Nina site open for business

Namco site promoting its upcoming PS2 action title, Nina, officially launched.


Namco has launched the official site for its recently announced PlayStation 2 title, Nina. The action adventure game is based on the character Nina Williams from the Tekken franchise of fighting games.

As the site sports only Japanese text, much of its content is lost on those who do not read Japanese. However, the many screenshots and character renders make for an engaging experience.

As previously reported on GameSpot, you will control Nina with the two analog sticks, which can be used for walking and executing a variety of attacks in a number of directions. Nina uses her fighting skills from the Tekken series in hand-to-hand combat, and she also has the ability to use a number of weapons found in the game, including guns and swords.

Nina is currently 30 percent complete and is scheduled for release next year.

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