Neverwinter Nights Walkthrough

If you have questions about the Neverwinter Nights single-player game, you'll find the answers here.


By Ron Dulin
Design by Katie Bush

Neverwinter Nights is a massive game, with hundreds of characters to speak with, places to visit, and things to do. This guide will lead you to every important (and not so important) locale, tell you whom to talk to for information, and point out the location of every quest-related object in the game. You'll get statistics for bosses and major enemies, as well as general exploration and combat tips. From your Academy graduation to the final showdown, if you have questions about the Neverwinter Nights single-player game, you'll find the answers here.

Inside you'll find:

  • Detailed guides for every chapter
  • Complete walk-throughs for every secondary quest
  • General combat, exploration, and leveling strategies
  • Maps for every town, crypt, cave, and dungeon in the game

General Strategies

The Neverwinter Nights manual is full of good information. It is highly recommended that you read it. The spells, feats, and skills, as well as character races and classes, are described in detail, and it's a good idea to familiarize yourself with that information.

Planning for a Strong Character

One of the major reasons you should familiarize yourself with the information in the manual is that a good character is planned from the beginning. The 3rd Edition Dungeons & Dragons rules remove most restrictions on the classes you can choose, which gives you a great deal of freedom to make a bad character.

A good character is built from the creation screen up.
A good character is built from the creation screen up.

For instance, a half-orc or dwarf sorcerer is going to be crippled from the beginning because both races have an inherent charisma penalty, and a sorcerer's primary statistic is charisma. When creating a character, be sure to choose a race that will bolster the strengths of your chosen class. An elf monk, for example, will have a great dexterity bonus, but at the cost of some hit points.

Multiclassing is also a tricky issue. It may be tempting to take a rogue level to get some extra points in the open lock skill or to take a fighter level to get all of the weapon and armor proficiencies for free. But this may severely hinder your experience gain if you haven't planned ahead. Be sure you plan your character's progress from the beginning if you want to maximize his or her potential.

If you feel you've made a poor choice and you're already well into the game, don't worry. There are plenty of magic items to be found that will offset your weaknesses and enhance your strengths.

Balance vs. Focus

As you acquire magic items, you'll have to make some decisions: Should you try to bolster all of your statistics to decent levels, or should you focus on bolstering one or two statistics to superhuman levels? The answer, usually, is the latter.

A fighter with a high strength is exponentially better than a fighter with a good strength and a good charisma. A spellcaster with a high primary statistic will learn more spells, memorize more spells, and will get to cast higher-level spells. Multiclass characters may want to try to keep their stats a bit more balanced, but other characters will want to try to drive those primary stats through the roof.

A Little Tab'll Clue Ya

Lastly, if you're having trouble seeing things--whether it be loot on the ground or enemies on the horizon--hit the Tab key. It will highlight anything you can use, talk to, pick up, or attack.

Feats and Skills

While the game has a wide variety of feats and skills to choose from, there are a few that are simply mandatory for certain classes.

Every character should put some points into disable trap. While you may not need it for chests, you will definitely want it for door and floor traps. If you have a decent intelligence, you'll generally have some extra skill points with each level. Throw them here and you won't be sorry.

Though most classes can open chests easily enough, you'll most likely want to put some points in disable trap.
Though most classes can open chests easily enough, you'll most likely want to put some points in disable trap.

Fighters have one skill that is absolutely mandatory: cleave. It lets you take a free attack on a nearby opponent if you deal a killing blow. Cleave will make groups of low-level monsters fall to the ground like dominoes.

Other good fighter feats include knockdown, improved, and critical. Power attack is good for fighting low-level creatures (as is the improved version. Characters with higher dexterity than strength (such as monks) should also take weapon finesse.

Rogues and rangers (and any character that prefers ranged weapons) should take point blank shot and rapid shot. For rogues, these feats combined with the class's sneak attack bonuses make for a very powerful ranged weapon fighter.

The spellcasters' metamagic feats aren't so cut and dried. The loss of a higher-level spell slot to make a low-level spell more powerful or faster may not be worth it to you. Spell focus, however, is a great choice, and you can choose it several times to apply to different schools.

Rogue Skills

It may seem daunting at the beginning: Your spellcaster doesn't have any thieving skills, and so you can't open the high-class chests to get the good loot. But you don't want to take Tomi as a henchman, because you need a decent tank.

Four locked chests, meet chain lightning.
Four locked chests, meet chain lightning.

There are plenty of ways to open a chest, and at higher levels a spellcaster is just as good as a rogue at opening and disarming chests. How? Direct damage spells. Not only will direct damage spells destroy chests easily, but they will also instantly disable any locks. Alternately, melee classes can bash them open, and no chest is a match for high strength and a good weapon.

XP and GP

Neverwinter Nights tells a great story over the course of its four chapters, but that's just a nice setting for the role-playing genre's bread and butter: experience points and treasure. The walk-through that follows hits all the major plot points and quest goals, but it assumes you will wander around and explore the environs. There is so much treasure to find and so many monsters to kill, be sure you check every corner of every house and cave for interesting items and encounters.

The Henchmen

Though Neverwinter Nights is a single-character game, you'll want to take a henchman along with you. There are good times for every one of the available hirelings, although a few of them are much better choices most of the time.

Fighters should take Tomi or Linu for the majority of their travels. Linu can heal you, which is obviously helpful, and Tomi can open the chests you won't be able to bash open at low level. Even better, the rogue sneak attack bonus will do great wonders while you're in the fray taking all the damage.

The rogues (and fighters and spellcasters) gallery.
The rogues (and fighters and spellcasters) gallery.

Spellcasters should choose Daelan or Grimgnaw. They are both very powerful and will act as a sufficient damage sponge while you deal the pain from a safe distance. Moreover, many enhancement spells will make them even stronger. Cast Cat's Grace and Bull Strength on Grimgnaw and you can go loot chests while he clears out whole rooms. Mid- to high-level spellcasters won't need Tomi's rogue skills too often, because it's just so easy to open a chest with a fireball.

Rogues will also want Daelan or Grimgnaw, for the same reason a fighter would want Tomi. Let them get beat on while you sit back and do sneak attack damage with your bow.

Making a Party

Spellcasters have a significant advantage in one respect: They can actually create a party. With their ability to summon familiars coupled with the summoning spells, spellcasters can get a strong four-character party together with two summoned creatures and a henchman.

Casters like to party all the time.
Casters like to party all the time.

Serve It up Hotkey

One of your strongest weapons in the game isn't your +3 double-bladed axe, and it isn't your maximized fireball. It's your hotkey bank. Put your most important skills in the main hotkey group, then put secondary skills on the Shift and Ctrl hotkeys. Cycle your hotkeys out frequently as you learn new spells and abilities. There's no point having Flame Arrow when you could have Weird, or having 10 Cure Light Wounds potions on your primary hotkey bank when you're 15th level and fighting a lich. Update your hotkeys frequently, and let unused skills and items retire to the radial menu with dignity.


The prelude will train you to play Neverwinter Nights. The first few rooms will serve as your tutorial. You'll learn how to use your inventory, move the camera, cast spells, and fight with ranged and melee weapons. The second part will be more active training, because the Academy gets invaded and you must rush to save the creatures that will be used to cure the Wailing Death.

Training Halls

A-Entrance and Shop Training
B-Map and Journal Training
C-Combat Training
D-Rogue Training
E-Druid and Cleric Training
F-Mage Training
G-To Graduation Chamber
H-To the Academy

After speaking with Pavel and his brother, Bim, head into the Training Halls. Visit the appropriate trainers for your character class. You can skip the basic interface tutorials, but you must complete your class training in order to proceed to the Graduation Chamber.

Kill the party crashers.
Kill the party crashers.

Graduation Chamber

When you enter the Graduation Chamber, speak to Aribeth, who will congratulate you on your commencement. While she is speaking, some mercenaries will teleport in and commence with the beatings. Help Aribeth and the students fight the interlopers, then talk to Aribeth. She will give you a key to the locked door in the Training Halls. Return there. After removing the goblins from the hallway, and from the other rooms if you wish, go through the east door into the Academy.

The Academy

A-To Training Halls
C-Level Training
D-Mysterious Mage
E-To Stables

Go through the storage room and meet up with Pavel. He'll ask to join up with you, and you should let him. It'll teach you to travel with a henchman and will make the hallways ahead much easier to survive. The next friendly face you see will be Geldar, and he'll teach you how to level up. You'll gain a level when you talk to him.

Make your way through the halls, exploring the rooms for loot, if you want, and killing the skeletons and goblins in the hall. The mysterious mage, a 3rd-level wizard, will appear just before you reach the stables. With Pavel at your side, you should be able to kill him.

You'll be too late to save the creatures.
You'll be too late to save the creatures.

The Stables

Your final stop is the stables. You're too late to save the Waterdhavian creatures. Talk to Fenthick and Desther after all the goblins are dead. Exit the stables to begin Chapter One.

Chapter One

Neverwinter City Core

In the first part of chapter one, you will explore the city center, meet your henchmen, gather supplies, and pick up secondary quests before venturing off into the four districts of Neverwinter.

A-Hall of Justice
B-Trade of Blades
C-Moonstone Mask
D-Many-Starred Cloak Guild Tower
E-The Great Tree
F-Shining Knight Arms and Armor
G-General Merchant
H-To Beggar's Nest
I-To Blacklake
J-To the Docks
K-To the Peninsula

The Hall of Justice

A-To Sanitorium
C-Return Portal, Divining Pool, and Sergol
D-To Apse
E-Tomi Undergallows
F-To City Core

You'll begin Chapter One in the Hall of Justice, Neverwinter's Temple of Tyr and hospice for victims of the Wailing Death. Speak with Fenthick and Desther, then continue into the main chamber. Here, you'll immediately see Aribeth, who will give you your primary quest for this chapter, The Wailing and the Waterdhavians.

Aribeth will also serve as your free healer this chapter, so you'll be returning to this temple often. Nearby is Sergol, who can give you a brief tutorial about using the return portal and the stone of recall. In combination, these items will let you return at almost any time to unload goods or to heal and then return to your original location for a small fee.

Once you've spoken with Aribeth, head into the apse and talk to Oleff. If he doesn't automatically ask for your help, use your persuade skill to receive the Search for Never's Tomb quest. There is one tomb in each of the four outlying sectors of the city, and three of them contain artifacts you can return to Oleff for a reward. You'll need to visit the excavation site in the peninsula to access the three other tombs.

Before leaving the Hall of Justice, talk to Tomi Undergallows near the front door. He's one of the available henchmen for this level and your go-to guy if you lack thieving skills. There are other henchmen available in the city proper.

Speak with Aribeth to start the main quest for Chapter One.
Speak with Aribeth to start the main quest for Chapter One.

City Core

As you leave the Hall of Justice, Bethany will approach you. She'll tell you about the prison break in the peninsula. You'll be going there soon enough, but first you need to find a henchman, buy some supplies, and pick up some more secondary quests. Your first stop is the Trade of Blades.

Trade of Blades

A-To City Core
B-Boddyknock Glinckle
C-Linu La'Neral
F-Daelan Redtiger

There are five henchmen available in the Trade of Blades. Linu La'Neral is a healer, Sharwyn is a bard, Daelan Redtiger is a barbarian, Grimgnaw is a monk, and Boddyknock Glinckle is a sorcerer. Choose a henchman that complements your own abilities--if you're a spellcaster or a rogue, for instance, you'll want Daelan or Grimgnaw to keep enemies preoccupied in melee combat. Each henchman also has a personal quest, which will stretch over the first three chapters of the game. Talk to them as you gain levels, and they'll tell you more of their story. See the next page for details.

Before leaving the Trade of Blades, talk to Graxx to get the gauntlet key. If you aren't a melee class, you'll need to persuade him. Once you're done here, it's on to the Moonstone Mask.

Henchmen Quests

Each henchman has a personal quest. These quests carry over from chapter to chapter, but you must solve each part in order to access the following chapter's quest. The quest is told as a story, and once you've gained two levels you can hear the whole thing (they will stop at parts, but just ask them to continue and they will).

Tomi Undergallows

Tomi needs some official documents. You'll find them in Thomas Wheelwright's Wagon Repair, located in the southeast corner of Beggar's Nest. Give them to Tomi to receive the Ring of the Rogue +1, which adds +1 bonuses to your dexterity, as well as your open-locks and disable-traps skills.

Boddyknock Glinckle

Find the leaven bread recipe in Siril's Bakery, located in the western part of Beggar's Nest. Boddyknock will give you the Lantanese Ring +1 as a reward. This ring gives you a +1 charisma bonus and includes a +1 regeneration bonus--a great item for sorcerers.

Linu La'Neral

Give her the Silver Chalice of Moonbow recovered from Meldanen's Estate in Blacklake, and she'll reward you with a Pendant of the Elf +1, which gives you darkvision and adds +1 to your dexterity.


The iron ring that Grimgnaw seeks may be the hardest to find, only because it's not in an area you're likely to explore on your own. It's in an abandoned house in the northwest corner of no-man's-land, the small, abandoned area between the City Core and Blacklake. Give him the ring, and he'll give you the Amulet of the Long Death +1, which boosts your constitution.


The celestial elixir that Sharwyn seeks is located in the Tanglebrook Estate in the peninsula. The Belt of the Performer +1 adds a +1 bonus to your charisma, as well as to your perform and persuade skills.

Daelan Redtiger

You'll find the brooch Daelan seeks in a chest on a boat in the docks. Daelan's reward, the Amulet of the Red Tiger Tribe +1, adds +1 to your strength and makes you immune to fear.

The Moonstone Mask

A-To City Core
D-Stairs to second floor

Ophala, who can be found standing in the center of the ground floor, runs this brothel. If you're a rogue, speak with her to get the Art Theft quest. Other classes can get this quest with a successful persuade skill check. Ophala needs three objects from you: the portrait of Sir Reginald Rumbottom III from the Rumbottom Estate in Blacklake, the gilded urn from the Hodge Estate in Blacklake, and the gaudy statuette from the Androd Estate in the docks.

If you want to visit upstairs, you'll need a clean bill of health. Talk to Ophala to get a letter, which you will need to take to Oleff at the Hall of Justice. When you return with Oleff's writ, you'll need to get a pass coin (for 200 gold) from Torgo, the Moonstone Mask's resident merchant.

Upstairs, you won't find much to do. On the third floor, you can help Tamora rid herself of an undesirable customer. Talk to her about her problem, and she'll give you a brooch to show to Hoff, an unsavory character who hangs out in the docks.

The only other person of interest in the Moonstone Mask is Gilles. If you have a letter from Oleff regarding the Never Tomb quest, Gilles will offer you more gold for the artifacts you uncover. He does pay more, and evil characters will want to consider his offer. Good characters will want to demand Jacob's quill from him and return it to Oleff for a small reward. Taking the quill will cause Gilles to depart.

Many-Starred Cloak Guild Tower

If you're a spellcaster, you can get the Cloaktower Membership quest from Eltoora (other classes will not be able to persuade her). This quest requires you to visit four locked wizard labs and retrieve four items--rare earth clay, a flask of water, a puff of fog, and kindling wood. There is one lab in each of the four districts, and Eltoora will also tell you to note the order of the items.

This is good advice, because once you have all four items you'll need to step into the back room to face her minogon guardian. You won't have to defeat it through brute force. Just pick up the four wands and cast them on the minogon in the order the items were listed. Get the Stoneskin from the pile of stones, Slow from the divining pool, Color Spray from the alchemist's apparatus, and Burning Hands from the pile of wood. When you cast the final spell, the minogon will be defeated, and you'll receive the Many-Starred Cloak, which has an AC +2 bonus and makes you immune to sneak attacks.

The Great Tree

Talk to Nyatar near the Great Tree. In addition to being a merchant, Nyatar will give you the Animal Rescue quest to free the animals in the Blacklake Zoo. If you aren't a druid or a ranger, you can persuade him. He'll give you a copy of the zoo key if you accept the quest.

General Merchant

In addition to some low-level starting supplies, this street merchant has maps for every district. Buying and examining them will fill in your minimaps and make exploring the districts a bit easier. Don't buy the docks map; you'll get a map for that area easily enough.

Shining Knight Arms and Armor

Talk to Durga in the front room and look at his inventory if you need armor or weapons. Be sure to ask him about special items. If you can persuade him, he'll give you a key to the back room. There you'll find Marrok, who will forge custom items if you bring him the necessary ingredients. Ask him about the different types of items he can make, and he'll give you Recipes of the Forge, a book that lists the items and the ingredients he needs.

Recipes of the Forge

Here's what Marrok can make and the necessary items.

Armor and Axes:

Marrok can forge this shimmering chromatic breastplate.
Marrok can forge this shimmering chromatic breastplate.

Chromatic Breastplate: Diamond and a suit of magical armor with AC 6.
Scales of Truth: Special holy water and a suit of magical armor with total AC:5.
Leather Whitebone Armor: Gargoyle skull and a suit of magic armor with AC 3.
Sentinel: Adamantite and a magic battle axe.
Double Axe of the Tall Kin: Adamantite and a magic double axe.
Stonefire Great Axe: Adamantite and a magic great axe.
Ice Reaver Hand Axe: Dragon blood and a magic hand axe.

