Monster Hunter World: Iceborne Getting Resident Evil 2 Costumes

Dress your hunter like Leon and Claire.


Monster Hunter World's new Iceborne expansion gets its first free update this week, but that's not the only new content players have to look forward to soon. In keeping with Monster Hunter tradition, Iceborne is getting some crossover skins next month, and these are based on another big Capcom game: Resident Evil 2.

Beginning this November, players will be able to unlock costumes based on Resident Evil 2 protagonists Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield. That's not all; it appears the Handler is also getting a new outfit that hilariously transforms her into Mr. X. You can watch the first trailer for the Resident Evil costumes below.

Of course, it wouldn't be a proper Resident Evil crossover if zombies weren't involved, and it appears zombified versions of hunters will also be added, although it's unclear if these are separate outfits or if they're an effect caused by certain monsters. Resident Evil 2's infamous tofu Easter egg is also being added as a weapon accessory.

In the meantime, Iceborne's first update rolls out for PS4 and Xbox One this week, on October 10. This patch will introduce the fearsome Rajang to the game, along with some other content. In December, PS4 players will receive an exclusive Event Quest that adds armor inspired by Horizon Zero Dawn: The Frozen Wilds.

We awarded the new Monster Hunter World expansion a 9/10 in our Iceborne review. "Monster Hunter World: Iceborne is at its best when you’re fighting tooth and nail against something that you know could crush you within its teeth in a second, even though this might feel like it came at the expense of a more interesting narrative," critic Ginny Woo wrote.

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