Nintendo Direct: Pokemon Dev's Switch RPG Gets Release Date

Game Freak's next RPG will include music from Undertale's Toby Fox.


During today's Nintendo Direct, the company revealed more details about Game Freak's next non-Pokemon RPG. Formerly known as Town, the game is now officially titled Little Town Hero, and it casts you as a boy named Axe who is out to defend his town from monsters.

The new trailer we got to see during the Direct showed off the game's battle system, which appears to be turn-based. In addition to weapons, Axe can use his thoughts to fight; however, you'll need to think carefully about when to use which ideas if you hope to defeat the monsters that are invading your town. You can also move around during battle to get backup from other townspeople.

That wasn't all we learned about Little Town Hero. Nintendo also revealed that Toby Fox--the creator of Undertale--is contributing to Little Town Hero's soundtrack, composing "almost all" of the game's music. The Undertale soundtrack is beloved among fans and meme-creators alike.

Little Town Hero is releasing for Nintendo Switch on October 16. The game is available for pre-purchase and pre-load right now on the Eshop and costs $25 USD. You can read more about it on Nintendo's website.

Of course, Little Town Hero isn't the only title from Game Freak coming to Switch this year. Pokemon Sword and Shield are also slated to arrive on November 15, and we learned a few new details about them during today's Direct. Nintendo confirmed that trainer customization is coming back in the games, and we got our first look at Pokemon Camp, a camping area where players can play with their Pokemon and even cook curry as part of a new minigame. We also got to see two new Gen 8 Pokemon: Polteageist, a small ghost inhabiting a tea pot, and Cramorant, a duck Pokemon that has an exclusive Ability called Gulp Missile.

There was a ton of other news in today's Nintendo Direct. You can catch up on all of the biggest announcements from the presentation below.

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