Blunt Weapons:

Gladiator Club: Ironwood and a magic club.
Ironwood Mace: Ironwood and a magic dire mace.
Reaver Heavy Flail: Dragon blood and a magic heavy flail.
Storm Light Hammer: Diamond and a magic light hammer.
Foundation Light Flail: Ironwood and a magic light flail.
Mace of Disruption: Special holy water and a magic mace.
Drone Morning Star: Fairy dust and a magic morning star.
Rune Hammer: Adamantite and a magic war hammer.

The fire-damage-dealing Desert Wind scimitar.
The fire-damage-dealing Desert Wind scimitar.


Harbinger Kin Greatsword: Adamantite and a magic greatsword.
Sword Saint Katana: Adamantite and a magic katana.
Astral Blade Longsword: Diamond and a magic longsword.
Namarra Rapier: Dragon blood and a magic rapier.
Desert Wind Scimitar: Adamantite and a magic scimitar.
Feyduster Short Sword: Fairy dust and a magic short sword.
Uthgardt Ceremonial Two-Bladed Sword: Ironwood and a magic two-bladed sword.

Other Weapons:

Ravager Halberd: Dragon blood and a magic halberd.
Sea Reaver Scythe: Adamantite and a magic scythe.
Fey Spear: Fairy dust and a magic spear.
Golden Sickle: Special holy water and a magic sickle.

Once you have the secondary quests in your journal and supplies in your pack, it's time to start exploring the dangerous outlying districts.

The Peninsula

Here you will need to explore the prison, which has been overrun by escaped convicts. There are two ways into the prison, and each is dangerous. In the peninsula, you will also be able to complete a section of the Cloaktower Membership quest and get started on the Search for Never's Tomb quest.

A-To City Core
B-Militia HQ and merchants
C-Tanglebrook Estate
D-Sewer entrance
E-Prison entrance
F-Master Johns
G-Ms. Dulcimae
H-Never's Tomb Excavation Site
I-Arcane Laboratory
J-Prison Barracks
K-Mizzenmast Mercantile

Peninsula Main Gate

Talk to Gate Captain Kipp to learn about the prison break quest. He'll tell you to see Sedos Sebile at the Military Headquarters, located in the southeast of the peninsula.

Once you get past the safety of the guards, you'll be set upon by gangs of escaped prisoners. You'll also find a few unlit plague-victim pyres throughout the neighborhood. Equip your torch and set them on fire for a bit of experience.

Master Johns and Ms. Dulcimae

These two citizens are trapped in the streets and need your help getting to the gate. Escort them for some meager experience points. Be sure to talk to Master Johns before doing so--he has some interesting information about the Tanglebrook Estate, which is one of the possible entrances to the prison proper.

Arcane Laboratory

Near Ms. Dulcimae, in the northeast corner, is a locked building marked with a sundial. If you've accepted the Cloaktower Membership quest, you'll have the key for the door. Inside, you'll find the rare earth clay in a pile of stones.

Never's Tomb Excavation Site

Talk to Briley to learn about the excavation site. If you have the letter from Oleff, you can take the ceremonial arrow, ceremonial shield, and ceremonial sword from the nearby chest. These items will serve as keys to the other three tombs. You'll also find the Halueth dig logbook, which describes where to find the other tombs and describes the riddles that unlock them.

Militia HQ

Once you've visited all the other locations of interest, talk to Sedos Sebile in the militia headquarters. She'll ask you to find a way into the prison. She'll give you one lead: A gang of prisoners has been leading raids from the sewers and may hold a key to the prison's front door.

Near the headquarters is the Mizzenmast Mercantile, where you can stock up on supplies if you need anything. There is also a Priest of Helm nearby. Seems like these guys are everywhere and really aren't much help.

The Prison

Before you head into the prison itself, you'll want to quickly explore the prison barracks, located to the west of the large prison building. There isn't much here, but you can pick up some experience points and some loot.

There are two ways into the prison. You'll need a key to get in the front doors, but there is also an alternate, and more interesting, means of entrance into the Tanglebrook Estate. The latter path will give you some cryptic background about the problems in the prison, as well as an item needed for a henchman quest.

Entering the Prison

Of the two ways of entering the prison, the quickest (though not necessarily the easiest) can be found by entering the sewers.

The Sewers

Ambushed near the sewer entrance.
Ambushed near the sewer entrance.

The sewer entrance is just to the south of the prison. Inside, you'll face a gang leader (2nd-level fighter/5th-level rogue), who will be pretty tough if this is the first area you've visited. Even if you plan on entering through the Tanglebrook Estate, you may want to visit the sewers to get the experience points. Kill the gang leader and search his body for the prison key. Now you can just stroll into the prison through the front doors.

The Tanglebrook Estate

A-To Peninsula
D-To Tanglebrook Tunnels

If you talked to Master Johns, you'll know that the key to this estate is under the welcome mat. And if you didn't talk to Master Johns, you know it now. Pick up the mat and get the key.

In the foyer, you can find some loot in the nearby containers. You'll want to open the door to the bedroom--inside you'll find Lady Tanglebrook's journal, which describes a noise she heard coming from the tunnels beneath her house. These tunnels connect directly to the prison, which is convenient, to say the least. It'll be a while until you discover the source of the noise, but here's a clue: It wasn't rats.

In the hallway at the east end of the house, you'll encounter two stinkbugs. These will emit Stinking Cloud, which can temporarily stun you and your henchman. Try to deal with them from a distance, if possible.

The Tanglebrook Tunnels will lead you to the prison.
The Tanglebrook Tunnels will lead you to the prison.

Disarm the trap on the library door. Inside you'll find a chest containing the celestial elixir needed for Sharwyn's henchman quest.

Next, it's time to explore the tunnel. You'll find an enormous chessboard, and you'll want to enter detect mode to cross it because it's covered with traps. Examine the body of Lady Tanglebrook and pick up the +1 two-bladed sword at her side. Check the chests for loot, then continue to the door to the prison.

Prison: Main Floor

A-Main Entrance
B-Entrance from Tanglebrook Tunnels
C-Prison Office
D-South Wing Lever
E-North Wing Lever
F-Former Guard
G-Gang Leader
H-Stairs to Containment Level

Whichever way you enter the prison, you'll want to enter the prison office first and read the prison logbook, which contains some information about the rebellion and Captain Alaefin's role. You'll also want to flip the switches for the north and south wings, which will open the cells and allow you to loot the contents.

In the north wing, you'll find a former guard. He'll give you some more information and then flee for the main doors.

The large wing to the west is crawling with convicts, so try to take them out slowly from the adjacent hallways. There's a gang leader (2nd-level rogue/5th-level fighter) blocking the stairs down to the next level, and you don't want to face him and a dozen prisoners at the same time. Once the coast is clear, go downstairs.

Prison: Containment Level

A-Stairs to Main Floor
C-Storage Rooms
D-Escaped Sorcerer/Stairs Lever
E-Stairs to Pits

This is a pretty straightforward level, but there are plenty of enemies. If you need a place to rest in safety, get into one of the lockdowns and shut the door with the lever.

After descending from the main floor, you'll be met by Emernik. He'll lead you into a lockdown. Use the lever to close the door, and he'll tell you more about the prison. Explore everything and clear out the hallways.

In the main central chamber, you'll face a number of enemies, including an escaped sorcerer (5th level). He will throw fireballs like crazy, so try to target him first. Better yet, lure his fellow inmates into the halls and pick them off in smaller groups. Once he's dead, use the lever in the room to open the east door. This leads down to the pits.

Prison: Pits

A-Stairs to Containment Level
B-Storage rooms
C-Locked hallway
E-Stairs to Lair of the Devourer

This is the most dangerous level of the prison, and it's full of convicts and traps. Proceed carefully. There are two paths to the locked hallway. On the west path, you'll face an escaped sorcerer (5th level) and find two fairly well-stocked storage rooms. On the north path, you'll fight another gang leader (2nd-level fighter/5th-level rogue). You can choose either, but you might want to explore both routes and rack up the experience points.

Whichever way you choose, you'll need to pull the nearby levers once you get to the doors leading to the locked hallway. Disable or avoid the trap in the hallway, then disable the trap on the western door. Beyond this door awaits Kurdan, formerly king of the pits and currently Captain Alaefin's right-hand half-orc. Kurdan is a tough 8th-level barbarian. Don't be afraid to use the stone of recall if you're getting clobbered.

Kurdan guards the stairs to the final battle.
Kurdan guards the stairs to the final battle.

Once Kurdan takes enough damage, he'll surrender and tell you what he knows. Once he's said his spiel, you can kill him or let him go. Search the nearby chests, and read the head gaoler's journal found in the book pile. Rest up if you need to, then head down into the Lair of the Devourer.

Prison: Lair of the Devourer

As soon as you descend the stairs, it's on! When you kill the head gaoler (6th-level fighter), something strange will happen: A creature will jump out and quickly take over one of the nearby guards. Your best bet is to talk with the guards and persuade them to leave before this happens (this will also give you some experience points and shift your alignment toward good). Once there are no more fresh bodies, you'll face the intellect devourer directly. It has very good damage reduction and a fair amount of hit points, so be prepared for a long fight unless you can deal great amounts of damage at once.

Head gaoler Alaefin.
Head gaoler Alaefin.

Once the devourer is dead, pick up its brain (which may be hard to see--use Tab to find it more easily), then return to Sedos Sebile for your reward. You may be ambushed by assassins outside of the prison. If so, search their bodies for a note and take it to Fenthick at the Hall of Justice Sanitorium. Finally, take the devourer's brain to Aribeth.

The Docks

Thieves and pirates have overrun the docks. A band of pirates called the Bloodsailors is running things, and you'll soon find out that all the looting and mayhem is directly tied to your primary quest. There are plenty of other quests here--a few side quests, an item for Ophala's Art Theft quest, one of the sites for the Search for Never's Tomb quest, and an arcane laboratory for the Cloaktower Membership quest. There are also some shops with good equipment--if you can find the local currency, that is.

A- To City Core
B- Bloodsailor Ship
C- Callik's House
D- Seedy Tavern
E-Silver Sails Trading Company
F-Hemmel Masterson
G-Bloodsailor's Aqueducts Entrance
H-The Androd Estate
I-Arcane Laboratory
J-The Golden Apple
K-Twenty in a Quiver
L-Seedy Tavern Side Door

Docks Main Gate

When you enter the docks, a shady character will start following you around. Talk to him to find out why he's hounding you. He's a thief, looking for a mark, but he's easily scared off. You can pry some information from him about the Bloodsailors and an auction being held in the Seedy Tavern--an auction for a plague cure. Threaten him and he'll drop his auction notice, with a map for the docks conveniently printed on the back.

Hemmel Masterson

Talk to Hemmel Masterson, who traded an amulet to Callik in exchange for safe passage out of Neverwinter. Callik absconded with Masterson's amulet, a family heirloom that possibly has "other uses," and he would like it back.

Twenty in a Quiver

Jerrol has some good general merchandise for sale (plenty of +1 weapons and armor) and can tell you where to buy even better items if you have some smugglers' coins. These coins are found throughout the area, and Jerrol will sell you some if you need more.

Smugglers' Coins

Some surefire locations for smugglers' coins are the second floor of Callik's house, the storeroom behind Callik's house, and Gilda at the Golden Apple. As mentioned above, you can also buy them from Jerrol at Twenty in a Quiver, and you'll find them on the hostile muggers you encounter in the streets.

The Golden Apple

Gilda, the proprietor of this tavern, has a smuggler's coin in her possession. You can obtain it if you make a successful persuade check, or if that doesn't work, you can threaten her for it.


If you agreed to help Tamora at the Moonstone Mask, you can find Hoff standing near the northernmost dock. Show him the brooch, and either threaten him to stay away from her, or just attack him to issue a permanent restraining order. Return to Tamora for your meager reward.

The Androd Estate

A-To the Docks
B-Androd's Room

The Androd Estate holds the gaudy statuette needed for Ophala's Art Theft quest. Make a beeline for Androd's room, and he'll tell you everything. In the cabinet behind him, you'll find the statuette and a key that opens every chest in his house.

Arcane Laboratory

On the west side of the docks, you'll find another arcane laboratory. Use Eltoora's key to enter, then take the flask of water from the diving pool.

Bloodsailor Ship

This ship is guarded by a small group of pirates. Kill them, and then loot their bodies. Their uniforms will help you gain entrance into the Seedy Tavern. Be sure to look in the chest on the deck of the ship itself--it contains the brooch for Daelan Redtiger's henchman quest.

Callik's House

Before entering the Tavern, explore the house located in the northwest of the district. Here you'll find a key that opens the Seedy Tavern's side door. You'll also find two smugglers' coins and the orders from Callik, the latter of which may come in handy later. The second floor is guarded by a Bloodsailor lieutenant (2nd-level wizard/5th-level monk).

Callik's Storeroom

A-To Docks
B-Trapped Hallway
C-Bloated Dire Spider

This area isn't necessary, but there's good experience and loot to be had. Follow the trapped hallway around to the big storeroom in the back. Kill the bloated dire spider (which won't be easy--it's 10th level) and loot the chests. Among some other decent items, you'll find two smugglers' coins.

The Seedy Tavern

A-To Docks
B-Jalek, Christov, and the Auctioneer
D-To Second Floor
E-To Hideout

There are two means of entry into the tavern: You can bribe the doorman or walk in for free by wearing a Bloodsailor uniform.

Once you're inside, talk to Jalek, who will challenge you to a drinking contest. Even if you lose, Christov will speak to you, give you some info about the pirates' power struggle, and give you a key to the downstairs hideout.

Drinking with Jalek.
Drinking with Jalek.

Talk to the auctioneer while you're here--he's got some good stuff for sale if you have smugglers' coins. Even if you don't want any of his items, you may as well spend the coins--they aren't good anywhere else, and you can sell his goods for gold elsewhere.

If you go upstairs, you'll find a strange dwarf in a sauna who will give you some cryptic clues about the hideout below (including the password for the door). If you just want to start exploring the hideout, talk to the chef. He'll let you through if you have the password or if you can successfully persuade him. Use Christov's key and enter the hideout.

Bloodsailor Hideout

A-To Seedy Tavern
B-Bloodsailor Lieutenant
C-To Lower Level

The first level of the Bloodsailor's hideout is fairly straightforward. While there are plenty of enemies to kill and chests to loot, the real action is down below. Just follow the hallways around, kill the Bloodsailor lieutenant guarding the stairs (3rd-level rogue/3rd-level barbarian), and continue down.

Bloodsailor Hideout, continued

A-To Upper Level
C-To Docks

Dara'nei can give you the key to Vengaul's hideout.
Dara'nei can give you the key to Vengaul's hideout.

On the second level, you will find Vengaul's significant other, Dara'nei. Kill her guards, then speak with her and promise you'll let Vengaul live, and she'll give you her locket. If she refuses to help you, don't worry: There is another way to find him. The door to the southwest will lead back to the docks, through the side entrance to the tavern.

The Silver Sails Trading Company

A-To Docks
B-To Second Floor
C-Locked Door
D-To Aqueducts

Dara'nei said that Vengaul would be found in the Silver Sails Trading Company or in the aqueducts. He isn't in either, but you'll have to go through both to find him. The Silver Sails is full of vermin (if you're in need of some dragon's blood, head upstairs and loot the chest). Fight your way back to the locked door--Dara'nei's locket is the key. Behind the door you'll face a 10th-level bloated dire spider (also nearby is a 5th-level sword spider--don't try to take them both at once). Once the room is clear, head down into the aqueducts.


If you didn't get the locket from Dara'nei, you'll need to use the orders from Callik to enter the aqueducts via the Bloodsailor's entrance. It's just south of the Androd Estate. Whichever path you take, find Charon and speak with him. He will send you to the sewers.


If you enter the aqueducts from the Silver Sails, you will find a locked door next to a chest. Open the chest to find a riddle: "Tooth of the forge." Place the ceremonial sword (from the peninsula excavation site) in the chest to open another tomb. Inside, you'll find a sarcophagus containing the Ancient Symbol of Tyr. Return the symbol to Oleff or Gilles for your reward.

The Sewers

The ferryman's boat will deposit you in the sewers, where Callik's men are about to engage Vengaul's men in battle. Callik is a 4th-level fighter/5th-level rogue, and his guards are 1st-level fighters/2nd-level rogues. When he's dead, talk to Vengaul. He'll tell you the cockatrice feather is in the nearby crate. If you decide to attack Vengaul, he'll leave and you'll have to fight his guards (both 6th-level fighters).

If you return to the street, you may be ambushed by assassins. If so, search their corpses for a note, which you should show to Fenthick. When you're finished in the docks, deliver the cockatrice feather to Aribeth at the Hall of Justice.


The streets of Blacklake are safe, but you'll need to navigate the abandoned no-man's-land between it and the City Core. You'll find tensions run high as a powerful wizard named Meldanen hoards his grain supplies, causing a fear of starvation among the residents who have barricaded themselves from the city proper to avoid the plague. Blacklake contains locations for a number of ongoing quests: The Search for Never's Tomb, Cloaktower Membership, and two-thirds of Ophala's Art Theft quest. The zoo, the target of Nyatar's Animal Rescue quest, is located here as well.

A-To No-Man's-Land
C-The Board Laid Bare Tavern
D-Milly's House
E-Meldanen's Estate
F-Meldanen's Warehouse
G-Blacklake Zoo
H-The Rumbottom Estate
I-The Hodge Estate
J-Arcane Laboratory
L-Noblemen Estates

Blacklake Main Gate

When you head through the main gate, you won't be entering Blacklake proper. Instead, you'll be heading into no-man's-land--an abandoned street that was formerly the servants' neighborhood and now serves as a sort of treacherous airlock between the Neverwinter City Core and the upper-class Blacklake neighborhood.


