Twitch's New Amazon Prime Support Offers Free Game Content, Ad-Free Streaming

Amazon Prime gets some new benefits on Twitch, including ad-free streaming and a free channel subscription every 30 days.


Amazon Prime now offers a bunch of benefits for Twitch users through a new slate of features called Twitch Prime. Announced at TwitchCon, Prime subscribers get ad-free streaming, free game loot, and discounts on physical games, among other things.

The free game loot for October includes Tyrande Whisperwind, the newest Hearthstone hero, and new stream-based indie game Streamline. Prime subscribers also get the exclusive Boss Ymir skin for Smite and the exclusive Bomb King weapon skin for Paladins, though these items are only available until October 2.

Additionally, the aforementioned game discounts work in the same way they currently do with Amazon Prime: physical games preordered or bought from Amazon within the first two weeks after launch are discounted.

Twitch Prime also grants players exclusive emotes and a chat badge, as well as one free channel subscription every 30 days. Subscribing to a specific channel is a monthly affair, so it sounds like you'll be able to stay subscribed to your favourite channel for free as long as you keep up with your Prime subscription. Twitch noted that streamers get paid the same as they would if you subscribed to them normally.

Since it's bundled with Amazon Prime, Twitch's new subscription services offers the same bonuses. All you have to do is link your accounts, and you'll get things like free two-day shipping, unlimited movie and TV streaming, and ad-free music streaming. You can check out the full list of Amazon Prime benefits here.

You can try the new subscription service free for 30 days at the official website. Check out the available countries and subscription costs in the list below.

  • US: $11/month or $100/year
  • Canada: CAD $79/year
  • UK: £8/month.
  • Germany: EUR 49/year
  • France: EUR 49/year
  • Italy: EUR 20/year
  • Spain: EUR 20/year

Twitch Turbo will continue to exist for users already subscribed and regions where Twitch Prime is unavailable. In the countries where it is available, Turbo subscriptions will no longer be taken, instead rolling its benefits into Twitch Prime.

From now until October 5, Twitch is hosting an event that benefits GameChanger Charity, which helps raise money and awareness for children with cancer. Twitch Prime will donate $100,000 for every 100,000 new subscriptions to any channel on Twitch. It can be to any channel, so using your free subscription will help with the cause no matter who you choose. You can get more information on Twitch.

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