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Listen To The Pulsing, Electronic Music From Crytek's VR Game, Robinson: The Journey

The soundtrack for Robinson: The Journey goes on sale next week.


The soundtrack for Crytek's virtual reality game, Robinson: The Journey, comes out next week. It launches on Tuesday, January 31 through composer Jesper Kyd's Bandcamp. Ahead of that, you can check out a sampling of the tracks through the Soundcloud embed below.

The main theme has a pulsing, electronic feel, with a strong melody. My favorite of the three would have to be "The Forest," which starts peacefully enough before ramping up with its intensity.

Kyd said in a statement to GameSpot that he wanted The Journey's score to embody the "feeling of discovery," which is what the game is all about.

"The theme is written from a perspective of hope and wonder--as seen through the eyes of a young boy named Robin--and the score helps to create a fantastical and mysterious atmosphere in the game," Kyd said. "We worked on making the jungle come alive using analog and acoustic instruments as elements of the forest and creatures inhabiting the world of Robinson."

Kyd acknowledged that this score is "more minimal" than what he's used to. Some of Kyd's previous music-writing credits include Assassin's Creed: The Ezio Collection, Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Claptastic Voyage, and the original State of Decay. He wrote the music for State of Decay 2's announcement trailer and is also working on the full game, due out in 2017.

Robinson: The Journey was released in November for PlayStation VR and comes to Oculus Rift later this month. In the game, your explore an alien world populated with dinosaurs and must trek out into the wilderness to learn about your surroundings and the mysteries it holds.

"Robinson: The Journey is one of the most immersive, engaging games to hit PSVR, but it suffers from its short length and reliance on vague objectives," Jason D'Aprile said in GameSpot's 7/10 review. "Still, the sheer visual splendor and moments of legitimately awesome sights make it an engaging experience. Crytek has taken their usual flair for gorgeous visuals and made a world worth stepping into."

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