A-To City Core
C-Loxar's Tower
D-Abandoned House
E-To Blacklake

Just north of the main gate, near the smoking pile of wreckage, you'll meet Cendran. He'll tell you a bit about no-man's-land and ask you to kill Loxar, a thuggish half-orc who has been terrorizing the area. You'll find Loxar in the remains of a tower located up the road. Loxar is a 10th-level fighter and has a rabid dog with him as well. Return Loxar's head to Cendran for a small number of experience points, then head toward the main gate.

You may be ambushed by assassins near the gate. If so, search their bodies for a note, and take it to Fenthick at the Hall of Justice Sanitorium. Before entering Blacklake, visit the abandoned house in the northwest corner--inside a desk you'll find the iron ring needed for Grimgnaw's quest.

The Board Laid Bare Tavern

There are two people to speak with here. First, talk to Thurin. He's the militia captain, and he'll ask you to search for Samuel, an inspector who has mysteriously disappeared. If you bought the gauntlet key from Graxx in the Trade of Blades, talk to the bartender to gain admittance to the gauntlet.

The Gauntlet

Talk to Kellisai when you're ready to begin battle, but you may want to do some recon on your opponents by talking to the spectators. You will face four opponents. The first is Hrusk, a 5th-level barbarian who uses a flaming hand axe. Next up is Fashi, a 6th-level monk. Your third opponent is Agar, a 6th-level half-orc fighter.

Your final opponent is Claudius, and the crowd (and other competitors) will warn you that he's invincible and probably not for copacetic reasons. Before the fight, talk to Kellisai and ask her to "keep the battle fair," and then use whatever means you can to make sure that she casts Dispel Magic on both of you (you can bribe or persuade her, and human characters can play the race card). If you beat Claudius, you'll receive the Gauntlet Championship Award and ownership of the tavern (which will earn you very little money during the short time you are in Neverwinter).

The Rumbottom Estate

A-To Blacklake
B-Long Hallway
C-Thoms Rumbottom

Before investigating Meldanen, finish up the ongoing quests in Blacklake. The first stop is Thoms Rumbottom's Estate. It won't be hard to talk your way past the guard. Once inside, make your way to the long hallway, patrolled by a noble guard (3rd-level fighter). You'll find Rumbottom in the central bedroom of the estate, accessible from the west wing. The coveted (by Ophala, at least) portrait of Sir Reginald Rumbottom III is in a nearby chest. The chests in his house are fairly high-class, so you may want to bring Tomi along, or be prepared to do some significant bashing or casting.

The Hodge Estate

A-To Blacklake

Here you'll find another item for Ophala, a gilded urn. Talk your way past the guard and enter. The Hodge Estate is full of traps, so move around in detect mode. Hodge himself is long gone, as the cook in the kitchen will tell you, but luckily he didn't take all of his loot with him. You'll find the gilded urn (and a note for Ophala) in a chest in the study, located in the northwestern corner of the house.

The Blacklake Zoo

A-To Blacklake
B-Montgomery Weatherson's Room
C-To the Grove
D-The Pens

Nyatar wants the animals freed and gave you a key to help with the task. Pay the entrance fee and enter. Once you leave the public area you'll face a fair number of guards. You'll find Montgomery "Sureshot" Weatherson in the northwestern room. He's a 7th-level ranger with bow skills (including the point-blank shot feat) that earned him his nickname. Kill Montgomery, loot his room, and then head into the grove through the door at the west end of the north hallway.

The malevolent zookeeper gets his just deserts.
The malevolent zookeeper gets his just deserts.

Use the Transport via Plants scroll from Nyatar on the tree. Go back into the zoo and into the central rooms. Here, you'll find the master of the pens, a 4th-level ranger. Kill him and pull the lever to open the cages. Make sure the path is free of guards, then tell all of the animals to head out into the grove. Go into the grove and talk to the animals; they'll step through the portal to freedom. Return to Nyatar at the Great Tree to receive your reward.

Arcane Laboratory

A lab for the Cloaktower Membership quest can be found near the western wall of the city. Enter with Eltoora's key, and take the puff of fog from the alchemist's apparatus.


Outside the house in the southeast is a young girl named Punkin, who will tell you that something strange is going on in the house. Enter and speak with Telma, who will reluctantly tell you about her recent troubles. Examine the bookshelf and say "Halueth," which will open the passageway to the tomb. In the passageway, open the chest and read the riddle: "A splinter delivered in flight." Put the ceremonial arrow from the peninsula excavation site in the chest, and enter the tomb.

Inside, you'll face four invisible Swords of Never (8th-level fighters). Loot the sarcophagus for Halueth's rusted armor, which you can return to Oleff or Gilles for your reward.


Near the main gate, you'll see a small gathering of citizens listening to Formosa, a comely half-elf. Interrupt the girl and she'll tell you about Meldanen, a local resident who is hoarding grain, among his more frightening crimes. The part about collecting "magical abominations" may be a lead as well. Accept Formosa's quest to kill him and get his warehouse key--there are numerous resolutions to this story, but you won't need to decide on a course of action until you actually meet Meldanen.

Formosa leads the uprising against Meldanen.
Formosa leads the uprising against Meldanen.

Meldanen's Estate (Gate)

Now we start investigating Meldanen. There are two routes into his estate. The quickest is the front door, which you can access by killing his guards or by bribing Orrean (half-elves can get a discount on the bribe). There are cheaper and/or less violent means as well, and speaking with Orrean outside the estate will give you a vague clue that relates to Meldanen's love life.

Milly's House

Find Milly, the laundry woman who wanders around the northwestern area of the district. She'll tell you about her past relationship with Meldanen and that he set up a portal in her house presumably to make booty calls all the easier. She'll give you her key, and you'll find the portal behind the jeweled door in her house.

Meldanen's Estate

A-Portal from Milly's
B-Front door
D-To Meldanen's Sanctum
E-Alchemist's Laboratory

No matter how you get into the estate, you'll need to deal with Grommin, the 5th-level barbarian half-orc that guards the front door. You can convince him that you are a guest or provoke him to attack you. Past Grommin you'll find the prison cells, where Meldanen keeps his kidnapped victims. Samuel is here, and you can free him to complete the Samuel's Rescue quest from Thurin at the Board Laid Bare.

Before descending to the lower level, explore the lab (guarded by a 4th-level wizard) at the west end of the south hallway. It's stocked with some decent potions. Meldanen's apprentice, an 8th-level sorcerer, guards the stairs down.

Meldanen's Sanctum

A-To Meldanen's Estate
B-Imprisoned Dryad
C-Meldanen's Chamber

There are two paths through the sanctum, and both are well guarded and have decent loot. You'll also encounter another of Meldanen's apprentices (another 8th-level sorcerer). Speak to the dryad in the cell, and Meldanen will appear. Fight him until he surrenders, and you'll be given several choices. You can kill him, let him go (but take his tooth for Formosa), or agree to kill Formosa for a bigger reward. Be sure to get the warehouse key as part of the deal. Whichever route you take, free the dryad and she'll give you a lock of her hair.

Return to Formosa and give her the tooth and the key (or, if you're evil, kill her). She'll reward you and then be gone in 60 seconds to raid the tomblike warehouse, which you can explore once she's inside. Finally, deliver the dryad's lock of hair to Aribeth.

Beggar's Nest

You've doubtlessly heard the complaints of the displaced citizens scattered around the city core: Beggar's Nest is teeming with undead. You might want to take Linu along to do some turning. There are a few secondary quests here, and you'll be able to complete sections of the Cloaktower Membership and Search for Never's Tomb quests. And if you're wondering what that big, unreachable building is in the northeast corner, it's your alma mater, the Neverwinter Academy.

A-To City Core
B-The Shining Serpent
C-Jemanie and Torin's House
D-Snake Cult Estate
E-Krestal's House
G-Aldo and Mattily
H-Thomas Wheelwright Wagon Repair
I-Temple of Helm
J-Marcus' Body
K-Siril's Bakery
L-Arcane Laboratory
M-To Great Graveyard

Beggar's Nest Main Gate

Talk to Gate Captain Ergus. A militia member named Walters has gone missing, and he wants you to find him. Accept the quest, and then fight your way through the undead hordes to The Shining Serpent.

The Shining Serpent

Find Harben Ashensmith and he'll provide you with some background information about the undead infestation. He'll give you some leads, including some strange rumors about the Sword Coast Boys, a local gang (or considering their name, boy band), and about a mysterious cult working in the area. Speak to Drake and he'll tell you about some local citizens who may need your help--Jemanie and Krestal.

Temple of Helm

Before you start digging into the undead problem, finish a few of the local secondary quests. First, stop by the Temple of Helm and speak with Bertrand. He'll tell you about his missing brother, Marcus. Sadly, you won't be able to bring him good news. You'll find Marcus' body to the north, just in front of the gates to the Great Graveyard. Return Marcus' journal and penhold staff to Bertrand when you give him the tragic news, otherwise there's a good chance he won't believe, or reward, you.

Thomas Wheelwright Wagon Repair

Before you enter the wagon repair shop, speak with Aldo and Mattily near the broken wagon in the center of Beggar's Nest. You'll want to clear a path through the undead between them and Thomas Wheelwright's shop. Enter the shop and speak with Hector. He'll follow you back to Aldo, and they'll escape to safety. And if you're curious as to why there aren't any wagon parts in a wagon repair shop, it's because the joint is a front for Tomi's friend Belman. Check the bookshelf in the back and you'll find the forged official document needed for Tomi's henchman quest.

Siril's Bakery

Zombies have invaded this bakery, possibly because they misheard someone talking about the delicious brain muffins. Kill them and search Siril's body for the leaven bread recipe. Give this to Boddyknock once he's told you his story to complete his henchman quest.

Arcane Laboratory

In the northwest corner you'll find a locked building marked with a sundial. If you've accepted the Cloaktower Membership quest, you'll have the key for the door. Inside, you'll find the kindling wood in the woodpile.

The Great Graveyard

One thing is certain: The undead are originating from the graveyard to the north. Unfortunately, the gates are locked. But there is a way in. In fact, there are two ways in. One will take you through the warehouse, following the Sword Coast Boys quest. The other will take you through the Snake Cult Estate, searching for Jemanie's lost brother. Both will lead you directly to the undead base of operations.

Entering the Great Graveyard

Getting to the graveyard isn't easy. There are two routes, with the Snake Cult Estate being the easier and quicker of the two. You may want to explore both routes, though, because you'll get some good loot and experience points. And if you want to finish the Missing Guard quest to find Walters, you'll need to explore the warehouse. The Missing Brother quest, given to you by Jemanie, can be completed through either route.

Jemanie's House

Your first stop should be Jemanie's house, located in the central western part of Beggar's Nest. Jemanie is concerned about his brother, Torin, who has fallen in with a strange cult headquartered in a house to the north. One interesting bit of information: The undead completely avoid the house in question. Jemanie will give you the estate wardstone to get through the force field blocking the door.

The Snake Cult Estate

A-To Beggar's Nest
B-Summoning Chamber
C-Snake Cult Leader
D-Stairs to Crypt

You'll face a few cultists as you enter this house and a few more in the summoning chamber. Don't worry if they finish the ritual--their summoned creature is just a 1st-level imp. In the next room is the Snake Cult leader, a level-6 cleric. After the leader is dead, go down the stairs into the crypt.

Krestal's House

Go upstairs to talk to Krestal. He will tell you about his former gang, the chart-topping Sword Coast Boys, and how the leader, Drawl, made a strange deal that turned many of the gang into the undead. He'll also mention Walters, the missing guard and apparently a former Sword Coast Boy, and tell you that Drawl and his undead are in the warehouse.

The Warehouse

The first level of the warehouse shouldn't be much of a problem--just three rooms of old-fashioned zombie killing. It's the lower level that's a bit of a challenge.

A-Stairs to Upper Level
D-Stairs to Crypt

If you don't have Linu with you or have some turning ability of your own, you'll wish you did. There are so many zombies in this warehouse you'll think they're being exported. Make your way through the long hallway until you reach Drawl's room. You'll overhear a brief conversation between Drawl and Walters, and Drawl will mention someone named Gulnan. Enter the room and be ready for a fairly challenging fight with the 8th-level Drawl.

After you kill Drawl, talk to Walters. He'll head back to the main gate, and you can venture down into the crypt.

The Crypt

A-Stairs to Warehouse
B-Stairs to Snake Cult Estate
C-Dire Spider Lair
D-To Great Graveyard

Both passageways to the central chamber have a fair number of monsters--beetles and cultists occupy the west side, zombies and shadows the east side. The central chamber is home to a powerful dire spider, and its venom can be a problem. You may want to pay Aribeth a quick visit if you get infected. Once the spider is gone, head out of the crypt and into the graveyard.

The Great Graveyard

A-To Crypt
C-Warrens of the Damned
D-To Beggar's Nest

What's so great about a bunch of zombies? Regardless of whether or not you are disappointed by the reported greatness here, there are a few areas of interest in the graveyard.


Those doing the Search for Never's Tomb quest will want to open the chest near the tomb to the west. There you'll find a riddle: "A wall at arm's length." Put the ceremonial shield from the peninsula tomb in the chest, and the door will open. Inside the tomb, open the sarcophagus to find the Ancient Chronicles of Halueth Never. Return the book to Oleff (or Gilles) for your reward.

Warrens of the Damned

A-To Great Graveyard
B-Torin's Body
C-Store room
E-Gulnan's Chamber

Follow the passage to the east, and unlock the door in the far chamber. There you'll find the corpse of Torin, Jemanie's lost brother, who has passed to the other side. Search the body for an ancient key and Torin's ring.

You can find this same key in the room in the northwest corner. Here, you'll also find Gulnan's journal in a cabinet. If you haven't guessed by now, Gulnan is the Yuan-Ti necromancer needed for the main quest. Before you face her, you may want to check the small prison at the west of the warren, where you talk with the Snake Cult leader, Jared. He won't tell you much, and you can let him go or just let him sit there.

Shattering the undead generator.
Shattering the undead generator.

Now, it's into the main chamber. Gulnan is a level-12 cleric who will cast some pretty serious direct-damage spells. You can halt the tides of undead guarding her by destroying the pedestal in the western section of the chamber (as alluded to in her journal). When Gulnan is dead, take the Yuan-Ti heart (as well as some good items) from her corpse.

Return to Jemanie to deliver Torin's ring and its accompanying bad news (you'll get to keep the ring, which is worth a bit of gold). Then visit Harben to get your reward for stopping the undead. You may be ambushed by assassins near the Shining Serpent. If so, search their bodies for a note, and take it to Fenthick at the Hall of Justice Sanitorium. Finally, teleport to the Hall of Justice and deliver the heart to Aribeth.

The Plague Cure

After you've returned all four of the necessary ingredients--the devourer brain, the cockatrice feather, the lock of dryad hair, and the Yuan-Ti's heart--to Aribeth, the priests of Tyr will be ready to create the plague cure. You'll have an opportunity to finish up any last-minute duties, so buy anything you need and finish up any unfinished quests. When you're ready, proceed to the Ritual Chamber. Be sure to take a henchman with you, because you won't have another chance to hire one until Chapter Two (there are plenty of undead in your immediate future, so Linu is a good choice for nonclerics).

Creating the plague cure.
Creating the plague cure.

Talk to Aribeth, Fenthick, Desther, and Nasher, and then the ceremony begins--and then ends unexpectedly. Bet you didn't see that coming, huh? Desther seemed so nice! Take out his minions, then follow him into the portal.

The Road to Helm's Hold

A-From Neverwinter
B-To Helm's Hold Courtyard
C-To Helm's Hold Prison

Bregan, a local farmer, will tell you that Desther has just headed north to Helm's Hold. There are two ways into the hold: through the front gates and through a cave to the west. As you approach the gate to the north, you will encounter a strange visage. She will impart some cryptic information about Desther and his plans. If you choose the cave route, you will face a small group of undead (and enter Helm's Hold through the prison).

Helm's Hold, Ground Floor

A-To Road
B-Courtyard Door
C-To Prison
D-Guardian Room
E-To Upper Floors
F-Summoning Chamber

In the courtyard, you will face two groups of undead. Search the body just to the east of the main gate--you'll find an etched gem. Take the gem to the guardian chamber and place it in the altar. Several suits of guardian armor will appear and begin fighting the undead throughout the hold. You don't need to go down to the dungeon, but there are experience points and loot, as well as some information, to be had.

You can choose to banish Chaohinon or set him free.
You can choose to banish Chaohinon or set him free.

Chaohinon of the Void and the Guardian of Helm

In the summoning chamber, you'll find a trapped demon. Do as he says and grab the Black Grimoire from the southern library. Talk to him once you have the book, and you can either free him or banish him. If you banish him, take the Book of Helm from the library to the west (guarded by a False Helmite Elite, 4th-level cleric/4th-level monk). This book will enable you to summon the Guardian of Helm. Both Chaohinon and the guardian will give you a reward for helping them. Chaohinon will give you insight, power, a weapon, or an item. The guardian spirit will give you the same options.

