Horizon Zero Dawn Passes 10 Million Copies Sold, As Dev Reveals Cool Easter Eggs

The PS4 exclusive has done very well.


Horizon Zero Dawn launched two years ago today, and it's done quite well in that time. In a blog post celebrating the milestone, Guerrilla Games managing director Hermen Hulst revealed that the game has now sold "well over" 10 million copies worldwide.

"The idea that we were able to bring Aloy's journey to so many players is astounding," he said. "We'e been deeply moved by the enormous amount of fan creations you've posted online, as well as the heartfelt letters you've sent sharing your favorite moments from Aloy's journey."

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This figure likely includes copies of the game purchased outright and those included in PS4 hardware bundles.

Horizon Zero Dawn was something new for Guerrilla, which up until that point had been best known for its Killzone shooter series. Given the commercial success of Horizon Zero Dawn, a sequel would seemingly make sense for business reasons. No announcements have been made, but Hulst previously teased that Aloy might have more stories to tell and secrets to uncover beyond the main game and its Frozen Wilds expansion.

"She's really uncovered some of the main mysteries in the world, but how do you feel when you finish the story? Are there questions that come up that you want to answer for Aloy?" Hulst told GamesRadar. It was not difficult for us to build the Frozen Wilds and tell that story through Aloy. The environments and the world that we've put together easily raise more questions, so it feels pretty rich to us, but that's all I can say about that for now."

Here at GameSpot, we're very excited for the possibilities of what a Horizon Zero Dawn 2 could deliver if Guerrilla decides to make it.

Also in the blog post, Hulst shared some "peculiar details" about the developer of Horizon Zero Dawn. Here are some of the highlights:

  • They used the model for Killzone 3's Jammer as a stand-in for Aloy in the game's early stages because her character model was still being developed.
  • Guerrilla's Jochen Willemensen got the flu during development. While recovering at home he saw a movie starring Hannah Hoekstra, and used her face as a model for Aloy's.
  • Baby Aloy was voiced by an actual baby. Guerrilla's music supervisor Lucas van Tol captured his daughter's voice and sounds by setting up a recording area near her playpen.
  • Tol researched 750 bird sounds for the game and only 30 made the cut.

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