drastically shift the outcome. The procedural story will have you meet colorful characters and sinister creeps as you make your way cross-country. It's coming this year.

Aerial Knight's Never Yield

This stylish runner models itself after classic freerunners, but sports a modern jazz hip-hop soundtrack. Make your way across a futuristic Tokyo-styled Detroit with a demo available on the Nintendo eShop now. The full game releases May 19.

Last Stop

A brief Annapurna segment showed off two games from the indie publisher. The first was Last Stop, a third-person adventure set in London. You play as three separate characters navigating a supernatural crisis as their paths cross. The Last Stop is coming in July.


The second game from Annapurna is Hindsight, a narrative game centered around an older woman reminiscing about her family. You'll delve into her past memories and decisions that changed her life as objects serve as portals to her memories. It's coming later this year.

OlliOlli World

The next game in the OlliOlli series, OlliOlli World, has you traveling the globe, searching for skate spots and seeking out the mystical skate gods. It's coming this winter. The game features a dramatically different art style than the first two games, ditching pixel art for a hand-drawn look.

The Longing

A game that explores the passage of time, you play as an underling waiting for his magical king to awaken. The wait will be long--400 days to be exact--but you can fill the time by completing a variety of puzzles, exploring caves, and collecting items. It's available for Nintendo Switch today.

There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension

This point-and-click adventure game is, uh, actually a game. You'll solve puzzles and riddles wrapped in an experimental and very meta narrative structure. It's available on the Nintendo eShop today.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shredder's Revenge

You can kick some shell in this upcoming arcade-style beat-em-up modeled after the classic Turtles in Time. Though the game was announced in March, the indie showcase's new trailer confirmed it's coming to Nintendo Switch as well when it releases later this year. Dotemu previously worked on the well-received Streets of Rage 4.

Cris Tales

This RPG set in a dark fairytale world incorporates time-travel in both its storyline and combat scenarios, letting you turn back time (and find a way), like turning enemies younger so they're easier to take down. The indie showcase revealed a release date of July 20.

GetsuFumaDen: Undying Moon

This 2D hack-and-slash game with roguelike elements adopts a visual style similar to classic Japanese paintings. This is a successor to the original GetsuFumaDen, a cult classic for Famicom that never released outside Japan. Those who buy Undying Moon during its early access period, starting May 13, will get a copy of the Famicom game as well. The full game is coming in 2022.

Aztech: Forgotten Gods

This 3D action game based on Aztec mythology comes from Mexican game studio Lienzo. You'll traverse areas based on a hi-tech Mesoamerican metropolis and uncover arm upgrades to help you discover ancient secrets. It's coming to Nintendo Switch this fall.

Skul: The Hero Slayer

You've played as the hero who slays a thousand basic skeletons, and now it's the skeleton's turn to be the hero. In this 2D action-RPG, you'll gain new powers by swapping between more than 90 skull heads. It's coming to Switch this summer.


Before closing the presentation, Nintendo showed a montage of games coming to the Nintendo eShop:

  • Fez - The award-winning puzzle platformer comes to Nintendo Switch today.
  • Art of Rally - A rally racing game coming this summer.
  • KeyWe - A cooperative puzzle game starring kiwi birds coming this August.
  • Labyrinth City: Pierre the Maze Detective - Solve puzzles in this game based on the children's book series when it launches this spring.
  • Weaving Tides - A single-player adventure with a textile aesthetic coming in May
  • The House of the Dead: Remake - This remake brings back the classic arcade rail shooter later this year.
  • Ender Lillies: Quietus of the Knights - A dark fantasy action-RPG where one misstep could prove fatal, coming June 21.
  • Beasts of Maravilla Island - This 3D adventure game has you photograph majestic creatures, coming in June.

Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals

As a surprise "one more thing" finish, Nintendo announced that the narrative adventure game Oxenfree is getting a sequel. Set five years after the original Oxenfree, Lost Signals brings Riley to her hometown of Camena to investigate mysterious radio frequencies that appear connected to supernatural events. It's coming to Nintendo Switch this year.

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