Homefront delayed by a week

Nightmare-scenario North Korean-invasion actioner now launching in North America on March 15.


Gamers itching to fight off North Korean invaders will have to stand fast for a few more days. Today following THQ's holiday quarter earnings report, company executives revealed in a call with analysts that it is delaying Homefront by one week until March 15. No European release dates were mentioned, but presumably they will be similarly delayed until March 18.

Homefront's offensive on gamers' pocketbooks has been pushed back one week.
Homefront's offensive on gamers' pocketbooks has been pushed back one week.

Due out for the PC, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360, Homefront is a story-driven shooter set after North Korea invades and overruns the continental United States. The single-player component sees the player as a member of the American resistance fighting the Korean People's Army in an attempt to regain control of the ruined nation. The multiplayer modes are set earlier, letting players engage in military scenarios from the invasion itself.

Homefront is being developed by Kaos Studios, whose only previous full title was Frontlines: Fuel of War. The studio was formed in 2006 from the remnants of Trauma Studios, which was best known for the Battlefield 1942 mod Desert Combat and for helping DICE in the development of Battlefield 2 before being liquidated.

For more on Homefront, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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Avatar image for uk_friday

Been watching this game for some time, the idea sounds good but will they pull it off? Hmmm expecting a let down here so can only be good if they do a decent job unlike COD constant let down. Saying that im not a COD hater just feel they are taking the piss out of their fan base and their pockets and then giving them no dedicated servers to ruin the game, Home front on the other hand will have dedicated servers so if they can make the game addictive unlike Bad company's offering then Activisons COD could be in for a bit of a kick in the nuts (AND GOD HOW WE NEED THAT TO HAPPEN)

Avatar image for Sniper

I lose. Stop thinking. That is what "blue_francis14" and "Lord_Nuclear" argue. Anyone who says "stop thinking" should lose their right to vote, and drive. But I can go with their fan boy flow, and propose an all-new fighting game, inspired by the plot of Homefront: You play as 300-pound American wrestler, Captain Kill. You are the undisputed world champion. Your opponent is a 90-pound North Korean, starved and lethargic after decades of malnutrition. Beaten by the brittle bones and chronic anemia of his enemy, Captain Kill is the underdog, the desperate insurgent, the... script practically writes itself. By the way, Homefront should be two words. The money men who extrude this dreck cannot even bother to spell-check their logo.

Avatar image for PsychicKiller82

I can't wait for Homefront.

Avatar image for Lord_Nuclear

Sniper, Thumbs down. You lose.

Avatar image for gamerpipe

Kim Jing Il can't wait for this game. hope Microsoft will design a special xbox controller that is shorter than him.

Avatar image for lfebaggins

As long as it helps polish the game then I'd rather they delay it. This game absolutely has to kick ass, the storyline is too awesome for them to let go to waste.

Avatar image for stziggy

I still can't help but think what a great movie this plot would make.

Avatar image for blue_francis14

It's fiction so relax and just enjoy the what if's in the game rather than just thinking about it.

Avatar image for earnhardtfan77

not entirely sure about this one...looks a lot like frontlines...i will have to be able to try some kind of demo or something before i buy

Avatar image for dawnofhero

The idea of a police state in the US may not be far fetched after all... although I don't think an outside country would be the ones to initiate such a disaster. It would have to come from within...

Avatar image for Sniper

I realize Homefront is a game. Apparently I am the only person who realizes that game critics should criticize, rather than promote, ill-conceived games. There comes a point when suspension of disbelief becomes impossible. When you consider the reality of life in North Korea, Homefront crosses the line that separates whimsical creativity from bad taste. For proof, follow the link listed below: << LINK REMOVED >>

Avatar image for Toysoldier34

@Sniper Your right, they must be too concerned with soldiers running at ridiculous speeds instantly killing enemy soldiers with only a knife in the middle of war in COD. Or trying to locate the far off land that is only inhabited by 16 colossal giants with the occasional lizard.

Avatar image for liam82517

@Sniper its a game, not a factual account of how this scenario will play out in the future. Or should we be overly critical of Italian plumbers that repeatedly save the mushroom kingdom?

Avatar image for Sniper

Why are no game critics critical of the absurd premise of Homefront?

Avatar image for Red122

I think this game will be fun. Not every game has to be COD to be good and really black ops wasn't all that great anyways, short single player and the multi looks like something bungie slapped together. Really if activision crapped in a box and stuck a sticker COD MW3 would you guys buy it?

Avatar image for GamerLegend10

oh well not much of a delay, just as long as the game ends up better for it then i dont mind waiting

Avatar image for HT89488

Frontlines:Fuel of War was a great offline and online game. I wonder if they will make another.

Avatar image for sleepnsurf

Mag better than BFBC2? I don't think so my friend. Not even close!

Avatar image for Black_Adder_

Ah did I said you to get MAG instead? NO?!?!? Well... Get MAG - it's cheap now and it's still the best FPS on market for PS3. If you think Homefront and COD looks fun then don't get MAG though.