Helm's Hold Prisons

A-Cave Entrance
B-Stairs Up
F-Locked Chest

If you entered Helm's Hold through the cave, you will start at this level. Near the cave entrance you'll find Jinkies, a gnome guard (3rd-level fighter/4th-level rogue). Near the stairs to the ground floor, you'll find Johnny, the son of a murdered Helmite who sells basic goods.

In addition to numerous undead denizens (zombies, zombie warriors, and a zombie lord), you'll find two prisoners here. Dumal is a former Helmite who can give you some information about Desther's infiltration. Yari is a follower of Desther's who got himself locked in. You can smash the lock and make that a permanent situation if you choose.

In one of the northeastern cells, you'll find a locked chest rigged with a deadly fire trap. Both the trap and the lock have a high DC (34) so don't attempt to open the chest unless you have high rogue skills.

Upper Floors

When you've finished looting the main and prison floors, begin the ascent to the top. On your way, stop and speak with Fenthick. There's not much you can do to help or hinder him. He understands what he's done and that he will be punished for it. Just let him weep--some sort of justice will be served soon enough.

When Desther surrenders, take him to Neverwinter.
When Desther surrenders, take him to Neverwinter.

Once you reach the top floor, you'll be sealed in. There are two rooms with loot and undead. Kill them if you want the experience points--they'll disappear after you've dealt with Desther. Rest up, drink your potions, and cast your preparation spells--the next fight won't be easy.

A small army of undead guards Desther. Desther himself may seem invincible, but he isn't. That's not to say he isn't tough--he's only a 10th-level cleric, but he has 1,130 hit points. More importantly, though, he has supernatural assistance. The ritual creatures in the chamber are strengthening him, so kill them first. They have only 1 hit point each, so it shouldn't be too tough.

Once the ritual creatures are dead, get to work on Desther. He'll surrender once you get him down below 900 hit points. Once he surrenders, loot everything in the vicinity, then take him back to Neverwinter.

Chapter Two

Port Llast

Your base of operations for Chapter Two is the large city of Port Llast. It's filled with shady characters, confusing motives, and dozens of secondary quests. Adding to your troubles: While you're hunting for the cult, the cult is hunting for you. But as you learned in Chapter One, Desther was just a hired hand. It's time to start looking for the boss.

A-Kendrack's Barracks
B-To North Road
C-To East Road
D-To South Road
E-Temple of Tyr
F-The Alliance Arms Inn
G-Shady Character
I-Eltoora's Laboratory
K-Welcome Sign
L-The Cracked Anvil
M-Wanev's Cottage
N-The Eisenfeldt Farmhouse
O-Alhelor's House

Kendrack's Barracks

You'll begin Chapter Two in Kendrack's Barracks. Talk to the young lady who greets you, then head out into the main room.

All your friends from Chapter One are here: all five henchmen, Aribeth, and a new member of your growing team, Aarin Gend. Speak to Aribeth and Aarin to get your general battle plan for this chapter. You'll need to find two pieces of corroborating evidence that lead to the cult's location in the area.

You'll also want to speak with Kendrack himself. He'll offer to send you on the Bounty Hunt quest, during which you'll need to track down five escaped convicts and return their ears for a reward. Here are their locations: Wyvern is camped out in the Neverwinter Woods, Zor is north at the Green Griffon Inn, Delilah can be found at the archaeologists' camp to the east, Stirge is in the farmlands outside of Charwood, and Yesgar is hiding out in the Port Llast mines. Before you leave, you'll want to talk to your henchmen and choose one to take along with you.

As before, each henchman has a quest. Solve the quest, and they'll replace your previous reward with an upgraded item. Here's what each henchman is looking for and where to find it.

Tomi Undergallows

You'll find the Star of Calimshan in the summoning room of Wanev's Tower. The Ring of the Rogue +3 adds three points to your dexterity and two points to your disable-trap and open-lock skills.

Boddyknock Glinckle

Boddyknock wants a prism blossom seed, which is located on the first level of the Creator Race Ruins. The Lantanese Ring +3 adds three points to your charisma and has a +1 regeneration effect.

Linu La'Neral

The journal of Synth La'Neral can be found on a corpse in the Troll Caves. The Pendant of the Elf +3 adds three points to your dexterity and grants you darkvision.


Grimgnaw seeks yet another morbid item--this time he wants a mummified corpse hand. You'll find one in the Tomb of the Arcane Brotherhood. The Amulet of the Long Death +3 adds three points to your constitution and gives you a spell resistance bonus of 10.


A lock of nymph's hair can be found in the Nymph's House, deep in the Neverwinter Woods. The Belt of the Performer +3 adds three points to your charisma and two points to your perform and persuade skills.

Daelan Redtiger

The axe Daelan seeks will be found in the third level of the Mutamin's Challenge dungeon in the Green Griffon Inn. The Amulet of the Red Tiger +3 gives you a three-point increase in strength and makes you immune to fear.


In this chapter, Aribeth also has a tale to tell. When it's finished, she will give you a ring. This ring will be helpful (but not necessary) much, much later in the game.

Aarin Gend

Women can speak to Aarin and start a romantic thread with him. He will give you an amulet that can cast Light an unlimited number of times a day.

Gerrol's Wife

Farmer Gerrol's son will approach you as you leave the barracks, and you'll be given the Gerrol's Wife quest. You'll be heading to the North Road soon enough to help his father.

The Alliance Arms Inn

This Inn is a hub of activity. You can pick up a few secondary quests here, and there are several people to talk to about your primary quest. A few of the quests that originate here later in the chapter can also be triggered at the Green Griffon Inn. It will just depend on which inn you visit at the appropriate time.

There are several people you should talk to on your first visit to the inn. First, chat with Alhelor and Anders about the Black Wolf. Next, speak with Elaith, who will give you the Serpent's Gems quest. He'll give you the key to Wanev's Cottage to start your search. The gems are located in the following places: the summoning room in Wanev's Tower, Zamthira's room at the Green Griffon Inn, and Setara's House in the heart of the Neverwinter Woods.

Several patrons will approach you. A halfling named Solomon will give you a ring, insisting that you take it as a reward for saving his family from the plague. Another persistent stranger (either Jaheel or Tarran) will request your aid in finding a lost brother, starting the Poor Neva quest.

You may also want to talk to Darktongue Breakbone, who claims to have been injured while searching for the cult himself. Darktongue will be very interested to learn if you find out where the cult is hiding. Very, very interested indeed.

There are several patrons to speak with in the Alliance Arms Inn.
There are several patrons to speak with in the Alliance Arms Inn.

Temple of Tyr

The local Temple of Tyr is accessed through a portal. Here, you'll meet Neurik, your free healing dispenser for this chapter. Talk to Neurik to learn more about the Black Wolf, and you'll be given the Werewolf Hunter quest. You'll need to hunt down three local youths who have been turned into werewolves and give them a silver charm to cure their lycanthropy. Bran can be found in a cave along the south road, Geth will attack you on the east road, and Urth can be found upstairs at his parents' farm in Port Llast.

Once you've cured (or killed) the three, you'll need to find Sir Karathis in his cave near the Green Griffon Inn, then hunt down the real Black Wolf right here in town.

Eltoora's Lab

Eltoora of the Many-Starred Cloak guild needs you to find five Imaskarran tomes. Once you find them, you can use her lab (located through the portal behind her) to make some decent items. Just put the two components in the chest and cast the appropriate spell.

The Tome of Life (fenberry + quartz crystal, cast Endure Elements = Ring of Elemental Resistance) is in the Tomb of the Arcane Brotherhood. The Tome of Resonance (ettercap silk gland + fenberry, cast Lightning Bolt = Wand of Lightning) is in Setara's House. The Tome of Death (ettercap silk gland + skeleton's knuckle, cast Improved Invisibility = Ring of Protection +3) and the Tome of Fire (fire beetle's belly + quartz crystal, cast Fireball = Staff of Power) can both be found in Jhareg's Castle in Charwood. The former is in Karlat's library, the latter in Quint's. The Tome of Ice (skeleton's knuckle + quartz crystal, cast Mage Armor = Amulet of Natural Armor +3) is in Wanev's Tower.


To the east of Eltoora you'll find Ballard, a ranger who will tell you of strange animal attacks in the Neverwinter Woods.


In the dockhouse, you can get some easy experience points and cash. Talk to Captain Mung and Prichev and settle their dispute. If you convince Prichev to let the captain take the shipment to Waterdeep, you'll get a bit of money, but you'll get much more if you convince the captain to take the relief shipment to Neverwinter.

The Eisenfeldt Farmhouse

Start your werewolf hunting here. Urth's parents won't be very helpful, so just charge upstairs. Urth is a fairly powerful opponent--a 16th-level fighter. When you've done enough damage, he'll surrender. Convince him to use the charm--through persuasion or intimidation--and he'll be cured.

Wanev's Cottage

A-Stairs Up
D-To Kitchen

This unassuming house is actually a bit more than it appears. If you're looking for the Serpent's Gems for Elaith, you'll want to stop here first. When you enter the house, disarm the trap near the stairs and go down into the basement.

As you move through the basement, pick up some skeletons' knuckles (at least two, though you'll need more to make items in Eltoora's laboratory), a fire beetle's belly, and a slaad tongue (the latter is found in a bookshelf in the library). In the bedroom, you'll find Wanev's bedroom journal, which will give you some clues about the puzzle ahead (and its reward). Fight the flesh golem near the stairs to the kitchen and climb up.

Upstairs, you'll find Wanev's cookbook. Put the necessary ingredients in the brazier (two skeletons' knuckles, a fire beetle belly, and a slaad's tongue) to open a portal. Step in and search the chests to find Wanev's lab journal, which describes a tower he is building to the south, and Wanev's wardstone.


There are four merchants in Port Llast. The Cracked Anvil sells quality armor and weapons, Eltoora sells supplies for spellcasters, the Shady Character near the dockhouse sells rogue equipment, and Ballard has some general supplies.

Random Attacks

If you've spoken with Solomon more than once, you know that he's no friend and his ring was not a token of appreciation. This will be made even clearer when he attacks you. He and two guards will ambush you just outside of Port Llast, regardless of which road you take. Solomon and both his guards are 8th-level rogues. Make sure you loot his body for Solomon's journal, which is a possible lead in your search for the cult.

Another cult agent who will track you down is Vardoc. Before he strikes, you will hear a great deal about him from various terrified patrons at the Alliance Arms and the Green Griffon. He will finally attack after you've investigated Neva's disappearance. Vardoc is pretty tough--he's a 1st-level fighter/12th-level rogue/1st-level barbarian, with a wide assortment of combat-related feats and skills. Like Solomon, he will attack you on any of the three roads when the time is right. When Vardoc is dead, be sure to search his body for an informative letter.

The North Road

The North Road leads to Luskan and consists of two fairly large areas--this first section of the road and the Green Griffon Inn. It also contains one of the bigger areas you've explored thus far--a series of caves inhabited by orcs, ogres, bugbears, and goblins.

A-To Port Llast
B-To Green Griffon Inn
C-To East Road
D-Farmer Gerrol
E-Bugbear Caves
F-Goblin and Orc Caves

Gerrol's Farm

It's finally time to help poor farmer Gerrol. Talk to him outside his farm, and he'll explain that his wife, Leah, has been kidnapped by ogres. He wants the head of the ogre leader, Dergiab, and, if possible, Leah's safe return. Time to do some spelunking.

The Goblin and Orc Caves

A-To North Road
B-Goblin Chief
C-Bugbear Prisoner
D-Orc Chief
E-Orc Chief's Treasure Room
F-Minotaur Pens
G-To Bugbear Caves

You can skip this entire area by entering though the northernmost cave in North Road, but there are experience points and good loot in this optional maze of caves. The central area is controlled by the goblins, while the east and south are orc territory.

The main areas of interest are the two leaders--the goblin chief in his central room and the ogre chief to the east. Both have good loot, though you'll need to kill the ogre (3rd-level giant/4th-level fighter) guarding the bridge to the orc chief's treasure room.

To the orc chief's treasure room.
To the orc chief's treasure room.

Near the goblin chief, you'll find an imprisoned bugbear. He'll tell you about the war between the bugbears, orcs, and goblins. He'll also allude to the strange goings-on below with someone called the "master."

Adventurers looking for some tougher opponents will want to visit the minotaur pens in the southeast part of the cave. Those just looking to get down to business below should head straight for the stairs to the south.

Bugbear Caves

A-To Goblin and Orc Caves
B-To North Road
C-Bugbear Chief
E-Beastmaster and Wolf Pens
F-To Ogre Caves

In the bugbear chief's room, you'll find a fair amount of treasure. He's a 20th-level fighter, and he has some guards with him. The Beastmaster to the south is much easier (2nd-level fighter), but he'll let the dogs out. Dire wolves, really.

Your most important task here is to free Leah, Gerrol's wife. She can be found in the central prison area. Make sure the path to the exit is clear before setting her free. Once she's safely out, the Ogre Caves await.

Ogre Caves

A-To Bugbear Caves
C-Dergiab and Ganon
D-Portal to North Road

A half-orc prisoner named Nuglat is being held near the Bugbear Caves entrance. He knows a good deal about the "master." Dergiab is an ogre mage and has taken up with the cult. Free or fight Nuglat, then head toward the southwestern chamber.

Nuglat will help you if you free him from his cell.
Nuglat will help you if you free him from his cell.

Dergiab (7th-level wizard/6th-level fighter) and Ganon (10th-level rogue) will make for a tough duo. In addition to a variety of spells, Dergiab wields a +1 double axe, and Ganon's flail can cause fear when it strikes. Kill them both, loot their loot (be sure to get Ganon's journal from the nearby chest), and return Dergiab's head to Gerrol. The portal to the west will make the trip to the surface much easier.

Port Llast Mines

These mines will be closed to you until the end of the chapter. See the "Journey to Luskan" section for details.

North Road: Green Griffon Inn

This area is full of interesting, and completely optional, challenges, including The Tomb of the Arcane Brotherhood in the northeast and the Inn itself, which is featuring a particularly interesting contest. Luskan, currently closed to visitors, lies to the north.

A-To North Road
B-To Luskan
C-The Green Griffon Inn
D-Werewolf Cave
E-Caretaker's House
F-Tomb of the Arcane Brotherhood

Green Griffon Inn

The Green Griffon Inn is bustling. Talk to some of the customers to learn about a contest being held by the proprietor, Mutamin. Find Kasma to learn more about it.

Kasma will tell you about Mutamin's Challenge.
Kasma will tell you about Mutamin's Challenge.

Before asking Mutamin if you can participate in his challenge, speak to Zamthira. She comes on strong, but it's worthwhile to string her along. Follow her up to her room, where you'll find one of Elaith's coveted Serpent's Gems in a chest. You can intimidate her or just attack her to get the gem.

While you're on the second floor, knock on some doors. In the last room on the right, you'll find Zor (10th-level monstrous/4th-level fighter), one of the escaped convicts from the Bounty Hunt quest. Beat him down until he surrenders, then listen to his sad tale. Unlike the other cons, Zor won't surrender completely. So you'll have to kill him when he attacks you again. Take his ear to Kendrack for your reward.

While in the inn, you may be approached by Jaheel or Tarran and given the Poor Neva quest, if you haven't already received it.

Mutamin's Challenge

When you're ready to take the challenge, talk to Mutamin for permission. Head down to the basement and pay your entrance fee of 500 gold. A word of warning: It isn't called a challenge for marketing reasons.

Mutamin's Challenge: Entryway

A-From Green Griffon Inn
B-To Minotaur Maze
C-To Final Challenge

The first area of Mutamin's Challenge is filled with vermin, ettercaps, flesh golems, and dire hell hounds. There are two exits, one to the minotaur maze (which is totally and absolutely optional) and the other to the final challenge. The minotaur maze is guarded by a nasty queen spider (11th level). The other exit is guarded by a Yuan-Ti (5th-level fighter/8th-level wizard). You can either attack her or answer her riddles. Answer wrong, and she'll attack. The first answer is 15. To get her "prize" (which you won't need), you'll need to answer a tougher riddle. She'll give you a hint if you successfully persuade her. You can get a bigger hint by reading the answer: "12 trinkets, 5 girls."

Mutamin's Challenge: Minotaur Maze

A-To Entryway
C-To Final Challenge

As stated above, this area is completely optional. There isn't much here except minotaurs and loot, both of which are good things, if you're looking to maximize your experience. Experience points, that is. As you wander through the maze, you'll encounter Kasma engaged in battle. If you manage to save her, she'll just attack you. The exit to the final challenge is guarded by a minotaur chieftain (6th-level monstrous/6th-level barbarian).

Mutamin's Challenge: Final Challenge

A-From Minotaur Maze
B-From Entryway
C-Door Riddle
E-Pillar of Light
F-Invisible Stalkers
H-Final Riddle

If you enter from the maze, you won't have to solve the door riddle. The statue in the middle of the room will tell you the riddle. To get the answer, multiply the number of offspring in the current generation by two, and then subtract three--which will give you 19. Open the door marked 19 and get the key. The hallway beyond the door is guarded by a tough ghoul ravager (9th-level undead/7th-level fighter).

The door riddle.
The door riddle.

Near the pillar of light, Gam needs healing. Help him (with a healer's kit or a spell), and he'll tell you that the invisible stalkers (all 8th-level elementals) in the next room can be defeated by leading them to the pillar. Take his advice unless you're up for a challenge. In the northeastern room you'll find a crystal egg in a chest. Of all the crystal objects you've found down here, this is the one you want. This is the Danny Zuko of crystal objects.

