How To Defeat Orda In CoD: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak

Here's a guide to help you defeat Orda in Black Ops Cold War's Zombies Outbreak.


Call of Duty's mid-season update for Black Ops Cold War Zombies adds lots of new content, and you'll likely notice a giant boss encounter for Outbreak mode. This massive creature can be difficult to kill, so here are some tips to help you fight Outbreak's newest undead beast.

Black Ops Cold War's Season 3 Reloaded update adds a new world event for the Zombies Outbreak mode, which comes in the form of Orda, a boss creature so massive it will literally tower over you. Players might already be familiar with this boss if they attempted the Firebase Z Easter egg, as Orda is the final boss fight needed to complete the Easter egg story quest.

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Orda can randomly spawn on any map or round within your match of Outbreak, arriving as early as round 2. The creature is actually pretty chill, and you can avoid a fight completely if you prefer. Orda only attacks once you get really close or instigate a fight--shoot a couple bullets its way, and Orda is instantly going to target you. Zombies also spawn with it, so this can be quite an annoying encounter.

Best Orda Field Upgrades, Perks, And Equipment

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This fight is difficult even in rounds as early as 5 or 6, so you want to make sure you're well-equipped before upsetting the zombie giant. For starters, you'll want to equip the best field upgrade for any potential Orda encounters. Ring of Fire is highly recommended, which activates a ring of ethereal fire that boosts damage for players, and normal enemies who enter the ring gain a burning effect that deals fire damage, and it lasts for 15 seconds. If you're in a full squad it might be helpful to have one person equip Healing Aura instead, so you have a healer to instantly revive any downed teammates and prevent the loss of all your perks.

Speaking of perks, you obviously want to be perked up with all the essentials like Juggernog, Quick Revive, and Speed Cola. It might be useful to run through some Trials missions to earn perks and get Pack-A-Punched weapons faster. If you get Fury Crystal events, you can use them to earn the Aether Tool, so you can level your gun rarity faster. The ray gun is very useful here, but there are ways to get the D.I.E. Shockwave upgraded fast, if you prefer it.

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I also recommend using equipment like monkey bombs or decoys to help with crowd control, as zombies indefinitely spawn during this fight. Scorestreaks are also helpful for either damage to Orda or zombie crowd control.

Orda Boss Fight Strategy

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Orda is best attacked from a distance with ranged weapons, otherwise the creature will knock you back with a stomp or club you with his boulder-like fists. There are a few different attacks to avoid here, and this is going to be different from the boss fight on Firebase Z. Orda's ranged attacks consist of fireballs, swarms of flies, and hellhounds it spits out from its fists. So, just stand back and take out the hounds.

You don't want to get too far away though, as Orda will regain some health in the downtime. This also seems to create an even more aggressive spawn of zombies, so you really get punished for trying to retreat. Just stay in the fight, and go for critical shots at the head.

Also, watch out for Orda's health regeneration move. It slams both fists into the ground, creating a purple ring around the creature. During this time you want to shoot at the fists to stop the healing. Otherwise, you're in for a very long boss fight.

Defeating Orda will earn you a nice drop of rewards. You'll get a max ammo power-up, but then the rest of the rewards are random and depend on the difficulty of the round. Defeating Orda on round two only gave me epic rarity weapons that weren't Pack-A-Punched, whereas later rounds grant you items like Pack-A-Punched guns or a Wonder Weapon. I'm not sure what else could be a valuable reward for killing such a powerful creature, but it's unfortunate because I feel like you already need some hefty firepower to take Orda down in those higher rounds. Maybe you'll get lucky and get something a little more rare like the RAI K-84 wonder weapon. Or go for an Orda fight in early rounds with a semi-decent weapon in hopes of getting something more powerful for the later rounds.

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