Avatar image for Black_Adder_

lol. With every new trailer those guys just show up how retarded the game actually is. Looks like something that should be on PSN for about 20.00 $

Avatar image for Vozlov

Basically some losers bored of CoD have started to get hyped about it and the pre-orders have started to come in. I guess that extra week will get some more money rolling in before all the mediocre reviews are up.

Avatar image for StJimmy15

Crap, now I have to wait a week to not buy it

Avatar image for PixelAddict

THQ? Any other studio and I might consider it. Stick to bad wrestling games destined for the bargain bins, guys. And I'll stick to the gaming backlog I already have and not make it worse with what looks like an average title.

Avatar image for Koi-Neon-X

"Homefront" looks pretty impressive and though delays can be annoying at times they can be very necessary to add extra polish so it will shine before an anticipated game is released. I won't be getting it when it comes out, but I'll be there when the price drops.

Avatar image for DFBHDTS

I'm still not sure about this game. Will wait a while for some more feedback me thinks! I reckon this game would have been much more interesting if it was, say america invading canada, Or Europe invading America. VERY dodgy I know but would be much more realistic than North Korea.

Avatar image for ironmonk36

Maybe I will get it since it's not coming out the same day as Dragon Age 2. But I probably won't get to play it for awhile though

Avatar image for berto64

a week is not bad.and i can get Pokemon first.but it looks like a great game

Avatar image for GONtheSKYLORD

This just in, North Korea threatens to retaliate with the might of a thousands nukes if this game is delayed again.

Avatar image for Andy9Beans

"Pedigree" in the game development sector usually means "churning out the same thing over and over". I don't care what Kaos have done before or who they've collaborated with or contributed to (although I'm not a fan of the grainy Frostbite engine), I'm just looking forward to the effect the Battle Commander and Battle Points concepts will have on campers, "one-trick ponies" (i.e. those who run around with the same class/weapon ALL THE TIME) and people who use/ruin objective matches just for kills.

Avatar image for ChkChk_boom

North Korea attacking the United States?? Hahalarious =D

Avatar image for Veronity

Bad timing to release this game if it was a known title like COD or BF it will be ok but this is something new which wont get much attention due to other big releases at the same time. Hope its something good that can challenge COD and BF cause ppl are really bored from those 2 titles fighting on front alone.

Avatar image for MERGATROYDER

A week isn't too harsh. Would be nice to have a beta.

Avatar image for wexorian

well at least they are not delay like GT5 :D

Avatar image for Love_my_PS360

Hmm, this game is being developed by BF1942 modders who helped EA with BF2 and went on to make the uber-mediocre Frontlines: Fuel of War. Oh, boy. Not much of a pedigree.

Avatar image for fLaMbOaStiN

Hmm now this falls on my Dragon Age 2 playtime.. ANd ill be playing Rift+EvE (as usual.) Meeeeeeh, for once i wish i was unemployed!

Avatar image for inaka_rob

I loved frontlines!!!! I bought that game for like 10 bucks and had a BLAST playing it. if I had known that I would have payed closer attention to this game. I was waiting to see what kind of reviews this gets to buy it, but it sounds like it could be a cool game (but its silly to think korea could invade America. We outnumber them like 10 to 1)

Avatar image for Paladin_King

Honestly....this is great for them. Coming out on the same week as Dragon Age 2 is rough and not really necessary.

Avatar image for TheCyborgNinja

In this scenario I predict I'd probably collaborate with the enemy, have an amazing sense of empowerment for several years, but we would eventually lose, and I'd be hanged for treason. Good times!

Avatar image for Pete5506

Can wait a week longer, better that then a month

Avatar image for ahyumifan

Well inception of Kim... I think i overdose sedative Mr.Kim for about 14 hours. That's a week in dream time.

Avatar image for mc_snap

so will xbox version have dedicated servers for mulitplayer?

Avatar image for Evz0rz

So instead of having two weeks of space before Crysis 2 comes out they decide to release it a week beforehand? I'm not sure this is the smartest move on THQ's part :?

Avatar image for dg3215

A week delay!?!? Nerd Rage Growing.. lol jk

Avatar image for Pumpkinhead3

Yeah, this is probably because of the other big releases coming out around then-- Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, and like Chico said, Pokemon.

Avatar image for vader501st

Seems to be shaping up to be a great game. A one week delay won't hurt anyone.

Avatar image for Chico_Azteca

to scared to compete with Pokemon :P

Avatar image for brandontwb

Game looks good, no doubt about that. I feel a little sick watching the online though footage though, it seems all too familiar.

Avatar image for deactivated-5a5f623fa2551

An FPS has been delayed. What will we do?

Avatar image for ziproy

This is probably a logistics thing like shipping or something like that. One more week developing a game won't do any good, there are still gonna be glitches and they're still going to release a patch

Avatar image for k2theswiss

@nickythenewt21 what a extra week dose? dev teams these days have a normal 100+ team soo lets 100 X 40hrs in a week= 4000 man hours i'm sure something can be accomplished.

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