DICE enlists DesertCombat crew

BF1942 mod squad Trauma Studios will get $500,000 to assist the Swedish developer with an unnamed project.


New York-based Trauma Studios fulfilled many a modmaker's dream today. The creators of DesertCombat, the popular Battlefield 1942 mod set in modern-day Iraq, signed a $500,000 development deal with BF1942 developers Digital Illusions CE (aka DICE).

Details on the two studios' upcoming project were scant. DICE would only say that it was a 12-month collaboration on "one of Digital Illusions' previously announced projects" for which Trauma Studios would receive $500,000. However, the DesertCombat creators were understandably enthusiastic. "We are delighted to be working with Digital Illusions on this project," said the suddenly cash-flush Frank DeLise, president of Trauma Studios. "DICE is one of the premier game development studios in the world."

The collaboration with DICE marks Trauma Studios' first project since its founding late last year. However, the small development house has earned several years' worth of acclaim for DesertCombat's realistic reworking of BF1942. The DesertCombat mod, its updates, and all other BF1942 downloads are available on GameSpot's DLX.

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