PS4-Exclusive Spider-Man's World Is Much Larger Than Sunset Overdrive

Insomniac says the world is "several times larger" than Sunset Overdrive's setting.


Sony closed out its E3 2017 presentation with an extended look at Spider-Man, the PS4-exclusive action game from Ratchet & Clank developer Insomniac. The gameplay demo offered fans a glimpse at the sprawling city that serves as the game's setting, and now we have some idea as to just how large it will be.

In an exchange with a fan on Twitter, Insomniac revealed that the world in its upcoming Spider-Man game is "several times larger" than Sunset City, the setting of the studio's Xbox One-exclusive title Sunset Overdrive. Insomniac had previously called that title "the biggest game" the studio had ever developed, which means the upcoming Spider-Man will be massive indeed.

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The gameplay demo that capped off Sony's E3 presentation showcased Spider-Man making his way through a construction site and taking down gang members with a combination of his web-slinging abilities and Batman: Arkham-style combat. After confronting the gang's leader, the webslinger swung through New York in a dramatic chase sequence as a helicopter destroyed parts of the city. Toward the end of the demo, we also got a brief glimpse at Miles Morales, the newest comic book Spider-Man, hinting that he may appear in the game in some capacity.

Insomniac hasn't revealed a release date for Spider-Man, but the game is slated to arrive sometime in 2018. We got a chance to speak with Marvel Games vice president and executive producer Mike Jones at E3 last month, who discussed his philosophy toward creating superhero games and how the success of the Batman: Arkham series influenced Marvel's approach for Spider-Man.

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