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If Square Enix Designed Iron Man, He'd Look Like This

Final Fantasy publisher gives Iron Man an all-new look.

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Marvel Entertainment has released some images of its latest superhero variant figure, this one showcasing classic character Iron Man as designed by Square Enix.

The model keeps Iron Man's red and gold color scheme intact, though there is a good amount of black, too, meant to highlight a "stealthier," ninja-style overall design.

The Play Arts Kai figure features attachable special effects pieces such as palm repulsor rays, boot jet emissions, micro-missiles that fire from the thighs, back flaps, and expandable air brakes on the legs.

"These additions give all you Iron Man fans the ability to structure the collectible in various actions poses such as the high flying stance or the iconic fist-to-the-ground landing position," Marvel explains in a post on its website.

Marvel says the Square Enix-designed Iron Man figure will be "highly exclusive." Pricing and availability details were not announced. You can ask your local comic book shop to preorder the figure today.

This is not the first superhero Square Enix has reimagined. In 2014, Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts designer Tetsuya Nomura created rather epic-looking versions of Batman and Catwoman.

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