Before you get to the final riddle, Gorkan will attack you. Loot his body when he's dead to find the notched axe for Daelan's henchman quest. The final riddle awaits. Listen to the riddle, and put the appropriate crystal object in the chest. The appropriate crystal object is the egg. Return to Mutamin for your reward.

The Tomb of the Arcane Brotherhood

A-To Green Griffon Inn Region
B-Corpse Hand
D-Locked Gate
E-Brother Toras

The other area of interest in the Green Griffon Inn region is this ancient tomb, located in the northeast corner and watched over by a strange man. You can persuade him to give you the key, which opens the locked crypt in the graveyard. You may want to wait until later in the chapter to explore this tomb--some of its inhabitants are nasty.

The tomb itself is filled with difficult undead--zombie lords, mummies, skeleton mages and priests, and more. You'll find two quest items here, though, so it's worth your trouble. In a chest near the entrance you'll find the corpse hand needed for Grimgnaw's henchman quest.

Brother Toras himself holds the Imaskarran Tome of Life for Eltoora's quest. To get to Brother Toras, though, you'll need to retrieve the tomb key, guarded by a mummy (15th-level undead/5th-level wizard) on a platform to the north. Unlock the gates, and get ready for what is probably your toughest battle yet: Brother Toras has plenty of guards, and he himself is a 20th-level wizard--and a lich to boot.

The East Road

The road leading east from Port Llast travels past an archaeological dig and into Neverwinter Woods. This area is immense, and the troll caves in the area lead down into ancient caverns where you'll discover hints of more frightening events on the horizon.

A-To Port Llast
B-To North Road
C-To Neverwinter Woods
D-To South Road
E-The Archaeologists' Camp
F-Jax's barracks
H-To Troll Caves Storage Area
I-To Troll Caves: Level One

The Archaeologists' Camp

Go through the gates into the campsite. Speaking with any of the archaeologists will lead you to Jax, the leader of the dig until the group was attacked by trolls. Jax will tell you about a creator race and how he will reward you if you bring him proof that it existed. Enter the barracks and speak with Revat and Lenton. Revat wants you to rescue his mother from the trolls and gives you a ring. Lenton wants you to avenge the death of his brother by bringing him the head of the troll chief.

Luckily, you can accomplish all of these goals in one place: one huge seven-level place full of trolls, golems, and strange beasts of which you've never even heard tales. Before you leave the barracks, pay a visit to the second floor. One of the escaped convicts from the Bounty Hunt quest, Deliliah (14th-level rogue), is hiding up here. Kill her, or let her surrender in exchange for information and her ear.


Before you enter the Troll Caves, head south along the road. You'll be set upon by poor Geth in werewolf form. When he surrenders, make him use the silver charm. Now head to the caves in the northeastern corner of the east road.

Troll Caves: Storage Level

A-From East Road
B-Revat's Mother
C-To Troll Caves: Level One
D-Portal from Creator Ruins

Make your way through the caves to the stairs. Before you descend, stop and talk with Janis, Revat's mother. Use Revat's ring to free her, then continue downstairs.

Troll Caves: Level One

A-To Storage Area
B-To East Road
C-To Troll Caves: Level Two
D-Troll Chieftain
E-Synth La'Neral's Corpse

Fight your way to the troll chieftain's chamber in the northeast corner of this level. He's a tough fighter--a 15th-level giant/6th-level cleric. His minions will be a little easier. Once they're dead, loot his body and take the head. Loot the room, then head to the west side of the cave. In the northwest tunnel, you'll find a corpse. Search it for the journal of Synth La'Neral, needed for Linu's henchman quest.

Troll Caves: Level Two

A-To Troll Caves: Level One
B-Troll Shaman
C-To Troll Caves: Level Two

There is little to note on this level, apart from the troll shaman behind a locked door in the southern central area of the cave. Fight your way through and continue down.

Troll Caves: Level Three

A-To Troll Caves: Level Two
C-To the Creator Ruins

Near the stairs from level two, you'll find a disturbed individual in a cell. He'll tell you about something lurking beneath the troll caves, and his behavior should convince you that he's serious. At the east end of the long tunnel, you'll find stairs leading down.

The Creator Ruins: Level One

A-To Troll Caves: Level Three
B-Seal Guardian
C-Prism Blossom Seed
D-Golem Signet Ring
E-To Creator Ruins: Level Two

The tunnels of the Creator Ruins are full of enemies (mostly gargoyles, minogons, and battle horrors), as well as some good loot. You'll want to search everywhere and open everything. You won't, however, be able to open the sealed doors easily.

You'll see the first guardian as soon as you descend from the caves. He'll tell you that you cannot pass without a signet ring. Before you go looking for it, be sure to open the chest just to the south of the entrance. Inside, you'll find the prism blossom seed that Boddyknock needs for his henchman quest.

In a chest in the southeast corner, at the end of a long bridge, you'll find the Golem Signet Ring. Return to the guardian and he will let you pass.

The Creator Ruins: Level Two

A-To Creator Ruins: Level One
B-Seal Guardian
C-Creator Scroll
D-Treasure Rooms
E-To Creator Ruins: Level Three

The guardian on this level requires a password. You will find it ("Thurth mog lama gat rag") by reading the creator scroll locked in a heavily guarded chest in the southern area of the level. When you open the chest, you will be attacked by three 13th-level flesh golems.

The southeast and southwest sections of this level both contain some good loot. The latter is guarded by a 13th-level helmed horror.

The Creator Ruins: Level Three

A-To Creator Ruins: Level Two
B-Seal Guardian
C-Dead Thief
D-Creator Sorcerers
E-Portal to Troll Caves: Storage Area

The seal guardian on this level is only after one thing: you. It's only 3rd level, but it has 25 percent immunity to piercing and slashing weapons and a damage reduction of 10/+1, and it is totally immune to critical hits, death magic, disease, poison, paralysis, energy draining, and mind-affecting spells. And killing it won't get you through the door.

This won't be the last you see of the creators.
This won't be the last you see of the creators.

To find the key, head into the southern hallways. In one of the central rooms, you'll find the body of a dead thief. Search his corpse for the seal key. There is also some good treasure in these rooms, as well as a battle horror and some gray renders.

Return to the entry, unlock the seal, and face the creator sorcerers (8th-level wizards). They aren't too tough individually, but there are four to contend with. Through the gate, you'll face another sorcerer. He'll surrender after you do enough damage, and you can learn a bit about the (awful, awful) creator race. Kill him when the conversation ends. Search the nearby chests for three books, particularly History of the Slave Race, which Jax will want. Use the portal to return to the surface, and talk to everyone at the archaeologists' compound to receive your rewards.

East Road: Neverwinter Woods

As Ballard informed you, the animals are acting strangely. You'll fight a fair amount of wildlife--including weak little deer--as you investigate the goings-on among the trees. As you've probably already guessed, the cult has something to do with it all.

Druid Encampment

A-To East Road
B-Druid Encampment
C-Bridge to Deep Woods
D-Wyvern's Camp

Find the druid camp in the north. Talk to Archdruid Aawill, and he will set you off on a quest to find out what is wrong in the woods. Along the way, he'd like for you to find three missing druids: Orlane, Terari, and Bree. They can be found in a spider cave in the deep woods, the Nymph's House, and Setara's House, respectively. Once you've accepted Aawill's quest, you can cross the bridge to the east.

You can cross the bridge after you agree to look for the missing druids.
You can cross the bridge after you agree to look for the missing druids.

Druid Challenge

Characters with at least one druid level can take the druid challenge. In it, you will fight four increasingly powerful druids. For each one you beat, you will earn a ring. The Ring of the First Circle will cast Stoneskin once a day, the Ring of the Second Circle will cast Poison, the Ring of the Third Circle will cast Resist Elements, and the Ring of the Fourth Circle will cast Summon Creature I.

Wyvern's Camp

It isn't a real wyvern; it's just a guy named Wyvern whose friends are being attacked. And it isn't a real guy named Wyvern whose friends are being attacked; it's one of the escaped convicts. His plea for help is actually an ambush. Wyvern is only a 5th-level ranger, and he'll surrender quickly. Kill him, or let him escape in exchange for his ear and some information.

The Deep Woods

A-To Druid Encampment
B-Spider Cave
C-The Nymph's House
D-To the Heart of the Forest

When you first enter the Deep Woods, you will be attacked by a 7th-level dryad. When she surrenders, talk to her. Seems everyone is under the evil spell of the forest. She has two suggestions as to creatures that may not be affected: a local nymph and a witch named Setara, who lives to the east in the Heart of the Forest.

The Nymph's House

A-To Deep Woods
B-Nymph Slave
C-The Nymph
D-Ceremonial Dagger and Mirror of Vanity
F-Lock of Nymph Hair

The nymph has many slaves, and they're all hostile. The one in the northwestern corner will surrender and seem unaware of where he is or how he got here. Makes you feel a little bad for killing all the others, doesn't it?

The nymph can help you reach the Spirit of the Wood.
The nymph can help you reach the Spirit of the Wood.

Continue to the northeastern room, where you will meet the seductress herself. Her charms won't work on you, and she'll break down and tell you what she knows about the Spirit of the Wood and how a mortal might possibly reach it. Search the nearby chest for a ceremonial dagger, the Mirror of Vanity, and the Treatise on the Spirit of the Wood.

In the southern portion of her house, you'll find the missing druid Terrari. He'll leave once you talk to him. In an armoire in the bedroom to the southeast, you'll find the lock of nymph hair needed for Sharwyn's henchman quest.

The Spider Cave

A-To Deep Woods

In the southeastern part of the region, you'll find a cave opening. Enter, and you'll be knee-deep in arachnids and ettercaps. In the southeastern cavern, you'll face an 11th-level queen spider. She guards a spiderweb cocoon that contains Orlane, the first of the missing druids.

The Heart of the Forest

A-To Deep Woods
B-Setara's House
E-Dire Bear Cave

In the campsite to the north, you'll find a vial of poison. Its reason for being here will be made clear soon. The south cave that's home to a 12th-level dire bear is a good place to visit for some experience points and some loot. But there are two more-important places to visit. First, let's see what the witch knows.

Setara's House

A-To the Heart of the Forest

When you find Setara, she won't help you unless you have the Mirror of Vanity from the Nymph's House. Give it to the witch, and she will give you the key to Bree's cell along with Setara's Gem, one of the Serpent's Gems for Elaith. Free Bree, then loot the house. Don't miss the Imaskarran Tome of Resonance--it's in the glowing bookshelf in the library.

The Altar

Once you've explored Setara's House and the Dire Bear Cave, go to the altar in the southeastern corner of the Heart of the Forest. Examine the altar, then plunge the ceremonial dagger (from the Nymph's House) into your chest.

The Realm of the Spirit

A-From the Heart of the Forest
C-Spirit Poison Antidote
D-Spirit of the Wood

In this strange realm, you'll encounter a fairly incoherent dwarf named Relmar (12th-level fighter). His circuitous rambling will tell you why he's here (to poison the spirit) and what you can do about it (find the antidote hidden in the rocks to the west). He'll attack you, and you should take his journal from the corpse.

The Spirit of the Wood.
The Spirit of the Wood.

Get the antidote, then find the spirit in its grove to the east. It will attack (5th-level fighter/2nd-level magical beast/11th-level sorcerer), and it's immune to most every type of magic but elemental. When the spirit surrenders, you can cure it of the poison with the antidote, or you can kill it. If you choose the former, you will be transported back to the forest. Choose the latter, and you'll have to use the portal to the south.

The South Road

If you're visiting the South Road as your final destination in the Port Llast area, it will all come together. You'll find the evidence you need to locate the cult, as well as a strange town trapped in time, some petty inter-rural romantic squabbles, a strange wizard's tower, and a haunted forest.

A-To the East Road
B-To Port Llast
C-To the Farmlands
D-Troll Bridge
E-Wanev's Tower: Front Entrance
F-Wanev's Tower: Cave Entrance
G-Tomb of Maegel
H-Bran's Cave

Bran's Cave

A-To South Road

Convince Bran to wear the silver charm.
Convince Bran to wear the silver charm.

The last of the three teenage werewolves you're hunting is located in a cave to the northeast. Like both of his friends, Bran is a 16th-level warrior. Once you've cured (or killed) him, return to Neurik for your reward and the next assignment in your werewolf-hunting career.

Tomb of Maegel

A-To South Road
B-Dying Adventurer
D-Maegel's Burial Chamber

This tomb is completely optional. There are no quest items and no real loot to speak of. Follow the tunnels to the small locked cell. Open the door and talk to the dying adventurer. Read his book--Treatise on Forgotten Heroes--then go to the well in the south. Examine the well and swim through the underwater channel.

In Maegel's burial chamber, his ghost will awake and speak with you. He'll ask you the name of his clan, and you can answer "Mirialis" if you've read the treatise. Maegel will give you a watchman's helm for the correct answer.

Wanev's Tower

A-To South Road
D-Portal to Guard Barracks
E-Guard Barracks
F-Stairs to Summoning Chamber

If you have Wanev's wardstone, his minions won't bother you.
If you have Wanev's wardstone, his minions won't bother you.

To get to Wanev's Tower, you will need to cross a bridge guarded by a troll. If you have the wardstone from his cottage in Port Llast, the troll will let you pass without incident.

You can enter the tower through the cave to the southwest or through the front door. Once inside, the wardstone will ensure that the guards leave you alone. Without the wardstone, you still won't have much difficulty--most of his guards are 3rd-level bugbear fighters. If you want to avoid them, and don't have the wardstone, just ring the gong in the hallway and slip through the empty hallways as the guards run to the alarm.

Examine the glowing bookshelf in the library for the Imaskarran Tome of Ice, then go through either of the portals to the barracks. In the barracks, open the middle chest on the northern side of the room to find the Star of Calimshan for Tomi's henchman quest. Climb the stairs to the second floor.

Wanev's Summoning Chamber

B-Wanev's Gem

Gulgash is a tough little imp.
Gulgash is a tough little imp.

Wanev will attack you. He's a 12th-level wizard, and he's resistant to fire damage. When he surrenders, he will tell you that you can have his gem (for Elaith's Serpent's Gems quest) if you'll help him out. You must stop the infestation of imps in his summoning chamber.

Enter the summoning chamber. You'll find Wanev's Gem in a chest along the north wall and Gulgash (10th-level outsider/4th-level cleric/4th-level sorcerer) in the southwestern corner. Kill Gulgash and place his heart in the portal to close it.

South Road: The Farmlands

The South Road winds east here, into a haunted forest that leads to Charwood. Most of your quests here are totally optional, and if you already have Relmar's journal and Vardoc's letter, the entire area is optional. There are some interesting places to visit, though--especially the mysterious village of Charwood.

A-To East Road
B-Standing Stones
C-To Haunted Forest
D-Stirge's Camp
E-Ingo Farm
F-O'Deel Farm
G-Silverback's Cave

The Farmlands

On the road leading into the haunted forest, near the standing stones, you'll find Neva--the poor little boy who supposedly disappeared with his birthday money. Strangely, Neva is actually a 4th-level fighter/4th-level rogue, and a female. Her "sister," Jaheel, and her "brother," Tarran (both 6th-level fighters), are with her, and the whole thing is yet another ambush by the cult. Search Neva's corpse for a letter.

The Farms

Inside Ingo's farm, you'll find Erik behind a locked door. He wants you to retrieve his mother's brooch from Constance O'Deel. Head south to the other farm, and she'll be easily convinced (or threatened) to give it up for some gold. She'll ask for 1,000, but you can persuade her down to 400, or even 250 if you have a high persuade skill. Return the brooch to Erik. Talk to Pete O'Deel, and he'll hire you to kill a local pack of wolves living in a cave to the south.

Constance will return Erik's brooch for a price.
Constance will return Erik's brooch for a price.

Silverback's Cave

A-To South Road

This cave is full of dire wolves. Silverback is a 15th-level dire wolf and can be found in the southeast corner of the cave. You can convince Silverback to leave the O'Deel farm alone, or you can kill him for his head. Return to Pete O'Deel and either give him the head or tell him of Silverback's promise.

Stirge's Camp

One of the escaped convicts is camped out to the north of the main road, near the East Road exit. Talk to him to learn all about his proud career as a baby killer, then attack him. As with his colleagues, you can let him surrender in exchange for his ear or just strike him down (he's a 12th-level bard). He has some treasure stashed away in the woods behind his camp.

The Haunted Forest

A-From Farmlands
B-To Charwood
C-Ruined Building
E-Haunted Crypt

You can just head straight into Charwood or take a little detour here to explore a haunted crypt full of undead and loot. To enter the Haunted Crypt, explore the ruined building to the northwest. In a chest among the rubble, you'll find an old scroll with three words that stand out: "NETHER SHALL RULE."

Examine the pillar to the southeast. If you've read the scroll, you can press the runes in the correct order. This will open a portal to the unreachable area in the southeast corner. Enter the crypt.

The Haunted Crypt

A-To Haunted Forest
B-Gate Levers
C-Exit Portal

The Haunted Crypt.
The Haunted Crypt.

This crypt is full of moderately difficult undead--zombie lords, skeleton mages, and, especially, the ghoul ravagers on the central walkways. To open the locked gates, use the levers located to the east and the west. On the north side you'll find more undead and a sarcophagus that will summon a mummy when opened. Be sure to check behind the altar for more loot before leaving.


