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Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition, Not FF7: Rebirth, Will Be First Two-Disc PS5 Game

We need to have a disc-ussion about how big video games have become.


Video games have only gotten bigger in recent years, and though that isn't too much of a problem for owners of digital copies, it is another story when it comes to physical releases. While Final Fantasy VII: Rebirth was the first game of the PS5 era to announce that its adventure will span two Blu-rays, it won't be the first game to be released to double down on discs. Instead, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Collection will bag that distinction when it launches on October 6.

Ultra Blu-ray discs typically have a storage capacity of 66-100GB, and for this Horizon release, which bundles Forbidden West with its Burning Shores expansion, the total file size clocks in at 121GB (via HazzadorGaming).

The box art also includes a "two-disc" symbol that conveniently looks like a pair of cartoon eyes that can't believe that video games have gotten this big. Like other PS5 games, Horizon Forbidden West Complete Collection will only require its discs for authentication purposes, so you won't need to switch back and forth.

Physical preorders for Horizon Forbidden West Complete Edition on PS5 are available now at GameStop , and for extras, this release of the Horizon sequel comes with a number of in-game unlockables such as outfits, weapons, digital comic books, and a digital soundtrack. The game will be headed to PC in early 2024, and PC players can wishlist it on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Beyond Horizon's multi-disc return to PS5 and arrival on PC, the future of the franchise looks bright. Developer Guerrilla Games casually announced in April that a Horizon Forbidden West sequel is in development, a Horizon Zero Dawn remaster is rumored to be in development for PS5, and a Netflix TV series adaptation is in production.

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