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New Free Amazon/Twitch Prime Game Now Available

You have only a few days to claim your copy.


Another free game is now available through Twitch to anyone with an Amazon Prime membership, and it's a good one.

The latest freebie is Kentucky Route Zero, the acclaimed atmospheric adventure game. It's also an episodic game, and one that's yet to be completed--four of its episodes are now available, but the release schedule has been sporadic. Whenever the game's final update, Act V, arrives, you'll be able to play that with this free version, too.

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To secure your copy, you'll need to visit this page while logged into a Twitch Prime account and claim it. You can then download and play the game using the Twitch desktop app, which can be downloaded here (that link will direct you to the .exe file) if you don't already have it.

Free games are among the perks of a Twitch Prime membership, which itself is available to anyone with an Amazon Prime subscription.

This offer is for the full game, but you only have until April 24 to claim your copy.

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