How To Activate Klaus In CoD: Black Ops Cold War's Zombies Mauer Der Toten

Black Ops Cold War's new Mauer der Toten Zombies map has a cool robot ally, and you'll want to make use of him.


Call of Duty's Season 4 Reloaded update for Black Ops Cold War's Zombies adds lots of new content with the launch of Mauer der Toten, including a handy robot ally named Klaus. Klaus can defend areas to protect you or access areas you can't on your own, but you'll need to first activate him--here's how.

Before you can enlist Klaus for help, you'll need to both turn on the power and activate the Pack-a-Punch machine, and one part of Klaus' activation requires you to at least reach round 10.

Cold War's elite enemy type the Krasny Soldat will spawn on round 10 every match. You need to kill the Krasny and pick up the Battery item that it drops.

Krasny Soldat's Battery item drop
Krasny Soldat's Battery item drop

For the next part, you will need to have a weapon with the Brain Rot mod effect equipped. You can purchase it from the Pack-A-Punch machine for 2,000 points. Now proceed to the hotel and enter Hotel Room 305. Using your Brain Rot weapon, kill zombies in the room until you get one turned into a Brain Rot ally.

Brain Rot zombie in Hotel Room 305
Brain Rot zombie in Hotel Room 305

The Brain Rot zombie will destroy the room's boarded up door with the hole in it. Walk into this newly accessed room and grab the robot hands from the corpse on the bed.

Take the battery and robot hands you've now acquired to the Safe House, which is the room located near the Power Room. Interact with Klaus to install the parts.

Activating Klaus in Safe House
Activating Klaus in Safe House

Once Klaus is activated, your current tactical equipment is replaced with a remote control for him. The remote lets you set Klaus to go to a specific location to defend or complete an action. You can also cancel the action to return him to your location.

He'll only follow you around for a few minutes before returning to the Safe Room to recharge, so make use of the time while he's active. After recharging, you can pay to activate him again for 2,000 points.

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