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Here's When Dragon Quest Builders Launches in North America and Europe

Square Enix also details the new Day One edition.


Having previously announced an October release for Dragon Quest Builders, Square Enix has now narrowed that down even further, detailing when and how it will be available.

Builders launches for PS4 and Vita on October 11 in North America and October 14 in Europe. A Day One edition will be offered at launch that comes with a download code entitling you to three exclusive recipes, each for a different building material that can be used in the game's free-build mode, Terra Incognita. Here's how they're described by Square Enix:

  • Springtide Sprinkles Recipe: An item that allows you to transform trees into festive Cherry Blossoms and soil into comfortable straw floor blocks.
  • Slimy Blocks Recipe: Allows you to craft delightful blocks adorned with cute blue Slimes! (The blocks aren't actually slimy but they are super cute!)
  • Gold Blocks Recipe: Allows you to show off your opulent side with blocks made of pure gold!

You can access Terra Incognita after completing the first chapter of Builders' story, at which point you'll get your hands on the recipes. Like any other, they still require certain resources to build, so you won't necessarily be able to immediately create a massive wall of slimy blocks just because you're given the recipe at the outset.

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The Minecraft-esque Dragon Quest Builders was first revealed last year and then confirmed for a western release in May. While it does have a lot in common with Mojang's wildly popular sandbox game, Builders also features a story mode centered around an alternate outcome of the original Dragon Quest. The game is part of Square Enix's attempt to build the franchise's audience, something that could help convince it to localize Dragon Quest XI.

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