Loki Disney Plus Show Video Highlights Owen Wilson's Agent Mobius

Owen Wilson talks about joining the MCU, jokes that he was offered Iron Man and Captain America.


Ahead of its premiere this Wednesday, June 9, Marvel Studios has released a new teaser for the Disney+ TV show Loki that focuses on Owen Wilson's character, Agent Mobius.

Mobius works for the Time Variance Authority, which is the group responsible for managing the timelines of the universe. As we know from the Avengers movies, Loki screwed things up when he stole the Tesseract, which is why he's now imprisoned at the TVA. However, Mobius cuts a deal with Loki and they work together to fix the timelines and put things back in order.

The new behind-the-scenes featurette gives us a little more context and perspective on the relationship between Loki and Mobius, and Wilson and Tom Hiddleston. Wilson's trademark wit is on full display in this video, as he cracks jokes about being offered Iron Man, Captain America, and Hulk and only just now agreeing to appear in the MCU.

The video also touches on how Hiddleston led what were referred to as "Loki Lectures" when the actor schooled Wilson and company on his thoughts about Loki and the character's journey across the MCU. Wilson said he wrote down some of what Hiddleston said, and some of this made it into the dialogue you'll hear in the show. Check out the video below.

In other news about Loki, Marvel teamed up with General Mills to create a special new cereal called Loki Charms--here's how to get your own box.

Loki premieres on Disney+ starting June 9. Episodes will air on Wednesdays, which is a change from WandaVision. For lots more on Loki, check out GameSpot's primer, "How To Watch Loki On Disney Plus: Release Date, Number Of Episodes, And More."

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