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New Spider-Man PS4 Gameplay Shows The Superhero In Combat

Insomniac is showing more of its much-anticipated superhero game.


We're slowly learning and seeing more of the new Spider-Man game for PlayStation 4 from Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac Games. Today, some fresh gameplay footage from superhero action game swung in, showing off a new look at Peter Parker/Spider-Man in combat, traversing the city, and the cool camera angles that Insomniac is using to give Spidey a sense of speed and momentum. The footage comes by way of a Game Informer video in which developers discuss the game briefly.

They talk about how you'll be playing as a more experienced Spider-Man, one who swings around Manhattan "with style and confidence." They wanted to make a Spider-Man who is capable and confident in his abilities, and is able to smoothly switch between shooting webs, swinging around, and in melee combat. The developers use the terms "speed," "style," "flow," and "fluidity" to describe their goals for Spider-Man's movements. Also in the video, the developers discuss how, although Spider-Man is older and more refined, this is still an underdog story that will see the character overcoming the odds to win the day.

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Insomniac's Spider-Man game was announced at E3 2016, and has since been confirmed to be a standalone experience not directly tied to any new Spider-Man movies.

"I think we've been inspired by all the different mediums that Marvel has, whether it's film, animation, live-action, comic books, even t-shirts," Marvel Games creative director Bill Rosemann said previously. "So we're looking at everything and we're blending it all together. But it's standalone; all-new story, all new world. We're always stretching, we're always challenging, we're always moving the characters forward."

Insomniac says its open world will be much larger than that of one of its previous games, Sunset Overdrive. There's no release date at this time, but the game is confirmed for 2018.

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