Hitman Summer Bonus Episode Detailed, Requires Season Pass to Play Today

Play The Icon and A House Built on Sand today, if you've got the full Hitman package.


Hitman developer IO Interactive has released details on its Summer Bonus Episode, which is available today to players that own the Full Experience or the combination of Intro Pack and Upgrade pack at no additional cost.

For those that don't own these, however, it will become available to purchase separately "later in the season, packaged together with a third bonus mission for one price."

The Summer Bonus Episode features two ICA missions which follow Agent 47 on his first trips to Sapienza and Marrakesh, which were both part of previous DLCs for the game.

"In Sapienza, 'The Icon,' sees the town taken over by a film crew shooting a new sci-fi blockbuster complete with a 100ft mechanical killer robot in the middle of the town square," it explains.

"And in 'A House Built on Sand' players will travel to the noisy and busy night markets of Marrakesh where Agent 47 must stop a billion dollar deal taking place."

Full patch notes for the episode release can be found below.

Summer Bonus Episode Release Notes

  • 2 new ICA missions: 'The Icon' and 'A House Built on Sand'
  • 8 new Opportunities, 4 for each new mission.
  • 2 new weapon/gear unlocks (earned through challenges)
    - The Iconator
    - Janbiya
  • 2 Agency Pickup locations, 1 for each new mission
  • 60 new challenges across both new missions
  • 7 new trophies/achievements

Live Content for Summer Bonus Episode

  • New Escalation Contracts
  • Elusive Targets
  • New Featured Contracts (Contracts Mode)

After a maintenance period, all Hitman players will be prompted to download a game update on July 19th. We expect the update to be available to download between 11am and 1pm UTC for players on PS4 and Xbox One. For PC players, we expect the update to be available to download between 1pm and 3pm UTC. All players will receive the update with the following improvements and changes to the game.

New Additions

  • Leaderboards now display the Contract completion time of all players, when viewing their detailed score.
  • Added a detailed pop-up of the required Target Kill/Objective conditions on the Briefing Page and Notebook.
  • Added a tile to the 'Destination' page that shows the next upcoming destination.
  • Added Tips and Hints to the Loading Screen.
  • Added a filter on the Challenges menu that allows you to toggle which challenges are displayed. There are three options: 'Show all', 'Show achieved' or 'Show unachieved'.
  • Added an option under Options:Gameplay to toggle the Challenge Completion pop-up. This is shown in the top-right hand corner when you complete a challenge. There are two options: 'Show Challenge notifications' or 'Hide Challenge notifications'.
  • Added an option under Options:Gameplay to toggle 'Target Indicators' on the Mini Map. There are two options: 'On' or 'Off'.
  • Challenges for Elusive Targets have been moved to their own category, allowing players to have a better overview of the challenges that have been completed on each mission.

When selecting a contract in the Contracts menu, the location and mission name will be shown.

  • Example: Marrakesh / A Gilded Cage.
  • The Featured Hub will now display the newest episodic content.
  • In the case of a disconnection from the servers whilst browsing the game menu, a 'Reconnect' option has been added.
  • The mission briefing videos for the first three Sarajevo Six missions have been added to the briefing page for each respective mission. (PS4 only)

Changes to Existing Features

  • Unconscious targets can now be dumped into body containers that allow the player to then kill them. For example, unconscious targets can now be dumped in the shredder and acid containers in the World of Tomorrow mission. Sorry, Silvio.
  • Adjusted the design of the surveillance system so that all cameras are linked on a "global" system within the mission. All cameras are now connected to all recorders in a mission and if a player disables one recorder, all cameras no longer record 47.
  • Changes to how the ICA Remote Audio Distraction item functions. This item now attracts the attention of other characters only if is remotely activated, as intended. Previously, it would attract attention as soon as it was equipped. NPCs become suspicious of the device if 47 is carrying it or they discover it.
  • Changes to how the Remote Breaching Charge item functions. This item now has a small, lethal explosive radius.
  • The 'Featured Contracts' order has been 'reversed', so that the newest Contracts are shown first when viewing the list.
  • Elusive Target status is now only shown on the Featured Hub for the duration of the contract. The game will no longer permanently remind you that you failed an Elusive Target.
  • Updated the Escalation Contract Briefing page to show the newest objective/complication first, on the left side. You no longer need to scroll to the right to see the newly added complication.
  • Updated some of the Challenge descriptions to reflect that you can still erase evidence after being recorded.

Fixes for Existing Issues

  • General stability improvements across all platforms
  • Fixed a handful of issues that could lead to dips in performance in Marrakesh.
  • Fixed an issue that could result in 47 being spotted through the walls in a closed room in the markets during the A Gilded Cage mission.
  • Fixed an issue where guards in the 'hunting' state would know exactly where 47 was located after a crime had been reported to them by a civilian. Now, guards will investigate the area where the civilian witnessed the crime, and not where 47 is currently located.
  • Fixed an issue where using a syringe with the 'Silent Attack' prompt would result in other characters reacting to the action. This action is now silent, as intended.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause some decals to not appear in the Final Test mission
  • Fixed rare issues that could cause opportunities in Paris to not update.
  • Fixed an issue where dragging bodies could result in 47 hands shaking unnaturally.
  • Fixed an issue where the complication timer during Escalation Contracts could skip a second, i.e going from 17 seconds remaining to 15 seconds remaining.

The next Illusive Target for Hitman is Gary Busey. Yep. Read all about it here.

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