John Cena Confirms His Return To WWE

"Those rumors are true."


In a recent The Tonight Show appearance, wrestler and movie star John Cena confirmed to host Jimmy Fallon that the rumors about his return to the WWE are true, but what's still up in the air is the timeline for his next match. Cena's news sparked audible gasps from the studio.

Fallon broached the question by resurfacing an Instagram post Cena made on May 8, bearing only the WWE logo with no caption. For over a month, this cryptic post has fueled these rumors, but when Fallon--who also added that Cena "is a great follow [on Instagram]"--asked about it, the wrestler responded without a moment's hesitation: "I'll definitely be back… I was feeling rather nostalgic about the WWE and I just wanted to post the logo, and some people took it as I was returning immediately, which, that's not the case. But I haven't had my last match, and I can't wait to have my next match."

The next Cena projects on the horizon to get hyped about are the Suicide Squad movie and its spin-off focusing on his character, Peacemaker. There's a new trailer for Suicide Squad with an unusual roll-out--it can only be found as an ad on YouTube, but fans won't have long to wait until the August 6 release for the DC movie to hit theaters and HBO Max. The Peacemaker spin-off is currently set to also premiere on HBO Max on January 22.

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