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Diablo 4's Lilith Is Now In Call Of Duty, And Her Finishing Move Is Brutal

Lilith rips your heart out.


Call of Duty's roster of playable Operators has expanded with the arrival of Lilith from Diablo IV. The Demon Mother is available in Modern Warfare II and Warzone as part of a $20 bundle that comes with a variety of cosmetics. She also has a brutal finishing move where she obliterates her foes and leaves their corpse in a pool of their own blood.

The Lilith Operator Bundle, as it's called, is available now in the in-game shop for 2,400 COD Points ($20). This bundle includes the Lilith Operator skin, as well as a range of items listed below.

The finishing move is particularly brutal. Lilith rips the live, beating heart of her foe, which kills them. She then stands over their body and says, "You will learn pain only glimpsed in myth." Call of Duty is known for its over-the-top finishing moves, and this one ups the ante.

Diablo's Inarius is also coming to Call of Duty as a playable Operator, but not just yet. In any event, you can see a trailer featuring Lilith and Inarius below. These Operator bundles, and others, will also be supported in Modern Warfare III when it launches in November.

Lilith Operator Bundle

(via Sportskeeda)

  • Lilith Operator skin
  • Blood Petal assault rifle blueprint
  • Eternal Conflict SMG blueprint
  • Daughter of Hatred finishing move
  • Wretched Death vehicle skin
  • Altar of Lilith weapon charm
  • Lilith's Call sticker
  • Lilith's Throne loading screen
  • Summon Lilith emblem

Modern Warfare II and Warzone expand in a big way on October 17 with the launch of the game's Halloween event, The Haunting. Keep checking back with GameSpot for more.

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