New Fortnite Update Addresses Week 10 Floating Rings Challenge, Accuracy Problems

A new Fortnite hotfix will roll back a change from the 3.6 patch and fix a Week 10 challenge.

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Epic Games is in the process of rolling out a new Fortnite hotfix update that's intended to resolve two new problems that have emerged since the launch of the recent 3.6 patch. One of these addresses an accuracy issue that emerged from one of the patch's changes, while the other seeks to improve the new floating rings that were added with the final set of Season 3 challenges.

On the challenge side, players are sometimes not receiving credit for skydiving through the floating rings that now hover over the island. The hotfix is meant to improve the situation--the blur rings should be fixed, but things still may not be perfect with the purple ones that are higher up in the air. In a post on Reddit, Epic recommends that players try to go through the very center of the ring to increase the likelihood of it being registered correctly.

It's an unfortunate bug, given that Season 4 is right around the corner, meaning there's only a limited time to get this done. Luckily, you only need 10 rings total, and it's not terribly difficult to get two per game. Despite being told to "skydive" through them, you can actually equip your glider and ease your way through them. You can find out more in our week 10 challenges guide.

The other bug being addressed in this hotfix is more serious. Update 3.6 made it so that first-shot accuracy would be reset when you crouch or uncrouch, a change meant to avoid letting players "quickly uncrouch, fire a perfectly accurate shot, then crouch again for cover." However, the tweak accidentally resulted in a delay when transitioning from hip-firing to aiming down sights. As a result, the hotfix will remove the accuracy change, and the crouch/uncrouch issue will be dealt with "in a future update."

With this going on, Fortnite players are also wondering what's going to happen with the meteor and Tilted Towers. An emergency broadcast has begun being displayed on TVs in-game, and Epic has teased that Season 4 might have superheroes as meteors begin to land.

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