Homefront delayed by a week

Nightmare-scenario North Korean-invasion actioner now launching in North America on March 15.


Gamers itching to fight off North Korean invaders will have to stand fast for a few more days. Today following THQ's holiday quarter earnings report, company executives revealed in a call with analysts that it is delaying Homefront by one week until March 15. No European release dates were mentioned, but presumably they will be similarly delayed until March 18.

Homefront's offensive on gamers' pocketbooks has been pushed back one week.
Homefront's offensive on gamers' pocketbooks has been pushed back one week.

Due out for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, Homefront is a story-driven shooter set after North Korea invades and overruns the continental United States. The single-player component sees the player as a member of the American resistance fighting the Korean People's Army in an attempt to regain control of the ruined nation. The multiplayer modes are set earlier, letting players engage in military scenarios from the invasion itself.

Homefront is being developed by Kaos Studios, whose only previous full title was Frontlines: Fuel of War. The studio was formed in 2006 from the remnants of Trauma Studios, which was best known for the Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat and for helping DICE in the development of Battlefield 2 before being liquidated.

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