You Have 7 Days to Kill Gary Busey in Hitman, Starting This Week

"The Wildcard."


Actor Gary Busey is Hitman's next Elusive Target. Really.

He comes to the game as a result of an online campaign called "Choose Your Hit," where fans could vote for either Gary Busey or Gary Cole. Busey won, and as a result, he's arriving in Hitman as an Elusive target for seven days, beginning on July 21.

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Seven days is longer than the normal Elusive target window, though it remains to be seen why the duration has been extended. Whatever the case, Busey will be located in the Sapienza location, so you will need to own that DLC to try to kill Busey within the allotted 168 hours.

Busey officially arrives in Hitman on July 21 at 5 AM PT / 8 AM ET as part of a mission called "The Wildcard." You can find the contract from the Elusive Target tile in the game's Featured Hub.

As with the previous six Elusive Targets, you must kill Busey within the time limit or you'll never have another chance. There are general rewards for completing Elusive Targets, but Square Enix did not say if there will anything specific to the Busey contract.

During a recent interview with GameSpot, lead online designer Torben Ellert suggested future Elusive targets could be more challenging than those we've seen so far.

"We probably want the first couple at least to be quite approachable experiences, because it's really important that we make it clear that these are not impossible missions," he said. "Yes, they're tense, because if you screw up, you're finished. But they're totally doable. I think we need to keep that for the next couple, but as we go down the line, we will improve on their perceptiveness, where it makes narrative sense."

In other news about Hitman, a bonus episode is coming out tomorrow, July 19.

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