Mighty No. 9's Credits Are Nearly Four Hours Long

Yes, really.


If you're playing through Mighty No. 9 and make it to the credits, you may want to just go ahead and skip them, or take a nap, or watch a couple soccer games, or write your thesis. You see, they last for almost four hours.

This is because the lowest tier ($5) in the game's wildly successful 2013 Kickstarter campaign promised everyone a spot in the credits. Oftentimes, Kickstarter projects that offer this reserve it for higher tiers, only promising a mention on a website for those pledging at lower ones.

With more than 67,000 backers, almost all of which qualified for this reward (you can technically pledge less than the lowest tier; you simply don't get any rewards), that means Comcept was obligated to include what might be the longest credits sequence ever.

You can watch the credits in their entirety above; YouTube channel GameXplain recorded the whole thing, and it lasts just under 3 hours and 48 minutes. Hopefully nobody was waiting to find out if all rights were reserved or not.

Following a series of delays, Mighty No. 9 released this week to a mediocre reception. Creator Keiji Inafune says he shoulders the responsibility for the game's issues. You can read more about those problems in GameSpot's review.

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