Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure Character Profile

Meet the weird and wild dramatis personae that will flavor the storyline of Marc Ecko's first foray into gaming.


Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure

Currently scheduled for release in November, Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure is an action game in which you'll assume the role of Trane, an up-and-coming graffiti artist in the near-futuristic city of New Radius. In light of the game's pending November release, we'll be profiling some of the more eccentric personalities that will color Trane's journey from regular street punk to the most respected graffitist in all of New Radius.


Described as fearless, resourceful, and naturally athletic, Trane is an aspiring young writer with all of the qualities necessary to make him a legend on the unforgiving streets of New Radius. His actions will go largely unnoticed at the start of the game, but as his skills and reputation grow he'll face opposition from Gabe, a rival writer who feels threatened by Trane's obvious talents and the leader of the Vandals of New Radius crew. Trane can look after himself, of course, but as his art moves from subways to billboards and attracts the attention of the mayor, rival crews will be the least of his worries.

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As the game progresses, the entire city of New Radius becomes Trane's playground. Much of the challenge in Marc Ecko's Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure will come from navigating your way to prime graffiti spots, many of which are way above street level and only accessible by shimmying up pipes and phone poles, leaping between rooftops, and basically risking life and limb.

White Mike

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White Mike's a big albino with a deep-seeded desire to kick ass any and every chance he gets. And this mixed-up ball of blubber packs a punch like the back end of a mule. Mike isn't really much of a writer, but he digs the scene and can always be found hanging with his crew, jonesing for a beef and asking his boys to put him up. Bottom line: White Mike is easy to bug and hard to miss.

Check out some of White Mike's heavy-hitting moves on our media page.

Civil Conduct Keepers

CCK Orange Light: The beat cop of New Radius. A low-level grunt who doesn't see past his paycheck but enjoys cracking a few heads along the way. His weapon of choice is a PR24, and there are a few graf artists who can tell you what that feels like. Go one-on-one with the Orange Light and a writer's got a good chance--any more than that and running starts to look good.

The CCK are doing their best to stamp out fun and excitement all over New Radius.
The CCK are doing their best to stamp out fun and excitement all over New Radius.

CCK Orange Heavy: Well-trained. Aggressive. Deadly. Orange Heavies pack submachine guns and aren't afraid to use it if you're breaking the laws of New Radius. Which you are. So keep it stealthy when these guys are around.

CCK Silver Light: The next level of law enforcement within the CCK. The mayor creates this elite guard to safeguard his pride and joy--the new, improved, "graffiti-proof" Silver Trains. With well-advanced combat skills, the Silver Light is not to be messed with.

CCK Silver Heavy: Like their Orange counterparts, members of the Silver Heavy carry SMGs. Their MO? "Shoot first and ask questions later." Their brief? "Kill Trane and don't let anything get in your way."

Vandal Squad: The undercover unit of the CCK. Fat, balding thugs who often pose as vagrants to blend in with the urban sprawl, haunting the underground subway tunnels and roundabout spots. They love to get the drop on unsuspecting writers in action and introduce them to the pleasures of the stainless steel shock baton.

MPA: Undercover and off the books, the MPA (Manfred's Private Army) is the CCK's secret unit. Closer to hired thugs than cops, these guys are usually accompanied by Shanna Ray, Manfred's personal bodyguard and assassin. They're trained to kill, and use high-powered Desert Eagles for their wet work.

Check out footage of the CCK laying it down on Getting Up's media page.

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