Lies Of P: Best P-Organ Abilities

These perks can drastically improve your effectiveness in combat.


Lies of P features a lot of different ways to upgrade and improve upon your character and gear, including the P-Organ, which functions as a way to apply perks that have pretty significant impacts on your capabilities in battle. As you apply these perks using the Quartz you find throughout the game, you'll be able to form synergies and gain even more boons, making visits to the P-Organ one of your most important tasks as you advance the story. Read on for which abilities are the very best the P-Organ has to offer.

Best P-Organ abilities in Lies of P

There are plenty of P-Organ abilities to slot into the P-Organ to earn synergies, and the perfect options may vary slightly based on your Lies of P class and build--but we feel these are the ones that will generally improve survivability and damage output for most players. By the end of the game, we had more than 10 P-Organ abilities equipped, so while this list isn't ranked, you can consider them collectively to be the abilities we suggest you focus on obtaining during your arduous journey.

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Increase Pulse Cells

Survival Type (Levels 3, 4, and 5)

It goes without saying that more Pulse Cells means increased chances of pulling off a victory in battle. As such, you won't want to overlook these three abilities as you level up your P-Organ. You can also gain two more Pulse Cells by completing the corresponding synergies in the P-Organ, so be sure to pick those along the way, too.

Enhance Pulse Cell Recovery

Survival Type (Level 2)

Much like having more Pulse Cells will increase your odds of survival, so will improving how much they heal you. This ability will do exactly that, ensuring you're getting more health out of each Pulse Cell you use. Like the above ability, you can also pick up another increase by completing the corresponding synergy along the way.

Lower Damage While Dodging

Survival Type (Level 1)

Even pros are going to get hit in the middle of a dodge once in a while, so grabbing this ability can be a big help. With this applied, you'll take a little bit less damage when an enemy strikes you while you're dodging. It's not quite the same feeling that a perfect dodge gives you, but less damage is always better, right?

Enhance Charge Stagger ATK

Attack Type (Levels 1 and 3)

Applying these two upgrades can be massively useful, as one of your main goals against larger enemies is typically to wear them down and stagger them so you can really get off some damage--and eventually, get off a Fatal Attack. This will improve how quickly you stagger foes when hitting them with your charged attacks.

As you apply abilities in the P-Organ, you'll be able to unlock synergies that improve your character even further.
As you apply abilities in the P-Organ, you'll be able to unlock synergies that improve your character even further.

Enhance Fatal Attack ATK

Attack Type (Levels 1 and 5)

Once you've dished out enough damage to enemies, they'll eventually become staggered. This allows you to go in for a hard-hitting critical attack that will deplete a solid chunk of their health bar. As such, you'll want to snag these two abilities to be sure you're always dealing the maximum amount of hurt when given the chance to Fatal Attack a baddie.

Increase Staggered Duration

Attack Type (Levels 1 and 5)

Speaking of staggering your enemies, you only have a limited amount of time to capitalize on the stagger before they'll hop back up as if nothing ever happened. This perk increases how long foes will remain staggered so that you have time to get in position and start whooping up on them. Like some other abilities in this guide, you can also upgrade this further by completing P-Organ synergies.

Quick Wishstone Use

Ability Type (Level 3)

Due to how they have to be purchased using Gold Coin Fruit, Wishstones should largely be saved for must-use cases. But when you do use them, such as during intense boss battles, you want to be sure you get your Cube out and use the Wishstones as fast as possible. This upgrade allows you to use your Cube much, much more quickly, and it can make or break a dangerous encounter.

Auto Charge Legion

Ability Type (Level 5)

This ability will slowly refill your Legion bar at all times. The recharge speed is very slow, but it can be exceptionally handy to have that constant trickle coming in during lengthy exploration segments where you're likely to run out of resources. You can always go grab a snack while you wait, of course.

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