Just Cause dev not making Superman game

Avalanche Studios founder denies that developer is working on title based on comic book hero.


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Just Cause developer Avalanche Studios is making a game based on a comic book franchise, but it's not Superman. Studio founder Christofer Sundberg revealed the news responding to a question from Superannuation on Twitter.

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"Superman game? We do a lot of weird things but that's not one of them," Sundberg wrote.

Avalanche Studios announced last year that in addition to an open-world title with Square Enix, the developer was making two additional games: one based on a movie and another based on a comic book franchise.

Sundberg has released two teaser images from one of Avalanche's in-development projects, which could be unveiled at the 2013 Electronic Entertainment Expo this summer.

The images bear a resemblance to the Just Cause franchise, though the company has yet to officially announce any of its upcoming projects.

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