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How To Get Free Diablo 4 DLC By Playing Call Of Duty's Halloween Event

Get The Butcher's meat hook by defeating the monster in Call of Duty.


Call of Duty's big new Halloween event, The Haunting, is now live in Modern Warfare II and Warzone. Fans of the Diablo series are getting a special bonus from the event in the form of The Butcher's Meat Hook for Diablo IV.

To get the item, players first need to link their account to their Activision account. Then, they'll need to find The Butcher's portal on the battle royale maps Al Mazrah or Vondead and defeat him to obtain the item for use in Diablo IV. The item will take up to four days to appear in Diablo IV.

Players who defeat The Butcher prior to linking accounts need not worry, as the reward should still populate in Diablo IV once the accounts are linked. If the meat hook never shows up in Diablo IV, Activision said players should reach out to Blizzard Support for assistance.

The Haunting ends on November 6, so players have until then slay The Butcher in Call of Duty.

The Haunting is Call of Duty's annual Halloween event that gives Modern Warfare II and Warzone a spooky makeover. In standard multiplayer, some of the maps have been updated to include scary themes, while Warzone's Vondel map becomes "Vondead" and now has zombies. Players can also now collect the souls of other players and use them to unlock a variety of Halloween-themed rewards. Check out GameSpot's The Haunting guide to learn more.

In other spooky news, Lilith from Diablo IV is now available as a playable Operator in Modern Warfare II and Warzone. Her $20 bundle includes, among other things, a grotesque finishing move where she rips the beating heart out of her foes.

Call of Duty's next big release is Modern Warfare III, which launches on November 10. As for Diablo IV, the game is out now on Steam and the new Season of Blood just began. Take a look at the Season of Blood patch notes to learn more.

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