New Monster Hunter World TGS Footage Gives A Sneak Peek At The Story And Exploration

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The next look at Monster Hunter: World is here. Directly from Tokyo Game Show's stage, Capcom gave an in-depth look at the forthcoming title's story and gameplay.

The story will predominately take place on an island discovered 40 years previously. Things start off smoothly in a bar in the company of other hunters and great food. We don't find out too much about this world just yet, but we do know that every hunter will have a handler with them during their journey at all times. Things are fine and dandy for a good while, but our sneak peek turns sour quickly. Catch the ten-minute story preview at 7:10, exploration at 22:50, and the the battle with the story's main monster, Nergigante, at 34:30.

Monster Hunter: World isn't a completely open world, but does feel like that because there are no longer zones within quest areas. Between quests you have the opportunity to travel between these zones and explore. Want to waste time fishing? Go for it. More into gathering resources? That's ok too. Looking to clear the map as quickly as you can? Just latch onto a wyvern with your slinger and hitch a ride.

Monster Hunter: World is due out on PS4 for worldwide release on January 26, 2018. For more details on pre-order bonuses and special editions check out our story here, or take a look at the TGS demo.

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