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New Fortnite: Battle Royale Weapon, Guided Missile, Coming Soon

It's no Jetpack, but we are getting the Guided Missile.


Epic's aggressive rollout of new content for Fortnite: Battle Royale continues. With a Starter pack now available for purchase, Epic has teased the next bit of playable content that will be added, and it's another explosive weapon.

As teased through the in-game updates screen, something called the Guided Missile is on the way to Battle Royale. The description states, "Remote control destruction from above." Beyond that, we don't really know what to expect from this weapon, including just how it will work. Is this a homing rocket? Or, more likely, are you able to aim the rocket after you fire it? What rarities does it come in?

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Whatever the particulars, we'll know before long, as the tease also states that it will be released "soon." That could mean another weapon will be "vaulted"--removed from the game temporarily to avoid having too many items active at once--as has been the case recently with some other items. [Update: Epic has now shared a video tease for the weapon, which you can see below.]

While players' arsenal will expand further with the Guided Missile's release, one thing that we still haven't gotten yet is the Jetpack. This was intended to have launched weeks ago, only for Epic to delay it at the last minute. We unfortunately still haven't gotten an update on where development on it stands, though this hasn't stopped Epic from releasing more new weapons, cosmetics, and limited-time modes like the just-concluded Blitz.

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