Led Zeppelin in Rock Band? "Never Give Up Hope," Dev Says

"I don''t feel comfortable saying no, but I can't say yes."


After announcing its ambitious plans for the future of Rock Band 4 at today's PAX East panel, Harmonix took questions from fans. As you might have guessed, someone asked if music from legendary bands like Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd may someday come to Rock Band.

Harmonix social lead Josh Harrison said in response, "Never give up hope."

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He didn't say exactly why those bands have not yet been represented in a Rock Band game to date (they also aren't in any Guitar Hero games), but it's likely the result of licensing considerations.

Harrison went on to say that Harmonix had been chasing another iconic band, The Beatles, for a long time before The Beatles: Rock Band ultimately came to be. That is to say, fans holding out for Led Zeppelin or Pink Floyd should not give up hope just yet. But also don't hold your breath, either.

"I don''t feel comfortable saying no, but I can't say yes," Harrison said

It is unclear if any actual conversations between Harmonix and representation for Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd have ever taken place. The idea is definitely on Harmonix's mind, however, as the Boston-based studio revealed at PAX 2013 that it had prototyped Rock Band games dedicated to Led Zeppelin and Pink Floyd, as well as Pearl Jam.

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