If Square Enix Designed Batman as a Spartan Warrior, He Might Look Like This

Check out some images of Square Enix's Batman Timeless Spartan figure from its Play Arts Kai variants line.


After showing off its more traditional Batman redesign back in June, Final Fantasy publisher Square Enix has now released more images of its dramatically different "Spartan Batman" figure. The Batman Timeless Spartan figure comes from the company's Play Arts Kai variants line and depicts the Caped Crusader as if he were a spartan warrior, complete with a spear and sword. He's even shown wearing open-toe sandals.

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The intricately designed figure sports a pretty fierce-looking overall design. It comes with interchangeable hands, four daggers, a spear, and a shield emblazoned with the Batman sign. For a closer look, be sure to click through the images in the gallery above.

ToyArk reports the figure will be released in March 2016, priced at ¥14,800 (around $123 USD).

This is just the latest third-party character that Square Enix has created a figure for, some of which were created by Final Fantasy designer Tetsuya Nomura. You can check out some of the others through the links below.

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