A-To Haunted Forest
B-Mayor's Office
D-To Castle Jhareg

The cultist in the inn.
The cultist in the inn.

Talk to Quint at the gates. He'll say some cryptic things about the dead, the children, and his brother, Karlat. Inside the gates, you'll find everyone is just as confused and confusing. In the mayor's office, talk to Mayor Mobley. He is a bit more coherent, but he isn't much help. Still, his defensive nature should tell you that something is strange in Castle Jhareg.

Before entering the castle, visit the inn to the north. Inside you'll find a strange man (7th-level sorcerer) who seems to have been affected by too much time in this city. If you can make some persuasion checks, you'll learn that he is a member of the cult. Either way, he'll eventually attack you. Take the Charwood cultist's journal from his body.

Castle Jhareg

A-To Charwood
B-Central Passage
C-Side Passages
D-The Guardian
E-Quint's Chambers
F-Karlat's Chambers

The chest in the foyer contains a riddle and a key. The key will open one of the doors, and the "correct" door is the center one. The side passages are filled with creatures, while the center corridor is straight and safe to the north end of the floor.

In the northern room you'll meet the guardian, who will address you as "judge" and give you the key that unlocks the brothers' chambers. You must return with an oath from each brother and determine who is at fault for Charwood's strange situation.

Quint's Chambers

A-To Castle Jhareg
B-Quint's Key
C-Quint's Bedroom
D-Quint Jhareg
F-Alchemist's Laboratory

You primary goal in Quint's chamber is to find Quint himself and get the signed oath. His chamber is filled with undead guards--including a bodak that guards him. You'll find his key in a small alcove on the northern side of the central chamber, and you'll find his journal in his bedroom. Kill the bodak and unlock the door behind it. Talk to Quint to receive his side of the story and his sworn oath.

You also will want to grab the Imaskarran Tome of Death from a chest in his library, and you can follow the recipes in his alchemist's laboratory to create some potions.

Karlat's Chambers

A-To Castle Jhareg
B-Karlat's Key
D-Storage Room
E-Summoning Chamber
F-Karlat Jhareg
G-Tome of Fire

Karlat's Chambers are a bit more interesting--and informative. You'll find his journal in a chest in the library (also be sure to read the large book) and his key in a storage room on the west side of his chambers. Once you've read his journal and found his key, unlock the door to the southern room to obtain his oath. Be sure to ask him about his journal and Belial.

Summon Belial to learn the truth about Karlat and Quint.
Summon Belial to learn the truth about Karlat and Quint.

With these oaths, you have satisfied the guardian's request. But you don't have the full story. To get the full story, find Karlat's Burning Wand (in the chest with his key), the Protection Wand, and a fire beetle's belly (in the northeast storage room). Go to the summoning room and use the Protection Wand to cast Protection from Alignment on yourself. Put the fire beetle's belly in the brazier, then use Karlat's Burning Wand to cast Burning Hands on the brazier. Belial will appear, and you can question him. Get his sworn oath, then return to the guardian.

You have several choices when it comes time to pass judgment. You can blame Quint or Karlat. If you have Belial's oath, you can acquit them both and blame Belial. As for the fate of the phylactery, take it or have it destroyed. If you blame Quint or have the guardian keep the phylactery, Charwood will remain trapped in time. Otherwise, it will vanish, and you'll be given a reward upon leaving the castle.

The Journey to Luskan

Return to Kendrack's Barracks and speak with Aribeth. You will need two of the following: the Charwood cultist's journal, the letter to Vardoc, and Relmar's journal. This will prove that the cult is sequestered somewhere in Luskan. Aarin Gend will arrange for you to enter the sealed city.

The Last of Port Llast

Before heading to Luskan, it's time to wrap up some unfinished business. First, talk to Kendrack. If you've delivered the first four bounty ears, he will tell you that his daughter has been kidnapped and is being held in the Port Llast Mines.

Next, visit the Temple of Tyr. Neurik will tell you to hunt down Sir Karathis in his cave. It's located near the Green Griffon Inn.

Now it's time to venture north.

Port Llast Mines

A-To North Road

These mines are home to the last escaped convict and the kidnapped daughter of Kendrack. Fight your way to the eastern tunnels and prepare for the showdown with Yesgar. He's a 12th-level half-orc monk wielding two Kamas. When he's dead, search his body for a key. If you let him go, you'll find the key in his chamber. Free Shaldrissa, loot the chests, then return to Kendrack.

Yesgar, the final escaped convict.
Yesgar, the final escaped convict.


As you pass into the Green Griffon Inn region on your way to Luskan, you'll be attacked by Darktongue Breakbone (16th-level figher/3rd-level rogue) and his guards (both 12th-level fighters).

The Black Wolf's Cave

If you've cured the three teenage werewolves, Neurik will send you here to kill the Black Wolf. You'll find Sir Karathis in werewolf form. Like the boys, he is a 16th-level fighter and will put on the silver charm when defeated. He'll tell you, however, the real identity of the Black Wolf. Surprise! Maybe.

Will the real Black Wolf please sit down?
Will the real Black Wolf please sit down?

Alhelor's House

If you visit this house before you've thoroughly investigated the werewolf attacks, the only thing of note will be its mysterious scent. Later, though, all wolf tracks will lead here. Alhelor is a 16th-level ranger and cannot be cured, so you'll need to bring his dog days to an end the old-fashioned way.

Now it's time to enter Luskan. Once you pass through the gates, there is no turning back, so finish up any other outstanding quests, and make sure you're satisfied with your current henchman.


The city is sealed for good reason. Wererats and thugs fight it out in the street as two warring high captains fight for control. Walking the streets here can be dangerous. Your first order of business will be talking with Aarin Gend at the temple (just use the stone of recall for a quick trip). The cult seems to be based out of a tower in the northwest, and he needs a high captain's seal to forge your entry documents.

A-From North Road
B-The Wink and Tickle
C-Temple of Tyr
D-The Cutlass Inn
E-To Baram's Sewers
F-Crack in Wall (to Docks)
G-Ruined Tower (to Harbor Sewers)
H-Garlone's House
I-To Sewers
J-Lady Jadale's Estate
K-Colmarr's Fantabulous Contraptions and Magical Errata
M-Mercantile Shop
N-Shady Character
O-To Host Tower

The Wink and Tickle

Your first stop should be this brothel near the main gates. Talk to Bela about the city's problems, then head upstairs, where three quests can be started. First, speak with Erb. The halfling wants his ring back from Lady Jadale before her husband returns. Next, speak with Yvette (you'll have to open some doors to speak with the working ladies). She'll ask you to help her rescue her baby, taken by Garlone who lives in the slums.

As Bela told you, one of the courtesans will give you some information on the captains. If you're female, speak with Oreth. Males should visit Rhaine. They will give you the keys to Kurth's and Baram's compounds if you agree to kill them.

Aarin welcomes you to Luskan with bad news.
Aarin welcomes you to Luskan with bad news.

Garlone's House

You won't have much trouble convincing Garlone to give you Yvette's baby--you just need to show him some coin. He'll want 1000 gold but will take 250 if you threaten him. Make sure you check your inventory to see the baby nestled among the potions, rings, and books.

Lady Jadale's Estate

Lady Jadale doesn't want to give up Erb's ring. Erb loves her, and she knows it. Appeal to her love of Erb--tell her that he wants the ring back so that her husband won't hurt him. She'll relent and hand it over. Alternately, you can lie to her about the legality of the ring, or you can just buy it from her for 1000 gold or talk her down to 400 or 250, depending on your persuasion skill.

The Cutlass Inn

Two rescue missions await you here. Baram has kidnapped Londa's nine children, and she wants them back. Elynwyd has also lost a loved one--his sister Evaine has been taken by Kurth, and he'll give you his signet ring so that she'll trust you.

You'll need to buy Yvette's baby from Garlone.
You'll need to buy Yvette's baby from Garlone.


There are a few places to buy stuff. There's the Priest of Tyr at the temple, a shady character at the northern wall, and a smithy and general merchant in the city center.

Colmarr's Fantabulous Contraptions and Magical Errata sells a variety of good equipment. It's run by a gnome inventor. He's developed a machine that turns sewage into potions, but it's broken. Find the three missing levers and fix the machine, and you can use it. The Lever of Stone can be found in a chest on the first floor of the Wink and Tickle, the Lever of Wind is in a chest in the sewers, and the Lever of Water will be given to you by the outcast ghoul in the sewers.

The Sewers

A-To Luskan
B-To Baram's Sewers
C-The Outcast Ghoul
D-Ghoul Lord
E-Colmarr's Contraption
F-Londa's Vault

It's best not to question why the sewers are filled with undead. You'll find the sewer entrance to Baram's compound to the north and Colmarr's Contraption to the northwest.

In the southern area, you'll find Londa's treasure room (which can be opened only if you've finished her quest) and a ghoul outcast. Speak to the ghoul, and he'll ask you to kill a ghoul lord (10th-level wizard/5th-level undead) to the east and return his Amulet of Power. Once you've done so, he'll give you one of Colmarr's levers and a sewer key.

The outcast ghoul.
The outcast ghoul.

With the key, you can open the door in the northwest and fix Colmarr's invention. You'll need the lever from the ghoul, the lever from the Wink and Tickle, and the lever found in a chest near the ghoul lord.

Baram's Sewers

A-To Main Sewers
B-To Luskan
C-To Baram's Lair

High Captain Baram welcomes you to the sewers.
High Captain Baram welcomes you to the sewers.

Entering from the main sewers, you will be confronted by Baram himself, or at least a projected version of him. He will offer you 1,000 gold and some magical items for Kurth's head. (If you enter from Luskan, you will not have this exchange.) If you go through the gate behind him, the deal is off and his guards will attack. The door to his lair is guarded by a 13th-level Yuan-Ti necromancer.

Baram's Lair

A-To Baram's Sewers
B-Shrine Spirit Ritual
C-Bone Spirit Ritual
D-Undead Generator

Baram's Lair is an undead factory--literally. Destroy the implements in the Bone Spirit Ritual room, then kill all of the skeleton acolytes conducting the Shrine Spirit Ritual. This will put a halt to the undead production, but you'll then have to fight a 5th-level Yuan-Ti conjurer and a 5th-level Yuan-Ti necromancer near the generator.

Before facing Baram himself, visit the spider's lair, kill the vermin, and search the cocoons. You'll uncover Londa's nanny, who will tell you the children have all been murdered and give you a teddy bear for Londa. When you return to Londa, you should consider lying to her. Tell her they've been shipped to orphanages to save her feelings and to ensure you get her treasure key, which opens her husband's vault in the sewers.

Finally, it's time to kill Baram (12th-level rogue/8th-level ranger) and his attendant Priestess of Mask (6th-level cleric). Baram's morningstar does 1d6 fire damage, and he wears a Ring of Elemental Resistance. The priestess gets her power from the two gargoyles behind her, but she's not too tough even if you don't destroy them. Once Baram is dead, grab his high captain's seal from the chest behind him, as well as his head if you want the reward from Kurth.

The Docks

A-To Luskan
B-To Harbor Sewers
D-Kurth's Lair
E-Ruins of Illusk

There are two entrances to the docks--through a crack in the wall in the southwest of Luskan and through the harbor sewers accessed through a ruined tower just to the northeast of the crack. If you take the crack entrance, Kurth will appear and offer a reward for Baram's head.

The crack in the wall leads to Kurth's compound.
The crack in the wall leads to Kurth's compound.

Kurth will offer you 1,000 gold for Baram's head, though you can talk him up if Baram has already made you a similar offer. He will also agree to release Elynwyd's sister if you bring him Baram's head, but when the time comes he will refuse to do so. Once you go through the gate behind him, his guards will attack.

If you decide to infiltrate his lair, be careful: The door is guarded by an ogre deathward (10th-level giant/10th-level sorcerer).

Kurth's Lair

A-To Docks
B-Burke's Room
D-Tolan Losen
E-Planar Portal

In the prisons to the east, in the northernmost cell, you'll meet Tolan Losen, one of Kurth's former soldiers who was being held as a potential sacrifice. He'll give you some information about Burke and his demonic allies.

In the center of Kurth's Lair, you'll find Burke's bedroom. Inside, Burke has lain down for a permanent nap. Search his body for a smooth token and Burke's Manual, which describes how to close the portal in the next room. To do so, you'll also need the glowing sphere from the fountain in the northeastern room of the lair.

To close the planar portal, place the token and the sphere within it. This will make the fight with Kurth much easier, because you won't have to fight the 8th-level vrock and the 7th-level rakshasa guards.

You will still need to kill Kurth (10th-level fighter/8th-level barbarian), and his armor gives him a fair amount of spell resistance and +2 regeneration. His sword does 1d6 cold damage as well. His attendant Priestess of Auril is a 6th-level cleric.

Once Kurth is dead, search his body for the prison key and free Evaine. Then search the room in the northwestern corner for the high captain's seal. Take his head if you want the reward from Baram.

Return to Aarin with either of the high captain's seals, and he'll give you documents to enter the Host Tower. Before you enter, though, you may want to finish up your secondary quests and take some time to explore the strange house in the southwestern corner of the docks.

The Ruins of Illusk

The skull warrior's skull is the key to the first seal.
The skull warrior's skull is the key to the first seal.

In the southwestern corner on the docks, you'll see a strange statue next to a ruined house. Read the inscription, then enter the house. Inside, you'll be attacked by a skull warrior (6th-level undead/4th-level fighter). When it's dead, take its head and place it on the altar to open the seal to the first level.

The Ruins of Illusk: Level One

A-To Ruined House
C-Fallen Hero
D-To Level Two

Directly ahead of you, you'll see a large group of undead. If you don't feel like fighting them yourself, pull the two levers near the gate--one will send a jolt of electricity through the mob, and the other will summon a golem to finish them off.

Proceed through the ruins until you reach the fallen hero (10th-level paladin) and his 6th-level mummy buddy. Once the fallen hero has fallen, take his heart to the altar near the stairs in the southeast corner. Place his heart on the altar to break the seal.

The Ruins of Illusk: Level Two

A-To Level One
B-Water Elemental
C-To Level Three

Explore this level if you want. You'll find moderately difficult undead everywhere and some good treasure. To get to level three, kill the 15th-level water elemental in the northwest hallway. Search its body, take the blessed water, and place it on the altar to break the seal.

The Ruins of Illusk: Level Three

A-To Level Two
C-Portal to Docks

The final level has quite a few enemies. Fight your way to the center chamber, where you'll face Voleron, a 15th-level wizard. Voleron is a lich and is immune to poison, paralysis, negative energy, critical hits, disease, death magic, sneak attacks, and mind-affecting spells. He also has a good variety of defensive spells. Once he's dead, loot the chamber and return to the surface via the nearby portal.

The Host Tower

You have the documents from Aarin, so now it's time to explore the mysterious tower. Once you cross the bridge, you'll enter the courtyard. Talk to Captain Islund, and he'll be suspicious of your papers. You can talk your way by him or just attack. He's an 11th-level monk.

The Host Tower: Ambassadors' Quarters

A-To Courtyard
C-Gurak Entrailspiller
D-Aribeth's Quarters
E-Werecat Pen
F-Host Tower Portal

Talk to Yeanasha and Gurak to learn a little bit about what the cult is doing here and its plans for Neverwinter. Explore the room on the eastern side of the foyer, which was formerly home to Aribeth. In an armoire you'll find the tower entry key and a small diary, which tells of Aribeth and Maugrim's alliance.

Using the Host Tower portal
Using the Host Tower portal

The key opens the door to the south, which leads to the Host Tower portal. This is the method of transportation between floors. Once you get to the second floor, you'll need portal stones to go any higher.

The Host Tower: Second Floor

A-Host Tower Portal
B-Blaskar's Room

Blaskar's room has two portal stones.
Blaskar's room has two portal stones.

You'll need to fight some tower acolytes when you enter, then you should search the rooms for the necessary portal stones. In Blaskar's room to the east, you'll find portal stones for the third and sixth floors. In the bedroom to the southwest, you'll find a fourth-floor portal stone.

For the quickest route to the top of the tower: Go to the sixth floor and find the pinnacle portal stone. The rest of the floors are completely optional.

The Host Tower: Third Floor

A-Host Tower Portal
B-Hellish Portal
C-Abyssal Portal
D-Alchemist's Apparatus

On the third floor, you'll be caught in the middle of an endless flow of quasits and imps. Search the corpses for a quasit eye and an imp eye. Place the quasit eye in the hell portal and the imp eye in the abyssal portal to close them both. For a Rod of Reversal (which can cast Dispel Magic and Greater Dispelling), place a gargoyle skull and a slaad tongue in the alchemist's apparatus to the northeast. Cast Dispel Magic on the apparatus and the rod will appear. There's a fourth-floor portal stone in the chest near the apparatus.

The Host Tower: Fourth Floor

A-Host Tower Portal
B-Golem Control Rod
C-Golem Replication Rod
D-Golem Replication Pod

Search the corpse of Arteno Geth and get his journal. Read it for information about the strange room in the northeast. In the southeast room, take the Golem Control Rod from the chest, and then get the Golem Replication Rod from the chest in the room to the north. Take both rods and use them on the Replication Pod. A helmed horror will appear and break through the sealed door. Follow it and join in the battle with Rimardo (14th-level wizard) and his 18th-level iron golem.

