New Sunset Overdrive Soundtrack Arrives Tomorrow, Hear Some Tracks Now

Sunset Overdrive: Volume 2 -- The Fizzco Sessions arrives tomorrow, but you can hear some tracks right here, right now.


A new Sunset Overdrive soundtrack, Sunset Overdrive: Volume 2 -- The Fizzco Sessions, arrives on Amazon and other retailers December 23, but we have an early Christmas present for you. Right now you can listen to two songs from the upcoming album right here via the Soundcloud embeds below.

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The songs, heavy and thumping EDM tracks, are "Sunset Electro" by Liam Shy and "Under Control" by Arkaen.

The Sunset Overdrive music was composed and produced through a deep collaborative on the part of Microsoft, Insomniac Games, and San Francisco-based music studio Pyramind. The end result is a soundtrack of unique songs, including the two below, that are meant to match the game's overall tone.

The two tracks here from the latest Fizzco Sessions album are designed to have a flair that represents the evil Fizzco Corporation. Take a listen and let us know what you think in the comments below.

For more on the creative process behind bringing the songs to life, check out the video above. Sunset Overdrive is available today exclusively for Xbox One.

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