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First Rock Band 4 Expansion Coming This Fall, Online Multiplayer This Holiday

Harmonix continues to update and improve Rock Band 4.


The future of Rock Band 4 is coming into focus. Speaking today during a PAX East panel, developer Harmonix announced new features coming to the music game through future updates. Additionally, Rock Band 4's first expansion was announced today as part of the event. Scroll down to get all the details.

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One of the new features is synchronous online multiplayer (Ed. note: the crowd went wild when this was announced), which fans have been calling for since launch last year. At the time, project manager Daniel Sussman said there were numerous technical hurdles to overcome before the feature could be delivered.

This feature will be delivered this holiday season.

The other big piece of news today is that Rock Band 4 is getting its first paid expansion pack this fall. It comes with music library improvements including the ability to filter by genre and rate songs, as well as many more features that Harmonix will talk about more during E3. They sound like major, game-changing features.

"Actually huge stuff in store here," community lead Josh Harrison said, adding that the expansion is inspired by expansion packs for Destiny and World of Warcraft. He went on to describe the features as "really huge and brand new."

During a Q&A following the panel, a fan asked about pricing, but Harmonix said it's not making any announcements about this today.

Additionally, Haromonix announced that PDP is releasing an adapter for the Xbox One version of Rock Band 4 that will allow the Ion drums to work. Ion drums are already supported on for the PlayStation 4 edition. The adapter will come out this fall alongside Rock Band 4's first expansion pack.

We also learned that the Battleborn DLC for Rock Band 4 will come out in May, though an exact release date was not announced. Additionally, a double kick feature will come out in May.

Following in June will be a practice mode, which was another top-requested item from the community. Practice mode will let users play through sections of a song they need extra help with; there will be the option to slow down the speed and more, according to a video shown during the panel.

Updates for Rock Band 4 will pause for the rest of summer, bringing about an end to the "first chapter" of Rock Band 4's life before the expansion pack's release this fall.

Rock Band 4 is the only Rock Band game Harmonix plans to launch for the current generation of consoles. Instead of releasing Rock Band 5, the company will continue to update and improve the game through updates like the ones announced today.

Also during the panel today, Harmonix confirmed the DLC tracks coming to Rock Band 4 this week. They are:

  • The Romantics -- "What I Like About You"
  • Lamb of God - "Redneck"
  • Weezer -- "Dope Nose"

In addition, Harrison also teased that fans will be happy with DLC songs coming to Rock Band 4 in May, though he did not share any specifics.

Finally, during the Q&A session, a fan asked if Rock Band 4's Xbox One edition might support the console's Kinect camera to allow people to dance while playing or as a background dancer. Design lead Matthew Nordhaus said this is unlikely to happen, in part because of Microsoft's decision to no longer include Kinect in every Xbox One bundle, thus limiting its potential reach.

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