Once Rimardo surrenders, he'll tell you about Maugrim's takeover of the tower. Kill him or let him leave, then search his library for a seventh-level portal stone.

The Host Tower: Fifth Floor

A-Host Tower Portal
C-Eighth-Floor Portal Stone
D-Battle Devourer

Nyphithys will reward you for setting her free.
Nyphithys will reward you for setting her free.

In the northeast room, you'll meet Nyphithys, former cohort to Archmage Arklem. Free her by destroying the nearby brazier, and she will reward you. Search the room for sixth- and seventh-floor portal stones. In a chest in the far northwest section, you'll find an eighth-floor portal stone.

The Host Tower: Sixth Floor

A-Host Tower Portal
C-Eighth and Ninth-Level Portal Stones

In the northwest room of this level, you'll face Valindra (13th-level wizard/6th-level cleric). She's a powerful spellcaster in both of her chosen fields, but once she's dead you can search the small bedroom to the south to find portal stones for both the eighth and ninth floors.

The Host Tower: Seventh Floor

A- Host Tower Portal B- Host Tower Warden C- Deltagar D- Ettercap E- Lich F- Gray Sladd G- Prisoner and Fred

This prison has little of importance. Kill the warden for the key, then search the cells. There are a few monsters you can kill for experience points and a strange prisoner talking to a dummy named Fred. If you free Deltagar in one of the cells to the west, he will tell you about Maugrim's infiltration of the Host Tower.

The Host Tower: Eighth Floor

A-Host Tower Portal

The top of the tower.
The top of the tower.

There is absolutely no reason to come to this floor, except for experience points. There's an 8th-level vrock here, as well as some low-level wizards and mephits.

The Host Tower: Pinnacle

A-Host Tower Portal
B-Archmage Arklem
C-Stairs Up

This is the penultimate level, but the pinnacle portal stone will bring you here. Talk to Archmage Arklem, a powerful lich. He will ask you to free him, and you have no choice. Destroy the braziers in the alcoves to the west and south. With each brazier's destruction, a creature will appear. Once the braziers are destroyed, Arklem will vanish and open the door to the actual pinnacle.

The Host Tower: Maugrim, Aribeth, and Morag

Approach the gate and listen to Aribeth, Maugrim, and Morag discuss the Words of Power. When they're alerted to your presence, they'll vanish and you'll have to fight a small army of lizardmen. Kill the reptiles and head down the stairs to Maugrim's Lair. Take Maugrim's journal from the desk, then return to the temple and speak with Aarin. It's time to learn more about these Words of Power.

Chapter Three

Beorunna's Well

Your base of operations for Chapter Three is a small village where racial tensions run high. From here, you will set out to the outlying areas in search of the Words of Power, while learning more about the cult, the creator race, and how they're connected.

A-Aarin's Lodge
B-To Coldwood
C-To Fort Ilkard
D-To Moonwood
E-Temple of Tyr
F-Mercenary Enclave
G-Drinking House
H-Druid Enclave
I-Black Lion Tribe Enclave
J-Many-Starred Cloak Enclave
K-Trading Post

Aarin's Lodge

Talk to Aarin Gend to get the battle plan for this chapter. He wants you to speak with Lillian Cambridge at the local Drinking House. He believes she may have some information regarding one of the Words of Power. Your henchmen are here as well, and once again they are each seeking an item.

Henchman Quests

Tomi Undergallows
Bring him the ashes of Running Wolf from the Elk Tribe Keep, and he'll give you a Ring of the Rogue +4, which adds four points to your dexterity and two points to your disable-traps, hide, move-silently, open-lock, and pick-pocket skills.

Boddyknock Glinckle
You'll find the dragon scale for Boddyknock in the dead dragon's cave. He'll give you Prophyro's Ring +4, which adds four points to your charisma and gives you +1 regeneration.

Linu La'Neral
Bring her the volcanis oak seed near the entrance to the Creator Ruins. The Pendant of the Elf +4 gives you four dexterity points and makes you immune to mind-affecting magic.

The dagger for Grimgnaw is in Vaath's camp. The Amulet of the Silent Lord +4 gives you a +4 constitution and makes you immune to level and ability draining.

Tamorlyn's song can be found in the creator ruins. The Belt of the Performer +5 adds five points to your dexterity and four points to your persuade and perform skills.

Daelan Redtiger
The Uthgardt ceremonial spear will be a gift from Zokan if you cure his people's plague. The Amulet of the Uthgardt +4 adds four to your strength, gives you fear immunity, and gives you a spell resistance of 12.

The Trial of Rolgan

In the Temple of Tyr, Neurik will ask you to help him once again. A member of the Black Lion Tribe has been accused of murder, and he needs a defense lawyer for the trial. You don't have to agree, but it's a fun side quest. You need to get at least three of five jurors to find him not guilty, but it is possible to get a unanimous verdict without resorting to bribes.

It is possible to get a unanimous verdict without bribing any jurors.
It is possible to get a unanimous verdict without bribing any jurors.

You'll want to talk to all of the witnesses and jurors. You can bribe some of the potential jurors, but not all. The most important people to talk to are the witnesses: Zed (at the Mercenary Enclave), Lodar (at the Drinking House), and Rolgan's wife, Vanda (at the Black Lion Tribe Enclave). Heal Zed, and he'll tell you that Griff drugged Rolgan during the card game. Lodar will tell you the same thing if you buy him enough drinks. Both will also tell you that Griff was a violent man who hated the Uthgardt and was prone to fighting. Speak to Vanda about the heirlooms Rolgan lost in the card game.

During the trial, focus on Griff's violent behavior, his drugging of Rolgan, and the fact that neither of the two human witnesses saw who started the fight. Do not ask about racism (except in terms of Griff's attitude), and don't ask Vanda about the heirlooms' religious significance. Most importantly, don't even mention that Rolgan was drunk. You'll get a unanimous verdict and, as a result, the highest payment from Neurik.

The Drinking House

Speak with Lillian Cambridge about the Word of Power. She'll send you to the Wizard's Dungeon in Coldwood to fetch her missing snow globe. She'll give you a scroll to enter the dungeon once you find it.

Yusam the Druid

At the Druid Enclave, speak with Yusam. He'll ask you to investigate the Elk Tribe's alliance with Maugrim's forces.

The Mercenary Enclave

Rolkid will send you on a bounty hunt to kill two orcs who have been raiding supply lines. Guzud can be found to the south, near Fort Ilkard, and Vaath will be found in Coldwood. After you return their heads, he will send you after Obould Many-Arrows, who can be found in Moonwood.

Many-Starred Cloak Enclave

Eltoora can sell you spellcaster supplies and also has a lab available to create special items. There are five tomes in this chapter, but there is no quest to find them.

The Tome of Robes (fire beetle belly + quartz crystal, cast Enervation = Crystal Robes) is in the massacred homestead in the homelands near Fort Ilkard. The Tome of Power (two bodaks' teeth, cast Feeblemind = Staff of Power) can be found in Layenne's Tomb. The Tome of the Amulet (slaad's tongue + fenberry, cast Mage Armor = Amulet of Natural Armor) is in a book pile in the Creator Ruins. The Tome of the Ring (fenberry + rakshasa's eye, cast Melf's Acid Arrow = Ring of Regeneration) is in the dead dragon's cave. Finally, the Tome of Boots (bodak's tooth + gargoyle skull, cast Stoneskin = Boots of the Gargoyle) is in a chest right outside of Aarin's Lodge.

Trading Post

Husher wants you to find the Star Sapphire.
Husher wants you to find the Star Sapphire.

Speak with Husher, and he'll send you after a coveted gem called the Star Sapphire. It can be found in Layenne's Tomb in Coldwood. His smith, Barun, will give you a book with special items he can make. They are the same items Marrok offered in Neverwinter, but they are more powerful incarnations.

Here is the list of items and needed components:

Armor and Axes:

Chromatic Breastplate: Diamond and a suit of magical armor with AC 6.
Scales of Truth: Special holy water and a suit of magical armor with total AC 5.
Leather Whitebone Armor: Gargoyle skull and a suit of magic armor with AC 3.
Sentinel: Adamantite and a magic battle axe.
Double Axe of the Tall Kin: Adamantite and a magic double axe.
Stonefire Great Axe: Adamantite and a magic great axe.
Ice Reaver Hand Axe: Dragon blood and a magic hand axe.

Blunt Weapons:

Gladiator Club: Ironwood and a magic club.
Ironwood Mace: Ironwood and a magic dire mace.
Reaver Heavy Flail: Dragon blood and a magic heavy flail.
Storm Light Hammer: Diamond and a magic light hammer.
Foundation Light Flail: Ironwood and a magic light flail.
Mace of Disruption: Special holy water and a magic mace.
Drone Morning Star: Fairy dust and a magic morning star.
Rune Hammer: Adamantite and a magic war hammer.


Harbinger Kin Greatsword: Adamantite and a magic greatsword.
Sword Saint Katana: Adamantite and a magic katana.
Astral Blade Longsword: Diamond and a magic longsword.
Namarra Rapier: Dragon blood and a magic rapier.
Desert Wind Scimitar: Adamantite and a magic scimitar.
Feyduster Short Sword: Fairy dust and a magic short sword.
Uthgardt Ceremonial Two-Bladed Sword: Ironwood and a magic two-bladed sword.

Other Weapons:

Ravager Halberd: Dragon blood and a magic halberd.
Sea Reaver Scythe: Adamantite and a magic scythe.
Fey Spear: Fairy dust and a magic spear.
Golden Sickle: Special holy water and a magic sickle.


The Coldwood region is made up of three small forests. In them, you'll find orcs and undead, a tomb, and a dungeon. And they will lead you to the first Word of Power.

Coldwood: Entrance

A-To Beorunna's Well
B-Vaath's Camp
C-To Coldwood: Wizard's Dungeon
D-To Coldwood: Layenne's Tomb

Vaath's head will fetch you a pretty penny.
Vaath's head will fetch you a pretty penny.

When you enter Coldwood, you'll be approached by a ranger named Devlar. He's scouted the region for you and can fill you in on some of the more important local sights. The only thing of note in this area of Coldwood is the orc camp in the southeast. Here you'll find Vaath (17th-level fighter), one of the orcs Rolkid asked you to hunt. Kill him and return his head for the reward, or let him surrender and take one of his subordinates' heads instead. Search a chest a short distance to the north for the dagger for Grimgnaw's henchman quest.

Coldwood: Wizard's Dungeon

A-To Coldwood: Entrance
B-Cultist Attack
C-Wizard's Dungeon Entrance

As you enter this region of the forest, you will be attacked by a group of cultists, lead by a cult leader (10th-level cleric). Kill them, and search the leader's body to find the cultist's journal. When you step into the portal outside the Wizard's Dungeon you'll be teleported in, thanks to the teleport scroll from Lillian.

Wizard's Dungeon

A-To Coldwood: Entrance
D-Summoning Room
E-Wizard's Laboratory
F-Gong Room
G-Fire Braziers

The first thing you'll want to do is head to the prison and speak with Nax. He'll tell you that you may be able to summon an elemental to help him. You may want to destroy the braziers in the northeast and southwest corners of the dungeon--these will continually spawn elementals until they are destroyed.

Free Nax to learn the whereabouts of the snow globe.
Free Nax to learn the whereabouts of the snow globe.

There are libraries in the northwest and southeast corners of the dungeon--in either of them, you'll find a book titled The Nature of Water Summoning, which will explain the process. You'll need a slaad's tongue (which can be found on a corpse near the wizard's laboratory) and the ability to cast Melf's Acid Arrow. If you can't cast it, don't worry--there's a Ring of Melf in the lab that will allow any character class to cast the spell.

Go to the summoning room and place the tongue in the summoning pool. Cast the spell at the pool, and a water elemental will appear. Ask it to free Nax, and then go speak with him. He'll tell you about the key to the gong room, which will unlock the vault. Ring the gongs in the following order--northwest (puma), northeast (dog), southeast (bear), southwest (dragon). The vault will open. Kill the huge fire elemental guard (11th-level elemental/4th-level fighter) and take the snow globe from the pedestal.

You can now return to town and give the globe to Lillian, or you can go explore Layenne's Tomb, an optional area to the north of Coldwood.

Coldwood: Layenne's Tomb

A-To Coldwood
B-Layenne's Tomb

The path to Layenne's Tomb is guarded by several groups of powerful undead. The tomb itself is located in the northeast of the forest. Before entering, you may want to head west from the entrance where there are several treasure chests.

Layenne's Tomb

A-To Coldwood
C-Succubus Items
E-Pedestal Room
F-Tome of Power

Defeat the golem by destroying the glyph generators.
Defeat the golem by destroying the glyph generators.

Fight your way through the undead to the succubus' room to the south. She will reward you for bringing her three items she needs--the Succubus Stone, the Succubus Necklace, and the Succubus Ring. She will reward you in three ways. For one item, she will open all the doors in the tomb. For another, she will give you a Courtesan's Blade. For the third, she will reward you with a beatdown. Either don't give her the third item, or get ready to fight her. She's 13th level and is resistant to cold, electrical, and fire damage.

As you loot the tomb, keep an eye out for four gems--you will need them to solve the puzzle in the pedestal room. The iron golem guarding the two gems to the west can't be killed through conventional means--destroy the five glyph generators in the room to destroy him.

The pedestals will unlock the Star Sapphire.
The pedestals will unlock the Star Sapphire.

Once you have all four gems, enter the pedestal room. Each of the outside pedestals contains a tablet of light. You can determine which gem to put in which pedestal by examining the tablets. Place the Gem of Misery with the Tablet of Purple Light, the Gem of Honor with the Tablet of White Light, the Gem of Pain with the Tablet of Blue Light, and the Gem of Duty with the Tablet of Green Light. Take the Star Sapphire from the center pedestal.

Before leaving, grab the Tome of Power from the sarcophagus in the southwest room.

The Snow Globe

A-Exit Portal
D-Guardian White Dragon's Cave

Return the snow globe to Lillian, and she will put it in her room. Climb up and examine it. You can enter its tiny world, and you can rotate it so that the dryads are attacking the dwarves or the dwarves are attacking the dryads. For simplicity's sake, turn so that the dryads are the aggressors, then enter.

Get through the warring factions and enter the cave. Talk to the guardian white dragon. He'll tell you a little about this world, and he'll tell you about his Word of Power. Search the book piles near the entrance for Arwyl's journal and Hodd's journal. Take the Amulet of the Ages from a nearby chest and leave the cave.

The snow globe.
The snow globe.

Talk to Hodd. He will repair the Amulet of the Ages when he sees it. Now exit the snow globe, rotate it, and enter it again. Go speak to Arwyl, who will reenchant the Amulet of the Ages. Now prepare for your toughest battle yet.

With the Amulet of the Ages in hand, return to the guardian white dragon's cave. He will immediately attack you. He's a level-30 dragon, but the amulet will make him significantly weaker. Use fire attacks if possible, and just keep swinging until he goes down. A chest will appear after he dies, containing some good loot and the first Word of Power. When you take it, you will have your first encounter with Haedraline. Speak with her, then use the portal to leave the snow globe.

Fort Ilkard

The Lord's Alliance is engaged in battle with the Uthgardt Elk Tribe. If you want to help Yusem the druid, this is where you can find out why the Elk Tribe has aligned itself with Maugrim. You'll also find the second Word of Power in this region.

A-To Beorunna's Well
B-Guzud's Cave
C-Damas' Lodge
D-Settler's Barracks
E-Siege Weapons
F-Sub-chieftain Arness
G-To Homesteads
H-To Creator Ruins

Guzud's Cave

A-To Fort Ilkard

You'll want to visit this cave in the northwest of the region before heading down to the fort--it's a bit of a pain to get back here. In the center of the cave you'll find Guzud, one of the orcs wanted by Rolkid. He will try to surrender and offer you one of his subordinates' heads in place of his own. Behind Guzud is an Uthgardt captive named Uncas. Speak with him, and he'll tell you an interesting story about a plague killing off his tribe. Take the Feather of Peace that he offers you. Now follow the road south to the fort.

Inside Fort Ilkard

Commander Damas has some tasks for you. First, he wants you to destroy the siege weapons assaulting the fort. There are six in all: four catapults and two ballistas. Kill the commander for each weapon, and then simply use the weapon to destroy it. The weapons will be invincible if the commander is alive. Next, Damas wants you to kill Sub-chieftain Arness.

Destroying the siege weapons.
Destroying the siege weapons.

Arness is on the hill just to the west of the fort, and he's a 14th-level barbarian/2nd-level fighter. Kill him and return his head to Damas. Damas will now want you to kill the leader of the Elk Tribe, Zokan.

Before venturing to the Homesteads, speak with Eckel in the Settler's Barracks. He'll ask you to deliver a note to his wife.

The Homesteads

A-To Fort Ilkard
B-Trapped Merchants
C-Massacred Homestead
D-Eckel's House
E-Elk Tribe Keep

As you enter the Homesteads region, you'll see two merchants on a hill to the southwest. Talk to them, and the Elf Tribe will attack. Save them if you can, then continue west. You'll pass a massacred homestead--inside you'll find the Tome of Robes, if you want it.

The next house is Eckel's. Stop the marauder pounding on the door, and then enter and give Eckel's note to Galia, Eckel's wife. Continue to the Elk Tribe Keep.

The Feather of Peace from Uncas will grant you violence-free access to the keep.

