New Sunset Overdrive DLC Out Now, Promises "Several Hours" Of Gameplay

Mystery of Mooil Rig available today for $10; see a trailer and some screenshots now.

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New content is now available for the over-the-top Xbox One action game Sunset Overdrive in the form of the Mystery of Mooil Rig expansion, which you can buy now for $10 through the Xbox Store.

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The expansion is set on an oil rig that's completely surrounded by water, and it introduces a number of new, water-based traversal options such as momentary gliding and diving. There are "several hours" worth of new story and side missions, developer Insomniac Games writes on the Xbox Wire.

You'll also find new weapons, amps, vanity items, and another Chaos Squad mission and Night Defense base. On top of that, Insomniac teases that you'll face off against a "multi-story monster" boss at the end of the expansion, though no further details were provided.

Sunset Overdrive's Mystery of Mooil Rig also includes more achievements to collect, including one called "Beat the Dev." Take down a developer in the Chaos Squad mode, and you'll earn the achievement (worth 25 gamerscore), as well as an in-game shirt and a gas mask icon that will be featured next to your gamertag.

Mystery of Mooil Rig is also available through the Sunset Overdrive DLC pass, which you can buy for $20. For more on the expansion, check out the image gallery below.

Looking for even more Sunset Overdrive content? A new soundtrack, Sunset Overdrive: Volume 2 -- The Fizzco Sessions, is now available to buy. You can hear some sample tracks in our recent story.

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