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Lies Of P: How To Get More Pulse Cells

You can get more, but you'll need to put in the time and resources.


There are certain gameplay mechanics that tend to show up in every Soulslike game, and one of those is a limited healing flask that can have its uses replenished after every visit to a checkpoint. That trend continues in Lies of P via a healing item known as Pulse Cells. While you'll only have a few to keep you alive in the game's early hours, you can earn up to seven more Pulse Cells as you continue your perilous journey. Here's how to get them.

How to get more Pulse Cells in Lies of P

You'll begin Lies of P with three Pulse Cells, but you'll be able to gain more in a variety of ways. For starters, you'll automatically be given a couple of extra Pulse Cells as you continue through the main story and speak to NPCs. To get even more, however, you'll need to begin upgrading your P-Organ phases. By investing in the P-Organ upgrades, you can build up plenty of extra Pulse Cell uses--but due to the rarity of the Quartz needed to do so, it'll be a relatively slow process that won't be complete until near the end of the game.

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Two Pulse Cells can be gained by simply slotting enough Quartz into specific perks to unlock a synergy, while three upgrades can be obtained similarly by simply applying the appropriate upgrades to a perk via the P-Organ. Below are the five you can obtain using this method.

  • Complete the "Increase Pulse Cells 1" perk from Phase 1 of the P-Organ
  • Complete the "Increase Pulse Cells 2" perk from Phase 2 of the P-Organ
  • Apply the Level 3 Survival Type upgrade "Increase Pulse Cells 3" to any P-Organ perk
  • Apply the Level 4 Survival Type upgrade "Increase Pulse Cells 4" to any P-Organ perk
  • Apply the Level 5 Survival Type upgrade "Increase Pulse Cells 5" to any P-Organ perk

By the late stages of the game--provided you've unlocked all of these extra P-Organ perks--you should be capped at a total of 10 Pulse Cells. With that many at your disposal, you'll hopefully be able to withstand the challenges awaiting you during the final hours.

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