The Elk Tribe Keep

In the keep, find Zokan in the central room. Ask him about the war, and he'll explain that Damas infected his tribe with the plague, and they joined with Maugrim only because they were promised a cure. If you want to please Damas, kill Zokan for his head (he's a 16th-level barbarian).

Confront Commander Damas for the plague cure.
Confront Commander Damas for the plague cure.

Otherwise, return to Damas with the plague-ridden blankets and demand the cure. Either buy it from him or kill him for it, then return to the keep with the plague cure. Zokan will give you the Uthgardt ceremonial spear (for Daelan's henchman quest) and a dreamcatcher, which you should show to Yusam on your next visit to Port Llast.

There are two prisoners being held to the east. Free them for some very meager experience.

The Creator Ruins

A-To Fort Ilkard
B-Cultist Attack
C-Creator Ruins Entrance
D-Volcanis Oak Seed

South of Fort Ilkard is a path leading to another former stronghold of the creators. On your way to the entrance, another group of cultists will attack you. Search the leader's body for another cultist's journal. Near the strange altar to the south, search the pile of stones for the volcanis oak seed for Linu.

The Creator Ruins: Present

B-To Garden
D-Guardian Golems
E-Smoke Puzzle
F-Sound Puzzle
G-Light Puzzle
I-Tamoryn's Song
J-Tome of the Amulet

Sapphira will teach you how to travel to the past.
Sapphira will teach you how to travel to the past.

At first, you will want to head straight for the garden. The guardian golems in the ruins are unbeatable, for the moment. You'll need to fix that. Talk to Sapphira in the garden. She will teach you the principles of time travel in exchange for a favor: Return to the past and plant the ultarg tree seeds in this very garden. Take the time crystal and return to the ruins.

Head for one of the two sundials. Use the time crystal on the sundial, and you will be transported to the past.

The Creator Ruins: Past

C-Golem Workers
D-To Garden

You will enter at whichever sundial you use in the present. First, you'll want to talk to Lokar in the northeast corner. To speak with him, you'll need a Translation Amulet, which can be found on any of the Old Ones you fight in the ruins (you should also pick up a copy of On Temple Defenses). He'll give you his ring, which will make the other slaves more inclined to help.

Get Lokar's ring to convince the slaves to help you.
Get Lokar's ring to convince the slaves to help you.

Talk to all three of the golem workers. Lokar's ring will make them want to help you, and they'll add a single weakness into the guardian golems. Your choices are fire, cold, blunt, or piercing. You must speak to all three workers to weaken all three golems in the present. Choose your poison, then head up to the garden.

Talk to Morag. She'll attack, then vanish when she gets too wounded. Plant the ultarg seeds, then return to the present via the sundials.

The Creator Ruins: Present

Return to the garden and talk to Sapphira for your reward. Now it's time to kill the guardian golems. All of the golems are level 18 and are immune to everything but what you chose in the past. Once they are dead, it's time to solve the Old One's puzzles. The solutions to all of the puzzles can be found in the On Temple Defensesmanual that you (hopefully) picked up in the past. Before you solve the puzzles, grab Tamoryn's song for Sharwyn. It's in a sarcophagus in an eastern room of the ruins. If you plan on using Eltoora's lab, you'll find the Tome of the Amulet in a book pile in the northeast.

The Smoke Puzzle

The smoke puzzle is located in the southeast of the ruins. Take the powder from the alchemist's apparatus, then examine the smoky brazier nearby. You'll need to place the powder in the brazier in the order specified by the gems on the brazier.

Place a red powder vial and a yellow powder vial in the brazier. Next, place a blue powder vial and a red powder vial in the brazier. Finally, put a yellow powder vial and a blue powder vial in the brazier. You are now the master of smoke!

The Sound Puzzle

A bodak champion (15th-level undead/5th-level fighter) guards the sound puzzle. Kill him, and take the fairy bottle from his corpse. Free the fairy, and it will show you the pattern. There are eight notes in all and four gongs. Using the directional location to denote the gongs, the order is as follows: SE, NE, SW, NW, SW, NE, NW, SE. Once you play the gongs in the correct order, the fairy will vanish, and you will be the master of sound.

The Light Puzzle

The light puzzle is the easiest of the three. Look in the Pool of Swirling Color and take the gems. Next, look in the Pool of Primary Colors. Press any of the gems. Look in the other Pool of Primary Colors, and press another gem. Now, you must place the appropriate gem in each of the Pools of Secondary Colors. The appropriate gem is whatever color would be created by mixing the colors you chose in the Pools of Primary Colors. So if you pushed blue and red, place the purple gems in the Pools of Secondary Colors. If you pushed blue and yellow, place the green gems. If you pressed red and yellow, place the orange gems.

A powerful Balor guards the Word of Power.
A powerful Balor guards the Word of Power.

The Word of Power

In the southernmost room in the ruins, you'll find an altar. The puzzles unlocked the seal, and you can grab the Word of Power once you get past the powerful Balor guardian. Haedraline will appear again and tell you more about who she is and why she is trying to help you. Now it's time to look for the third Word of Power.


Like Coldwood, Moonwood is a series of small maps. It will take you to a series of dragons' caves, and you'll face giant after giant after giant. The third Word of Power is somewhere in the vicinity, but you're going to have to earn this one.

Moonwood: Entrance

A-To Beorunna's Well
B-Golden Eagle Tribe
C-Obould Many-Arrows' Cave
D-To Moonwood: Akulatraxas

As you wind your way through Moonwood, you'll pass a cave entrance to the west. If you've been given the second part of Rolkid's bounty hunt, you'll find Obould Many-Arrows inside. Up ahead, you'll encounter the Golden Eagle Tribe engaged with a group of Hill Giants. Kill the giants to help the outnumbered tribesmen.

Obould Many-Arrows' Cave

A-To Moonwood
B-Dire Boar Pen

You'll encounter Drow here, which may strike you as peculiar. Seems evil forces from all over are coming to help Maugrim destroy Neverwinter. In the central cave, you'll find Obould himself. He's a 5th-level barbarian/8th-level fighter, and like his fellow orcs, he'll offer you another head and some gold if you let him go. The decision is yours.

Moonwood: Akulatraxas

A-To Moonwood: Entrance
B-Akulatraxas' Cave
C-Hill Giant Lair
D-To Spine of the World

Akulatraxas will pay you for some Hill Giant bounty hunting.
Akulatraxas will pay you for some Hill Giant bounty hunting.

In the center of this Hill Giant-infested region, you'll find the cave of a green dragon named Akulatraxas. She'll offer you a job if you play your cards right: Infiltrate the Hill Giant Lair and bring her the head of the Hill Giant chieftain. Accept the gig, leave the cave, then enter the Hill Giant Lair to the west.

Hill Giant Lair: Level One

A-To Moonwood: Akulatraxas
B-To Hill Giant Lair: Level Two

This level is nothing but fightin' giants. Make your way to the central cave and head down to the second level.

Hill Giant Lair: Level Two

A-To Hill Giant Lair: Level One
B-Fire Giant Emissary
C-Hill Giant Prisoner
D-Hill Giant Chieftain

In the lair of the Hill Giants.
In the lair of the Hill Giants.

In the northwest section of this cave, you'll encounter your first Fire Giant (15th level). Use cold weapons if you have them, then search his body for an intriguing letter. On the western side of the cave, you'll find two imprisoned Golden Eagle tribesmen, whom you can free for a bit of experience. The chieftain (13th-level giant/6th-level barbarian) is in the southwestern cavern. Kill him, and return his head to Akulatraxas.

Spine of the World

A-To Moonwood: Akulatraxas
B-Cultist Attack
C-Dead Dragon's Cave
D-Gorgotha's Cave
E-Fire Giant Lair

When you enter the final section of Moonwood, cultists will attack you once again. And, once again, you should take the cultist's journal from the body of the leader. To the west, you'll find the cave of a dead dragon, obviously attacked by the nearby dead Fire Giants. Search the rubble for Boddyknock's dragon scale, and search the corpse for the Tome of the Ring.

Gorgotha, the Gold Dragon.
Gorgotha, the Gold Dragon.

The next cave is home to Gorgotha, who wants you to stop the Fire Giants' attempts to steal her eggs. More specifically, she wants you to kill Klauth, the powerful red dragon who has moved in with the Fire Giants to the north.

Fire Giant Lair: Level One

A-To Spine of the World
B-Fire Giant Champion
D-Brunhilda's Room
E-To Fire Giant Lair: Level Two
F-To Fire Giant Lair: Level Three

In the room directly west of the entrance, you'll find a Fire Giant champion (11th-level giant/7th-level barbarian). There are Fire Giants everywhere in this lair, and you'll also encounter some fairly difficult Duergar. Get your cold damage ready for the former and everything you've got for the latter.

Cone of Cold cuts through Fire Giants like a knife through butter.
Cone of Cold cuts through Fire Giants like a knife through butter.

Make your way to the locked cell in the northwest. Free Wogar by pulling the lever near his cell. He'll tell you about Klauth's plan. In the northernmost room, you'll find Brunhilda's diary, the account of her unfortunate marriage to Skrogg, king of the Fire Giants. If you want to rack up some experience, head down to the second level. If you just want to get out of here, head down to the third level.

Fire Giant Lair: Level Two

A-To Fire Giant Lair: Level One
C-Duergar Territory

The only reason to come down here is for combat--there isn't much else to be found. There's a pair of prisoners in the northwestern room, but they'll turn into weak Yuan-Ti spellcasters and attack. The eastern portion is nothing but packs of powerful Duergar.

Fire Giant Lair: Level Three

A-To Fire Giant Lair: Level One
B-King Skrogg
C-Blue Dragon Lair
D-Klauth's Lair
E-Slaad Lair

Skrogg, king of the Fire Giants.
Skrogg, king of the Fire Giants.

As you move south through this level, you will encounter the king of the Fire Giants, Skrogg (15th-level giant/9th-level barbarian). You'll want to throw everything you have at him--preferably something cold. There are three lairs to the east. The northernmost of these leads down to a horde of slaads. Go here only if you want to milk every last drop of experience out of this chapter. You may as well--the chapter is about to end.

In the Blue Dragon's Chamber, you'll find a dragon sphere in a pool, along with a book about Klauth's ritual. Interesting reading! If you want to kill Klauth more easily, kill the blue dragon, then put the dragon sphere on the pedestal to create a Dead Dragon Sphere.

Klauth is one of the strongest opponents in the game.
Klauth is one of the strongest opponents in the game.

In Klauth's Lair, he will make a deal with you: Bring him dragon eggs, and he will give you the Word of Power. Your other option? Kill him. You can get eggs from Akulatraxas or Gorgotha, but you're already here, right? Give him the Dead Dragon Sphere, and he'll be severely weakened. You'll still want to throw everything you have at him--summon everything and use every enhancement spell you have before giving him the sphere. When Klauth is dead, take the Word of Power.

Take Klauth's head to Gorgotha, and take the final Word of Power to Aarin. Before you give it to him, finish up any secondary quests, pick your favorite henchman, and say good-bye to the others.

Chapter Four


You've returned to Neverwinter, and it's time to prepare for the final showdown. Make that "showdowns." This chapter is brief but challenging. Start by talking with Nasher and Aarin. Head down to the dungeon and talk with Haedraline, then go down into the cavern and examine the Source Stone, if you're interested in seeing it.


A-Castle Never
B-To War Zone
C-Hall of Justice
D-Trade of Blades
E-Moonstone Maske
F-Shining Knight Arms and Armor
G-Many-Starred Cloak Guild


If you need supplies, Eltoora at the Many-Starred Cloak Guild is open for business, as is Shining Knight Arms and Armor.

Entering the War Zone.
Entering the War Zone.

Secondary Quests

There are only two secondary quests in this chapter. Luce in the Moonstone Mask will ask you to rescue her sister, Leesa, who got lost somewhere in the War Zone. Trancar in the Trade of Blades will ask you to put an end to two of the biggest threats to Neverwinter: the siege weapons and the invincible golems in the War Zone. Seems like everyone is telling you something: Head into the War Zone.

The War Zone

A-To Neverwinter
B-Wizards' Chantries
E-Secret Passage
G-Portal to Maugrim's

Kill the Luskan wizards to remove the golems from the streets.
Kill the Luskan wizards to remove the golems from the streets.

As Trancar warned you, the golems really are invincible. Quickly get to the first Wizard's Chantry. Inside, you'll fight a 16th-level Luskan wizard and a 13th-level Balor lord. When the wizard is dead, the golem will collapse. Next, take out the catapults. As in Fort Ilkard, you need to kill the catapult commanders, then use the catapults to destroy them. Once the north section of the city is clear, find Leesa in the northwest alley and lead her to the gate.

You can get to the southern section of the War Zone by destroying the gate or by going through the secret passage in the old man's home. Enter the second Wizard's Chantry, where you will face the same duo from the first. Now that the streets of the War Zone are safe, it's time to go after the bigger game.

Maugrim's Sanctuary

A-To War Zone
D-The Fourth Word of Power

Aribeth is very powerful. She's a 20th-level paladin/18th-level cleric. She has a devastating assortment of spells and is immune to critical hits, death magic, fear, paralysis, and mind-affecting spells. If that weren't enough, her sword has vampiric regeneration and does additional damage against good-aligned players. The good news? She'll eventually surrender. When she does, you may be able to convince her to return to Nasher. If you have her ring it will help, but you can still persuade her to do so. If you don't, you'll have to finish her off.

The fallen Aribeth.
The fallen Aribeth.

Maugrim is an 8th-level cleric/20th-level wizard, and he has two servants of flesh (19th-level constructs) at his side. Get in close and start hammering away--he has very little in the way of protection from melee, so the battle should be slightly easier than the previous one, at least once the servants of flesh are out of the way. When Maugrim is dead, grab the fourth Word of Power and return to Castle Never.

The Source Stone

In Castle Never, return to the dungeon and talk to Haedraline. She will tell you that you need to enter the Source Stone and kill Morag. Descend to the caverns, place the fourth Word of Power in the empty altar, then enter the Source Stone.

The Source Stone: Sanctuary

A-To Castle Never
C-To Source Stone: Guardian Lair

In the first tunnel, you will meet Asheera, a strange woman who resembles Aribeth. Asheera will give you her amulet, which gives you an armor class bonus of +5 versus reptilian monsters, 50% immunity to electrical and fire damage, and a spell resistance bonus of 18. Unfortunately, as of v1.19, the item has a level requirement of 26 so you won't be able to equip it. This is a shame, because you'll face a small army of Old Ones in the Sanctuary. When you reach the center of the caverns, rest up, then use the portal to reach the Guardian Lair.

The Source Stone: Guardian Lair

A-To Source Stone: Sanctuary
B-Guardian Dragons
C-To Source Stone: Inner Sanctum

The final battle.
The final battle.

Not one but two dragons await you: a 26th-level corrupted copper dragon and a 28th-level corrupted silver dragon. They will both attack at once. Stay near the portal to the sanctuary if you can't take them simultaneously and do hit-and-run tactics. Once they are dead, pick up both guardian keys and unlock the gates to the north. Before you step in the final portal, rest up and save your game. There's no turning back (or resting) once you enter the inner sanctum.

The Source Stone: Inner Sanctum

A-From Source Stone: Guardian Lair
B-Morag's Chosen

The first room contains four of Morag's chosen (15th-level fighters/5th-level humanoids) and an Old One cleric (15th level). Though this is a tough fight, save your most powerful spells and attacks for the room ahead. When you reach the final cavern, you will face Morag (19th-level wizard). She's immune to pretty much everything, but she won't be if you take out her protectors. There are eight of them, protected by a permanent wall of blades, but ranged attacks will kill them easily. Once they are dead, attack Morag with everything you have, ignoring the minions she summons in. Once she dies, escape to the portal. And enjoy your victory.

Cheat Codes

To activate the cheat codes, open the console by pressing the tilde (~) key. Then type DebugMode 1. Type in your command. When it says "Entered Target Mode," click on the character you want to modify. You must reactivate the debug mode every time you switch from one area to another.

In the single-player game, your cheats will disable you from going from one chapter to the next, unless you modify your NWNPLAYER.INI file. Open it in a text editor (make a backup first), then change the line "Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=1" to "Single Player Enforce Legal Characters=0".

You can get a list of all the console commands by hitting Tab while the console is open. Here are some of the more useful ones (when the command includes #, you need to type in a numeral):

ModAge #Adds # to character's age
ModAttackBase #Adds # to character's base attack bonus
ModSTR #Adds # to character's strength
ModDEX #Adds # to character's dexterity
ModCON #Adds # to character's constitution
ModINT #Adds # to character's intelligence
ModWIS #Adds # to character's wisdom
ModCHAAdds # to character's charisma
ModSaveFortIncreases character's fortitude save
ModSaveWillIncreases character's will save
ModSaveReflexIncreases character's reflex save
ModSpellResistance #Adds # to character's spell resistance
SetAge #Changes character's age to #
SetAttackBaseChanges character's base attack bonus to #
SetSTR #Changes character's strength to #
SetDEX #Changes character's dexterity to #
SetCON #Changes character's constitution to #
SetINT #Changes character's intelligence to #
SETWIS #Changes character's wisdom to #
SetCHA #Changes character's charisma to #
SetSpellResistance #Changes character's spell resistance to #
GiveXP #Gives # experience points to character
GiveLevelInstantly add a level to character

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