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Monster Hunter World Is Getting A New Horizon Zero Dawn Crossover

Aloy is coming back, and this time she's brought a sweater.


One of the first crossover events for Monster Hunter World was with the PlayStation 4 exclusive Horizon Zero Dawn. Now with MHW's Iceborne coming soon, Capcom is crossing over with Horizon again with PS4-exclusive content modeled after the Horizon DLC, The Frozen Wilds.

A brief trailer shows off the crossover. It transitions from Aloy skulking in a snowy forest--which could be at home at either game--to close-up shots of her armor and a projectile weapon. The teaser didn't suggest exactly how you'll get your hands on the armor sets, but if it's anything like the last Horizon set, you'll just need to complete a limited-time quest. It's notable that unlike many of the game's traditional armor sets, the first Aloy armor could only be worn as a full set that changed your appearance entirely. The same is likely to be the case here.

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The unveiling was part of MHW's presence at Gamescom, which also included a new trailer for the Iceborne content. That one showed off the explosive Brachydios and a fearsome ice dragon. Iceborne is coming to PS4 and Xbox One on September 6.

Iceborne is the first large-scale expansion for Monster Hunter World, coming more than a year after its initial launch. That first year has been the most successful in series history, having most recently crossed 13 million units sold worldwide. In fact, it has become overall one of Capcom's most successful games of all time, and earned a spot as one of GameSpot's Best Games of 2018.

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