How To Get The New Aether Tool In Call Of Duty: Black Ops Cold War Zombies Outbreak

With the addition of the new "Aether Tool" legendary item, you can level up your weapon rarity faster in Outbreak.


Call of Duty's Season 3 update for Black Ops Cold War brings more content to Zombies Outbreak mode, including a new item that helps you upgrade your weapons faster.

Upgrading the rarity of your gun can be a time-consuming and pricey task, but with the addition of the new "Aether Tool" legendary item, you can level up your weapon rarity by one tier.

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The Aether Tool is rewarded for completing the new Fury Crystal event. The events you get each map are random, but eventually you'll spawn into a round with the Fury Crystal event marked on your map. The map icon is easily recognizable as a cluster of crystals. Unlike the normal purple crystals that you're used to seeing in Zombies, these crystals are a fiery red-orange color.

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Once you destroy the first crystal, you'll begin a timed event. The crystal will respawn in your surrounding area, and you must keep destroying the crystal as it pops up. Unfortunately, there's no timer displayed, but the game's music kicks into gear after you break the first crystal, so this is a good indicator that you need to get moving and find the next one. This is a process that you'll repeat about seven times.

Zombies are also spawning all around you, but don't let them distract you. If you take too long to break a crystal, you'll hear laughing as a sound cue to let you know you failed. This activity can't be replayed if you fail it. You'll just have to wait for another Fury Crystal event to pop up again in a future round.

Once you successfully break the final crystal, you'll be rewarded with XP and the Aether Tool, which is a tiny wrench. The Aether Tool will auto-upgrade the rarity of whatever gun you have in hand, so make sure you're holding the gun you want to upgrade before grabbing the wrench. This is a one-time use item, and it isn't shared with teammates. Whoever picks it up gets the upgrade.

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It normally costs a hefty 500 rare salvage to upgrade from Rare to Epic rarity, and 1,000 rare salvage is needed to advance from Epic quality to Legendary rarity. The Aether Tool is a much more efficient way to get your gun leveled up in the earlier rounds.

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In regards to playing solo, it might be best to have something like a Monkey Bomb or decoys to distract the zombies while you hunt the crystals.

There's a possibility that the Aether Tool can be dropped by zombies or from looting the standard purple crystals found on the map, but this is going to be a rare chance in a high-round game of Zombies. Your best bet is to complete any Fury Crystal events you find early on, as the Aether Tool is a great way to set yourself up for higher level fights.

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