Every Nintendo Showcase Game And Demo Releasing On Switch Today

You can play four of the games featured during the showcase on Switch without much of a wait.


Quite a few cool-looking games were showcased during Nintendo's latest Indie World event, and you won't have to wait long to play some of them. Of the games and demos shown off during the showcase, four are available to download on the Nintendo Switch eShop and play starting today.

In terms of full games, you can now jump into The Longing, There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension, and Fez. All three games have already been released on other systems, but if you missed them the first time or want to replay them, you now have the chance to play them on the go via Switch.

The Longing is a beautifully hand-drawn game in which you have to wait 400 real-world days for your king to awaken, allowing you to sit idly by and wait for its conclusion or go out on an adventure full of time-based puzzles. There Is No Game: Wrong Dimension is a point-and-click comedy adventure in which the game itself does its best to convince you that there is no game to play. And Fez is a cute platformer about a 2D character named Gomez who one day discovers his world actually has a third dimension.

Alongside these games, a new demo for Aerial Knight's Never Yield is now out on Switch as well. Never Yield sees you free run, jump, slide, and dash through a "Tokyo-styled" futuristic Detroit. You play as Wally, a man striving to save what's left of the future. The full game will launch for Switch and PC on May 19.

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