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James Gunn Is Using Suicide Squad's Advertising To Help Boost Comic Shops

The man is giving credit to where credit is due.


Writer-director James Gunn is getting deserved kudos for helping to promote comic shops with his upcoming film adaptation of DC's Suicide Squad. On Twitter, an eagle-eyed Mitch Gerads (the comics artist behind Mister Miracle and Strange Adventure) called appreciative attention to a message encouraging fans to "get DC comics at comic shops" on a poster shared by Gunn.

Responding to the thanks, Gunn explained that he "was so freaking happy to do that" and that "post-pandemic I want to support our movie theaters and our local comics shops and all the wonderful comic book publishers, writers, and artists out there."

That Gunn is using his considerable platform for a noble cause--especially as we're winding our way back from the pandemic--only makes him a cooler dude than we already assumed him to be. Gunn's fondness for comics is also no mystery, just going by his upcoming projects alone. We're quite sure how he finds time to sleep with the upcoming Suicide Squad movie (due in theaters and on HBO Max on August 6), a Peacemaker spin-off from that movie (expected on HBO Max in January 2022), Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 (releasing May 2023), and a Guardians Holiday Special (landing on Disney+ in late 2022).

Speaking of busy dudes, wrestler and movie star John Cena--who plays Peacemaker in both the movie and upcoming TV series centering on the character--has announced he'll be returning to the WWE for more matches at some point, pending a cooperative schedule.

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