Mario Kart 8 Played On Gigantic Stadium Screen

That's a big turtle shell.

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A few Kansas City fans were treated to the biggest game of Mario Kart you've ever seen. A sports reporter for local station KCTV5 was doing helicopter shots of the Kansas City Royals' Kauffman stadium when he noticed a massive game being played on the stadium's enormous screen.

The reporter, Tom Martin, later updated by amplifying a reply from the Royals Charities account. That reply stated that it was part of an associates fundraiser, and teasing that a video game party could come as an auction sometime this year. In the video, you can clearly see Mario racing through Mario Kart Stadium, the first track in the Mushroom Cup of Mario Kart 8.

The high-definition scoreboard at Kauffman stadium is nicknamed "Crown Vision," and comes in at 84 feet wide by 105 feet tall. It is one of the largest HD LED displays in the world. Of course, those dimensions aren't exactly similar to that of your TV, so the game looks a little off in the footage.

As for the choice of game, Mario Kart 8 is apropos. Not only does the footage show off a race inside a stadium, but the game itself is well-regarded and was one of the first Wii U ports to make the trip to Nintendo Switch. That Switch port received a positive review of its own, for some of its small tweaks to an already great foundation.

"Even if you didn't really care about Battle Mode, the smallest changes in Mario Kart 8 Deluxe refine an already great racing game," critic Kallie Plagge said in GameSpot's review. "But the huge overhaul to the original's afterthought of a Battle Mode is a chaotic, varied opportunity to play very differently than in Grand Prix mode and well worth reinvesting yourself in Mario Kart 8 on Switch."

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