Tekken's Nina returns

Namco title isolates Tekken fighter and puts her in a game of her own.


TOKYO--According to the latest Famitsu magazine, Namco will release an action adventure game, titled Nina, for PlayStation 2 gamers. The game is based on Nina Williams from the 3D fighting game series Tekken.

Nina is currently 30 percent complete and is scheduled for release sometime next year. Italian artist Roberto Ferrari, formerly of the Tatsunoko Productions anime studio, will be creating character designs for the game.

Nina's backstory centers on an secret organization, called the Camietta. The Camietta wields a powerful weapon named "the Salacia," and it is feared as a terrorist threat. The game takes place on a luxury cruise boat, where the executives of the Camietta organization have gathered in anticipation of an underground fighting tournament. To investigate the organization, Nina Williams enters the tournament, and, after becoming its champion, is soon discovered as a spy.

The game begins when Nina receives a communiqué from her colleagues that lets her know that they have failed in their mission. She, therefore, must rise up and complete the mission herself.

The player becomes Nina and must search the boat for information necessary for completing the mission. The left analog stick is used for walking, while the right analog stick is used for attacking opponents by moving it in their direction. A number of other moves, like guarding and running, can be executed by using different combinations of the two sticks and changing the timing necessary for hitting them.

Nina uses her fighting skills from the Tekken series in hand-to-hand combat, and she also has the ability to use a number of weapons found in the game, including guns and swords. Nina can even wield two guns or two swords at once. By building up Nina's power meter, players can execute a special attack that offers an X-ray view of the opponent's body as its internal organs are damaged by Nina's powerful strike. This blast attack can be used to wipe out a crowd of enemies just as a bomb decimates multiple enemies in a shooter game.

Nina can also try to avoid enemies through stealth. She can hide behind walls and columns on her way around the boat. There are a variety of traps on the boat that Nina must be cautious of as well.

In connection with the Tekken series, a laboratory belonging to Dr. Boskonovitch is confirmed to be in the game. Nina's sister, Anna, is also hinted to be in the game.

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