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Loki Is Genderfluid, Confirms Teaser Video

Loki is a powerful shapeshifter in both the MCU and Norse mythology, and can take an endless variety of living forms.


Loki has taken the forms of Captain America, Odin, and Thor in the MCU movies; he even once took the form of a snake, according to Thor himself, and the sky's the limit for a trickster god. Now, Disney has confirmed via a teaser video that the character is genderfluid, as his ability would seem to suggest.

Check out the last couple seconds in the video accompanying the tweet above for a look at Loki's TVA rap sheet. In Norse mythology and the MCU alike, Loki can take virtually any form he likes. Shapeshifters in Marvel and general fiction alike are often faced with the question, 'if you can take any shape, what is your actual shape?' While Loki seems to have chosen the body we see in the films--that of actor Tom Hiddleston--he's anything but limited.

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In the comics, Loki has taken multiple female forms. Sometimes it's borrowing the form of someone like Scarlet Witch for subterfuge, but the character has his own female body that he's lived in on multiple occasions.

While Hiddleston is undoubtedly Loki's primary form in the MCU, including the upcoming show, this little tidbit seems to suggest we could see Loki becoming Lady Loki at some point.

Loki debuts on Disney+ on Wednesday, June 9, so make sure you're ready with our How to Watch guide. In the meantime, check out the tricky new Loki twist on Lucky Charms, and see what Owen Wilson is bringing to the table as Mobius M. Mobius (not to be confused with Morbius, the Living Vampire), and hear Hiddleston's own version of Loki's epic MCU journey.

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